A Nigerian Woman Welcomes a set Of Quintuplets After Nine years of waiting (Watch video)

In a Twitter video posted my instablog9ja, a woman was seen celebrating and appreciating God for the good he has done for her family.

She started from displaying when she was heavily pregnant with the babies to when she delivered the cute babies. She also posted the video with a caption; “My nine years pain have turned to joy, am forever grateful lord

Here is the video

Many people also joined her to praise God and congratulate her.

But why some women give birth to twins after a period of years . I have noticed this . Doctors in the house any biological advice

Gentle 🇺🇸

Abuja Podcaster

Glory be to God !

Tonia Oguchi

God 殺  I tap for my clients looking for the fruit of the womb


Congratulations and many more to come and for all that are wishing for the fruit of the womb. May heaven hear ur cries before the end of the this year, you too must take collect ur gift.

Arakunrin Olajide

Abeg what is she feeding her husband make I buy

Diepiriye Donald Jack

This is so beautiful 梁
Meanwhile, Earning in dollars isn’t so hard.
i can teach you how.
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Reason you need to stop lying in your CV – watch video

Many people reacted to this funny video.

That him friend na werey ooo

Balance Diet🇳🇬 🇺🇸🌍
The other guy na craze 😂 just laugh he guy anyhow

I understand their struggle🤭. They just want to survive😂

Noble Prince
The second fella don use laugh kee himself 😂🤣

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Leave Men to be Men, Leave People to Show You They Truly Are – Music producer, K-Solo defends Davido

A well known Nigerian music producer, K-Solo has got social media running today with his latest post. The popular music producer shared a post on his Instagram page defending his colleague Davido.

Obaksolo called out davido’s wife Chioma to go and hustle like other women do. In his post he wrote;

“We dragged Tuface for being honest, yet we dragged Banky for being dishonest. Now, we’re dragging David? Nah!. Leave men to be men! Leave people to Show You who they truly are.

Women say it’s better to cry in a Lamborghini than in a keke so Chioma has chosen Where she’s gonna cry.

She’s not upset so what’s our concern? Abeg! Let men breathe! We owe them that responsibility.”

O wrong naw! You can’t ask men to hustle to be successful and they hustle alone and make their money alone and you want to tell them how to spend it? Must be ment!

He continued; “ Chioma won’t take that nonsense from poor church rat so everybody should getout. Telling a rich man how to spend his money?

Chioma should go and work hard and make money if she doesn’t want to be disrespected. It’s her fellow woman that’s drive her own Lamborghini.

So? Y’all didn’t bash Maria but y’all wanna bash Anita? You dey ment!

In this same nigeria where y’all support people with money? Nope! Keep the energy.

When Chioma is ready, she knows what to do. You cannot tell my brother or son what to do with their money, especially when you didn’t contribute to Building building the wealth.

The bible says a labourer is worthy of their wages. So don’t be unfortunate. Leave Rich men to spend their monies how they like. Billionaire Onye ji Cash! E reach david turn una dey vex!

Cardi B cheated, y’all supported her. Chioma cheated, nobody dragged her. Men don’t drag women o! It’s always women dragging men.

If y’all hate men, just say it. Now, a man that lost his son that’s going through psychological trauma and is looking for solace is now a bad person? Do y’all even know the state of his mental health?

Wealth has no Gender!
And people treat you how they see you and how you carry yourself.

So if someone is constantly shitting on you and you’re enabling it, that’s a you problem.

You can’t tell a person what to do with their money.
I can only get upset when it’s a case of Yul and May.
Anything else, you’re meddling.”

In a society with zero moral standards, y’all do too much.

Her body her choice is you people’s slogan.
So, say to you: His money, his choice! His preeq, his choice!

Y’all contributed money for Halima, y’all support Mercy Lambo, y’all support Maria!

All these low budget ashawos y’all support but now y’all wanna bash a grown ass woman for choosing to keep a baby she can categorically take care off?

Y’all be tripping!

Abeg which celeb gets married at the peak of their career?

When you’re not a pastor.

Statistically, which woman at her peak, gets married?

