Union Bank Transfer Codes: Easy Ways to Transfer Funds

A Comprehensive Guide to Union Bank Transfer Codes and Mobile Banking

Union Bank of Nigeria offers a convenient way for customers to perform basic banking transactions right from their mobile phones using USSD codes. With just a few dials, Union Bank account holders can transfer funds, withdraw cash without a card, find nearby branches, check account balances, and more. This guide provides an in-depth look at the various Union Bank transfer codes available and how to properly use them for secure and smooth mobile banking.

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Overview of Union Bank Transfer Codes

Union Bank’s USSD mobile banking platform is accessed by dialing *826# on your mobile phone. This opens up the main menu with options for transfers, airtime purchase, mini statement, account balance inquiry, cheque status inquiry, and more.

To initiate transfers and some other key transactions, Union Bank has provided short dialing codes that make the process fast and straightforward. Here are the main transfer and transaction codes for Union Bank mobile banking:

  • Transfer to Union Bank Account: Dial 8261AmountAccount Number#
  • Transfer to Other Banks: Dial 8262AmountAccount Number# (select recipient bank after)
  • Cardless Withdrawal: Dial 8267*Amount# (requires prior setup)
  • Locate Branch/Agent: Dial 82619#
  • Access Other Services: Dial *826# and follow menu prompts

These codes provide a shortcut to executing the desired transactions without having to navigate through menus. The steps are outlined in more detail in the sections below.

How to Transfer Money to a Union Bank Account

To transfer funds from your Union Bank account to another Union Bank account using USSD:

  1. On your mobile phone, dial 8261AmountRecipient’s Account Number#
    • For example, to transfer ₦5,000 to Union Bank account 1234567890, dial 82615000*1234567890#
  2. Enter your Union Bank PIN when prompted
  3. Confirm the details of the transfer (amount and account number)
  4. You will receive a notification message that the transfer is successful
  5. The money will reflect in the recipient’s account instantly

Some tips for smooth transfers:

  • Ensure you have sufficient balance in your account before initiating a transfer
  • Accurately enter the recipient’s 10-digit Union Bank account number
  • Start with smaller transfer amounts if testing a new recipient for the first time
  • Notify the recipient that you have sent them money
  • Save commonly used account numbers to speed up future transfers

With this USSD code, you can seamlessly send money to any Union Bank account holder right from your mobile phone. It’s faster than internet banking or visiting an ATM.

Transferring Money to Other Banks with Union Bank

You can also use Union Bank’s mobile banking platform to send money to recipients with accounts at other banks. The process is quite similar:

  1. Dial 8262AmountRecipient’s Account Number#
    • For example, to send ₦10,000 to GTB account 0123456789, dial 826210000*0123456789#
  2. Input your PIN when prompted
  3. Review transfer details and confirm
  4. Select recipient’s bank from the list (GTB, Access, Zenith, etc)
  5. Confirm the transfer
  6. Get a notification when the transfer is successful

Points to note:

  • You need the recipient’s full 10-digit account number and their bank name
  • Transfers to other banks typically take 1-3 working days to reflect
  • Start with small test transfers first before sending large amounts
  • Alert the recipient and provide transfer details
  • Save frequently used non-Union Bank account numbers

With this 8262# code, Union Bank customers can conveniently send money to recipients with accounts at over 100 partner banks within Nigeria. It eliminates the need to visit branches and fill forms.

Cardless Cash Withdrawals from Union Bank

Tired of carrying your ATM card around? Union Bank offers cardless withdrawals via USSD for quick access to cash without a card. Here’s how it works:

  1. Dial 8267*Amount# (e.g. 82675000# for ₦5,000)
  2. Enter your mobile PIN
  3. Confirm withdrawal details
  4. Enter the transaction PIN you received via SMS
  5. Enter OTP sent to your registered mobile number
  6. Receive confirmation message and go to an ATM to complete the withdrawal within 24 hours
  7. At the ATM, select ‘Cardless Withdrawal’ and enter the transaction PIN
  8. Take your cash once dispensed

Tips for smooth cardless withdrawals:

  • Set up cardless withdrawal by linking your account to a phone number
  • Take note of your daily cardless withdrawal limit
  • Visit ATMs within 24 hours to complete the withdrawal
  • Don’t share your transaction PIN with anyone to maintain security

With this contactless method, you don’t need to carry an ATM card to withdraw cash conveniently. It prevents card-related risks and enhances security.

