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A Nigerian Man Has Shared Photos of A girl He Rescued on The Road Side After 2 -years with Her

A Nigerian man who is known as, Benkingsley nwashala took on his Twitter page to share a beautiful pictures him and a 2 year old girl he rescued after being abandoned by her parents on roadside in Agbani area of Enugu state in June 2022.

Nwashala said, at the time of her rescue, she was battered by a heavy rainfall a day earlier while no one made attempts to help her.

According to Lindaikejiblog, Mr Nwashala said he took responsible for the little girl as instructed by the DPO of Agbani police Station, he cleaned up and fed the girl.

He revealed the pictures on his Twitter account when they were out to celebrate his birthday, he also revealed the girl’s birthday, which will be on June 17 same day he found her.

“While sharing the photos he wrote; “I just picked an abandoned 2yr old baby by the roadside somewhere in Agbani, Enugu State. She was given birth to by a mad woman who normally stays at Eke Agbani.

“At the police station in Agbani, Enugu State. As at now we’ve cleaned her up and she’s eating like someone who hasn’t eaten since she was born. Her body is full of sores

“Please we need advice on the proper diet to feed her for now. I don’t know how to take care of babies

“I will give update tomorrow.

“This baby has suffered tremendously. She sat at that same spot while all the rain that fell yesterday battered her. The market women didn’t do nothing.

“I’m the one doing Birthday and I’m also the one buying present.

Her birthday is on Saturday 17th though.”

See some of pictures he shared

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Reason I Wished My Mother Death – Actress Chacha Eke Revealed

Nigerian popular Actress, Chacha Eke Revealed the real reason for deep hatred she has for her mother and wished for her death while growing up.

She stated that the reason for her mother’s hatred was caused by mental illness, “that switch your favourite to your least one.

According to Dailypost Nigeria, the actress said her hatred for her mother was because of fake pastor revelations, she said that the so-called man of God told her that her mother was after her life.

The Nollywood Actress disclosed this on her instagram account while celebrating her mother’s birthday on Wednesday.

In the viral video she posted on her account with caption, “This is a video of me and my biological Mom. I loved her so much when i was young. She was, and still is my best friend.”

She continued, “However, as I got older, I began to dislike and develop hatred for her. I had nightmares and hallucinations that supported my euphoria. Sadly, many men of God told me after several manic episodes that she was after my life.

And so, I went about wishing her death and spewing despicable things about her.”

The Pretty Actress said, she was thankful to realized her hatred for her mother was as a result of her mental illness while her mother was still alive.

She praised her mother for not giving up on her despite her mental health. She also advised having similar issues to seek for medical attention.

Watch the video on Instagram…… https://www.instagram.com/reel/CtMX_OUIY1r/?igshid=MTc4MmM1YmI2Ng==

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VIDEO: Reactions As Baby Cow with Two Heads And Four Eyes Captured In India

Some of the villagers in India was left amazed after a baby cow with two faces was born. The incredible incident happened like a miracle to the face of the villagers.

According to DailyMail, this unfamiliar birth happened in Jalalpur village, Uttar Pradesh, in between the end of last month. This bizarre moment was described as a divine miracle.

The baby calf was put to birth with four eyes, two noses, one tongue and only has one body, but the calf also has a joined mouth and two ears. Many villagers considered this as a divine miracle, as it is first of it kind in the village.

In the religious aspect in India, it is considered a forbidden to slaughter a cow ,according to Hindu and Jain religions, animals are given the right or freedom to roam around the streets as humans.

According to the video, the polycephaly animal is seen living it best life despite its condition which many people believe to have died within couple of days or months.

In a post by Punch Newspapers, some of commentary were left with amazement which made dropped some funny comments.

Below are the comments

Gbakaan Solomon said; “pragya abeg no start worship this one o, e no de hard una 🤣🙆‍♂️”

Edireal said; “Anytime I give advice, I dey always end am with “I no know sha” incase the advice later spoil your life.”

Hafsat Nuhu Shua’eeb also Said; “Dem go worship this one with every energy in them 😂”

Ada Anaocha said; “I trust Indians. They will worship this one till it’s tired of collecting sacrifice and blessing them. As in,na their long awaited god be this”

Alabson Tosine Medaiyese said; “pst. Adeboye said God can create this one on Sunday ooo”

Dough Fidelis Faior said; “This one na juju, I remember the time India played football verses Nigeria. Someone should please remind me the full time scores ”

Uzochukwu Agwuncha said; “ A new god is born”

Victor Enukora said; “ congratulations!!! Una chi the small god just been born.

Here is the video

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