It’s either they get washed out when they get married or they get married to someone who’d level them up because women don’t marry for love, they marry for status or materialistic gains.

For those saying David disrespected Chioma, where was it written in any book throughout history till date that a man’s duty is to respect his wife.

Why do we try to make Submissive Men and Alpha Females?

This is the society we’ve created today that we have men f*cking men in their asses, identifying to be women because we want a world of Submissive Men.

As soon as a man taps into his masculinity, he becomes toxic, misogynistic and disrespectful.

If Nedu talks, y’all drag him!


Y’all don’t deserve morals.

For someone that has $2.1 million in property, y’all be doing too much.

Let Chioma show us how much she.has in property first then we can talk because in Nigerians voice: You can’t be dragging someone that has more money than you.

In Africa, as long as a woman has a child for a man, she’s his wife.

Davido is married to several women so make everybody rest!

I’m done!

But as soon as a woman becomes an Alpha Female, we start hailing her telling her: “Go Girl!” “A Queen!” “A Boss Bitch!”

All I can say is there’s a gender war going on in humanity and it starts from the mind mostly against men.

Go David! The brotherhood and the sisterhood of women that believe in what a true man is supports you.

Keep multiplying and fulfilling the duties of what a man should be.

If e pain you, get penis.

Madam discipline wey no get preeq

Remember say na who bullet don finish, na dey surrender.

Who still get bullet, dey fire.

It was posted by Lindaikejiblog

See post https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0UUmehjWLt57WQo21a2KrpHXUUfMnQx9mPsnPcmJpdg2FwJqknfpqcDwedAZwaxobl&id=100050487580007&mibextid=Nif5oz

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Na Loss of Investment, Many React as Man Shed Tears After Being Served Breakfast. (Video)

A Nigerian man was seen shedding tears a he was served breakfast by his girlfriend. In a video posted on TikTok the man was captured crying and was holding his phone why his friend was telling him to calm down.

In the video, the man was shaking as his friend keep consoling him and was begging him to calm down and forget about the girl. The video was posted by Lindaikejiblog on Twitter with a caption “This type of break up making a grown shed tears ”

The video also generated reactions on the social platform. Here are some comments

While some are crying about a girl who broke up with them, some are looking for reasons to breakup with her.

It makes no sense to make content off your friend’s vulnerable moments.

Na loss of investment…all his money,time and effort gone to another man…..sorry bro

WOW break up no be anybody Mate o let try avoid it 😂😂😂😂

Abuja Podcaster

Caleb James🇳🇬🇨🇦
Young men should leave relationship for now and focus on building themselves for future.

If you are thinking on relocating to canada for School or work, its not as tough as you may have thought.
I advise you get a guide that teaches you how to apply without making errors
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Watch the video

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Use Me as real Idan Button, Reactions as Man shares video of his 8 girlfriends tattooing his name. (Watch video)

In a recent video by Lindaikejiblog on instagram, a Nigerian man shared a video of his man girlfriends who tattooed his him on their body,

The video got many reactions as they wonder why he could post video of many girls at a time. In the video he also called out the women’s name his is dating. Names are

Fatima, Katie, Kingston yaya, Maryam, Keisha and shakira

Here is the video

Here are some comments below

Officialcondomn said; use me as real Idan button

Fashion_magicblog said; when they all get married they will edit it to their husband’s names

Polished_ice said; My gender get mind o 😂😂😂 so you draw a man’s name on you and he doesn’t do same 🤣🤣🤣 no wonder all my exes said I was too demanding cos y’all are just too d umb for this niggas to play with.

Zaynabonthesunnah said; Useless Man & they are so gullible to do what he requested they are all marked with his name, what happened if one leaves him not good for another man to see his woman with another man’s name on her body.

Vivienbraide said; You don’t have to blame him, what were the girls thinking? I wouldn’t try it even if the person is my husband. I would rather tattoo my child’s name.