Finding Union Bank Branches and Agents with USSD

To locate the nearest Union Bank branch or agent outlet, simply dial 82619# from your mobile phone. This brings up options to:

  • Search for nearby branches
  • Search for nearby Union Direct agents
  • Get branch/agent contacts and addresses
  1. Dial 82619#
  2. Select option 1 or 2:
    • 1 for Branch
    • 2 for Union Direct Agent
  3. Input your location, city or state when prompted
  4. Get list of closest options and select one
  5. View the full address and contact information

Key notes:

  • Useful when travelling or relocating to find the nearest branch
  • Helps locate Union Direct agents for quick banking services
  • Provides branch contacts to call ahead before visiting

With this code, customers can easily find the most convenient Union Bank branches and agent points no matter where they are within Nigeria.

Accessing Other Services via the Main USSD Menu

To access Union Bank’s full range of mobile banking services, dial *826# to open the main menu. From here you can:

  • Check account balance
  • View mini account statement
  • Purchase airtime and data
  • Pay bills
  • Open additional accounts
  • Block/unblock account
  • Load/unload debit cards
  • Forex rate inquiries
  • Investments options
  • Loans services
  • Feedback & complaints

To use the menu:

  1. Dial *826#
  2. Follow the prompts and select required service
  3. Input any additional information required
  4. Complete the required steps for each transaction
  5. Receive SMS notifications on completion

The main USSD menu enables customers to execute virtually any banking service or transaction without internet or visiting a branch. It offers convenience, saves time and provides security.

Key Considerations When Using Union Bank USSD Codes

While Union Bank’s USSD banking platform offers convenience, there are some important factors to note for a smooth user experience:

Know your daily limits: Transaction types like transfers and cardless withdrawals have preset daily limits for security reasons. Be aware of these limits.

Have required information: Your PIN, recipient details like account number and bank name, and OTP will be required at different stages. Have these handy.

Enter details accurately: Carefully input all required information like account numbers, amounts, OTP etc accurately to avoid failed transactions.

Register your phone number: Link your account to your phone number correctly for cardless withdrawal and OTP to work.

Allow notifications: Set your phone to allow notifications from Union Bank to receive one-time-passwords, transaction alerts and reminders.

Confirm details: Carefully check all details entered and prompts before confirming transactions.

Notify recipients: Alert recipients that you have transferred money to them or provide transaction reference details.

Following these tips will ensure you have a smooth mobile banking experience with Union Bank. Take time to understand the USSD menu and transaction steps.

Frequently Asked Questions on Union Bank USSD Codes

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Union Bank’s USSD banking services:

How much does it cost to use Union Bank’s USSD codes?

Union Bank does not charge any fees for customers to use its USSD banking platform. However, normal SMS and data charges from your mobile network may apply.

Can I access Union Bank’s USSD menu abroad?

No, Union Bank’s USSD codes for mobile banking only work within Nigeria. You cannot access the service if abroad.

What happens if I enter an incorrect account number during transfer?

If you enter a wrong account number, the transfer will fail. You will get a notification and you can try again with the correct details. The money remains safely in your account.

Is there a limit on the amount I can transfer via USSD?

Yes, Union Bank currently allows mobile transfers up to N200,000 daily. For amounts above that, visit a branch.

How do I reset my mobile PIN if forgotten?

To reset your Union Bank mobile PIN, you will need to visit a branch with valid ID. Alternatively, you can call the customer service helpline to get it reset after answering security questions.

How long do transfers to other banks take to reflect?

Transfers via USSD to other Nigerian banks usually reflect in the recipient’s account within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends.

Can I use USSD codes on any type of mobile phone?

Yes, Union Bank’s USSD codes work on all types of mobile phones from basic feature phones to smartphones as long as you have a registered SIM card and network coverage.

Is the USSD platform available 24/7 or only during working hours?

Union Bank’s mobile banking USSD codes can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use them at any time outside normal banking hours.

What do I do if I’m having issues reaching the USSD menu?

If you are unable to access the USSD menu, first check your mobile network coverage. Move to an area with better connectivity. If issues persist, contact your mobile operator or visit a Union Bank branch for assistance.

How soon are cardless withdrawal transaction PINs sent?

Once you initiate a cardless withdrawal via 8267#, the ATM transaction PIN is sent to your registered mobile number instantly via SMS.

How do I provide feedback or complaint on Union Bank’s USSD service?

To provide feedback, complaints or enquiries, simply select option 12 on the main USSD menu to reach the Contact Centre where you can speak to an agent. Alternatively, use Union Bank’s official channels.

Can I pay DSTV, PHCN and other bills on the USSD platform?

Yes, Union Bank allows you to conveniently pay a wide range of bills including DSTV, PHCN, Smile, Spectranet and more via the *826# USSD menu. Just select ‘Pay Bills’ and follow the prompts.


In summary, Union Bank’s USSD banking *826# codes offer an efficient and secure way to access a wide range of banking services from mobile phones within Nigeria. Taking some time to understand the menu options and transaction steps will ensure a smooth experience. With just your phone, you can initiate transfers, withdrawals, pay bills and much more conveniently.


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