Use Me as real Idan Button, Reactions as Man shares video of his 8 girlfriends tattooing his name. (Watch video)


In a recent video by Lindaikejiblog on instagram, a Nigerian man shared a video of his man girlfriends who tattooed his him on their body,

The video got many reactions as they wonder why he could post video of many girls at a time. In the video he also called out the women’s name his is dating. Names are

Fatima, Katie, Kingston yaya, Maryam, Keisha and shakira

Here is the video

Here are some comments below

Officialcondomn said; use me as real Idan button

Fashion_magicblog said; when they all get married they will edit it to their husband’s names

Polished_ice said; My gender get mind o 😂😂😂 so you draw a man’s name on you and he doesn’t do same 🤣🤣🤣 no wonder all my exes said I was too demanding cos y’all are just too d umb for this niggas to play with.

Zaynabonthesunnah said; Useless Man & they are so gullible to do what he requested they are all marked with his name, what happened if one leaves him not good for another man to see his woman with another man’s name on her body.

Vivienbraide said; You don’t have to blame him, what were the girls thinking? I wouldn’t try it even if the person is my husband. I would rather tattoo my child’s name.

Divinchy said; who come be Kingston? 😂😂😂

Natty_jinn said; this makes no sense 🤦‍♂️

Witty_telizar said; This one don do pass Davido, abeg make una let Davido breathe 🧘

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