Divinchy said; who come be Kingston? 😂😂😂

Natty_jinn said; this makes no sense 🤦‍♂️

Witty_telizar said; This one don do pass Davido, abeg make una let Davido breathe 🧘

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Men Should Always Consider Marrying women with less Ambitious Than Them, Nigerian Man Advised

In a post by Agba John Doe on Twitter recently that brought some advice on his page. The post was all about issues about marriage and marrying a woman with ambition.

The post has so many people advising men about marrying a woman with ambition, one Twitter account knows as Avas. In the post Agba John Doe said;

The issue I have with this video is not the fact that she left her marriage.

It’s the fact that she doesn’t realise that it’s her nature that worked against the marriage.

Few weeks ago, I asked women if they would wish to be more successful than their husbands?

Most of them. He ended the post with a video of a woman explaining why she left her marriage because of her ambition in life. In the video the woman also advised long ladies to follow her footsteps to achieve their goals in life.

Avas a Twitter who shared his opinion tweeted;

Men should always consider marrying women who are less ambitious than them, although people will interpret things as they wish. I believe a man should take on a leadership role, which is why the concept of feminism doesn’t resonate with me.

Thanks for sharing this, Agba.

Some people also gave out the opinion about the post.

in situations when the man motivation is low who then motivates him. if he isn’t around who’s gonna take care of his kids.. I dont know about others, get someone who would lights you up and represent you when you’re not around ..
not someone with less ambition match your energy

Kirkland Minoxidil Nigeria
You’re very correct. If only women can keep their character and hypergamy in check when they start earning more, this wouldn’t be an issue.

But women would disagree. Only the man sees the disrespect. She never sees it.

Chocolate ♥️
Avas I think a lot of men and women have a distorted view of what femininity is.
It is toxic femininity for a woman to seek to do all things a man does, women ought to be judged by purely feminine criteria and femininity has its limitations.

thats the reason our fathers married teachers , nurses and market women,it is their children that are marrying bankers, accountants etc.

Here is the post on Twitter

What are your say on this??

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The pregnancy was a mistake and you choose to keep the baby, US-based businesswoman accused davido for impregnating her

In a recent video circulating on social media and posted by Instablog9ja shows a U.S. base businesswoman explaining how davido got her pregnant.

In the video the lady explained how he met the singer at a club house and also shared a chat between the adeleke’s family and her.

The the post many people gave out the advice to the Lady and also drop some funny comments.

Here is the post

Read some comments

Person need collect Clark phone , he is the one always chatting all the baby mama’s…

I’m sure you must have looked his page several times.

If you claim to have known him since 2017.

So, it’s almost impossible to not have heard him talking about Chioma.!

David talks about her more, than he talks about other women or any woman.

If you wan born, born

This one no go gree o 😂

Mosunmola Bello
Man don’t only play emotional card in music and online, he does in his personal life too.

The truth is they all want to be with him, be loyal and faithful, that’s why they all wasting their time while stuck with one child. Didn’t they say his wife also cheated? Some resulted to BBL to impress, but the truth is they wish they knew better. He keeps catching them in his emotional web and what does he expected?

That’s pathetic.

It’s important as human to have a child with someone that adores you and truly wants a child with you.

You can never use pregnancy to make a man love you more.

However, men should also know when you sleep with a woman without condom you might get a child not mango.

oh my gozz💀
She came with receipts 😂

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Tinubu was reported to have taken the opportunity to project Nigeria on a global stage.


President Bola Tinubu has returned to Nigeria after completing his trips to Paris and London. He arrived back in the country on Tuesday, following a short private visit to London from France. During his official trip to Paris, which concluded on Friday, President Tinubu actively participated in the summit for ‘A New Global Financing Pact,’ … Read more

Monkey Interrupts Muslim Pilgrims’ Prayers as it Steals Their Clothes (Watch Video)

Monkey Interrupts Muslim Pilgrims

There was confusion in Mecca as a thieving monkey was caught stealing clothes of pilgrims who came to pray in preparation for the Id el Kabir celebration. The annual Id el Kabir celebration holds on Wednesday and Thursday (28th and 29th) of June 2023, as the Muslim faithful celebrates the “Willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to … Read more