Most times, working from home can be the real deal. It’s so convenient that you don’t have to bother about driving to work or taking transport to work. In this article, I’m going to be giving you a step-by-step guide on how you can set-up your organization’s computer network so you can work anywhere…

The high price of oil (most especially fuel) in Nigeria and most of the world has become alarming. This triggered the price of local commodities in the country, due to transportation costs. Now, people can no longer enjoy a drive for a month because of fuel price increases. This has made working from home perfect, as some people can no longer cope with going to work daily.

Working from home can be fascinating, especially when you have the complete tools to do so, in the comfort of your home. And this can be possible if you’re organization is giving its staff work laptops (and not desktops) for work. I know, that in a big organization, not all staff will be privileged to be given a PC, let alone be allowed to take it home. So, if you’re opportune to do so, then continue reading below…

My findings have shown that many workers use a restricted organization network, and therefore don’t see the necessity of working from home or taking an incomplete work home to finish up. But what they’ve failed to understand is how to bypass the organization’s network and use their private network-sharing for work.

Due to my multi-task and huge number of requests on my desk daily, I used to find myself working late at my workplace. It can be quite hectic, but you need to get the job done on the day it was assigned. I’ve always been looking for a way to navigate…sometimes take a longer route of sharing work to my phone and connecting to my laptop > get it done > then send it back to my phone and share the work via my phone device’s email.

So, you can see that I too was in the same situation, and it took the help of a friend who works in my organization’s IT Department to figure it out. And since I’ve been able to set this up, I no longer leave office late. If there are pending requests on my desk, I take them home and attend to them in the comfort of my home.

So, therefore, I know there are other people out there who have been in the initial situation like mine. That is why I deemed it necessary to prepare this article and give you a proper guide (with steps and pictures), which will enable you to set-up your organization’s computer network without needing the help of IT support.STEPS


Now, the fact that organizations have their private server activated in all their computer makes it impossible for you to use the system outside your working environment. If your organization is making use of a Wi-Fi network, just know that it can only be accessible within the workplace’s vicinity. And if it’s a network cable, you already know that it’s something that can’t be movable.

So, the question is “What do you need to do to bypass the organization network, so to use the system at your place?” What you need to do is first enable the system’s Wi-Fi connection, switch on your Hotspots, and connect with the PC.

See the steps to do this below:

Go to your mobile device’s settings, and click on “Hotspots &Tethering,” or simply locate your “Hotspots” if you’re not using an Android device.

Hotspot settings

Then enable your hotspot to switch it on.

Once done, click on the network icon of the system.

Look up and see Wi-Fi. Click on the navigation arrow.

This now shows you the list of available Wi-Fi connections. Select that of your phone. If it’s locked, input your passcode correctly to finally connect.

Now, you’ve been able to set up your Hotspots sharing with your organization computer. Your Hotspot address is now saved on the system, so anytime you want to use the hotspot, you can just switch on the system’s Wi-Fi, switch on your phone device’s hotspot and it connects automatically.

Now, we’ll go to the next stage, which is setting up the network connection to be able to use it remotely.

Just click on “Settings” and select “Network and Internet.

”Click on “Edit” Manual proxy setup.

Once you open it, you’ll see that the proxy is already set up for your organization’s internet address by IT support. So what you need to do is disable the proxy server, and click “Save” to complete the action.

Once you’ve done this, your system will now make use of local internet (via the Hotspot sharing or external modem connection).

If you want to switch back to the office network, just disconnect your hotspot, go back and enable the proxy server.

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So, this is a longer route you need to take, compared to the former. But to achieve this approach, you must work with your phone device.

All you need to do is sign on to your organization’s email account via your phone device. Most organizations make use of Outlook. Let’s say you download the Outlook app, equally download, and install the Company Portal app on your phone > sign on to the app with your organization account > then create a personal PIN for the app > Go to the Outlook app and sign on via your work email address and work account password > once all is set, you can then at least attend to requests.

What you need to know is that anytime you receive a request via your office mail, save the file directly to your phone. If your organization does not permit it, forward it directly to your personal Gmail account, and save the file to your phone > Send via Bluetooth to your work PC > Once you’re done with the work, send it back to your phone device via Bluetooth > save the file and then send the work out via your phone device’s Outlook. With this, you’ll get the job done!


It’s cool to work conveniently from home. But then, you need to have the right set-up. The right approach to work is not seeing any hindrance to delivering your task. You should be able to deliver irrespective of where you are.

Gone are those eras where you’re limited to work tools. You don’t have to be in the office before you can attend to requests. There may be always impromptu tasks for you, so it’s advantageous to you to find a way to make it easier for yourself. And this is why I’ve taken the time to detail this insightful guide for you.


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