Reason Why Everyone Must Not Be A Christian – Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Revealed

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, the global senior pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, has revealed answers to some questions, he revealed this during his preaching at the daily prophet Encounter service.

Meanwhile, we all know Christianity is one of the major and most popular religion on earth but not everyone is actually a Christian as we write, most people have asked why is this so? If Christianity is really a true religion why isn’t everyone on earth accepting it.

Pastor Biodun shared the reason, why everyone can not be a Christian or be called Christian, pastor said the main reason is that, those who are not Christian are blind and their ears have been blocked to hear the truth.

While preaching this, he used the bible verse to use as example, he used Mark 4:11–12 to illustrate his statement. It was written in Mark 4:11–12;

“And he said to them, “To you it has been given to know the Mystery of the kingdom of God, but to those who are outside, all things come in parables,

So that: seeing they may see and not perceive. And hearing they may not hear and not understand; lest they should turn, and their sins be forgiven them.

After reading the verse in the bible, then he continued, “if everyone could understand Christianity, then everyone would be a Christian. This is his statement, “if everybody could see that the principals of Christianity work,then everybody would have become a Christian. But they cannot understand because they have been blinded.

What will you say about this? Is he right or wrong??

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We Sleep Together But I can’t Cope With His Demand, Former Bobrisky P.A Revealed

Former Bobrisky’s P.A, known as, Oye Kyme, has revealed a new update about their her previous relationship with the crossdresser.

The Ivorian influencer claimed on her Instagram page that Bobrisky used to sleep with her every night of the day when both are still living together.

Oye was adopted by Bobrisky in the year 2021 ever since then, both of them have been living together not until few months they got separated, because Oye claimed she can’t meet up Bobrisky’s demand.

In a video she posted on her Instagram, both were having a good time but it seems that the video was old, when bobrisky revealed to her fan that the Ivorian is now her daughter.

On the go, Oye kyme lambast the daughter-mother relationship as a trick, condemning bobrisky for exercising such bad act just to be sleeping with her on a daily basis.

Kyme revealed this story after she had claimed to have repented and also given her life to Christ, she also urge her friends and fans to respect her decision.

During her Instagram live session, she made the announcement. However her fan criticized her over over her past with bobrisky and other men, but she immediately responded that she should not be judged by the past.

The young girl claimed, she never wanted to be perfect or a virgin and considered the fact that she has decided to turn a new leaf should earn her respect and not to be criticized.

She revealed that she is the only one who knows what she experienced over the past month with bobrisky that made her repented and accept Jesus Christ into her life.

The young lady said it’s never too late to change for good, noted that none of her friends judging her a perfect.

Watch the video

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Singer Mercy Chinwo Will Charge N10m If Invited To Sing – Fr Oluoma Speak

Nigerian popular Man of God, Fr Oluoma , on Sunday preached to his church members about “The Richest Church Ever, The poorest Church Ever and why The Richest Church Ever Can’t Do What The poorest Churches Do.

Fr Oluoma also popularly known as Fada oluoma, lamented on how expensive the church has become in recent years.

On getting to his point, he used a popular gospel Musician Named Mercy Chinwo, Fr oluoma explained to the congregations that if he happens to invite Mercy Chinwo to sing in his church, she might charge him about N10m, he said that religious worship is too expensive on like before.

Speaking to his church members in a video, Fr oluoma said

“We have made religious worship expensive. If I have to bring Mercy Chinwo to come here and sing now, how much will i pay? She might charge 10 million naira. Then i will to collect the money from church members to pay her. These are the tragedies we have brought into the church; an artiste will come to the church to minister for 10 million or 5 million, that’s much. I’m not against paying her, you must pay her because you invited her.”

Watch the video on Facebook.

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VIDEO: Reactions As Baby Cow with Two Heads And Four Eyes Captured In India

Some of the villagers in India was left amazed after a baby cow with two faces was born. The incredible incident happened like a miracle to the face of the villagers.

According to DailyMail, this unfamiliar birth happened in Jalalpur village, Uttar Pradesh, in between the end of last month. This bizarre moment was described as a divine miracle.

The baby calf was put to birth with four eyes, two noses, one tongue and only has one body, but the calf also has a joined mouth and two ears. Many villagers considered this as a divine miracle, as it is first of it kind in the village.

In the religious aspect in India, it is considered a forbidden to slaughter a cow ,according to Hindu and Jain religions, animals are given the right or freedom to roam around the streets as humans.

According to the video, the polycephaly animal is seen living it best life despite its condition which many people believe to have died within couple of days or months.

In a post by Punch Newspapers, some of commentary were left with amazement which made dropped some funny comments.

Below are the comments

Gbakaan Solomon said; “pragya abeg no start worship this one o, e no de hard una 🤣🙆‍♂️”

Edireal said; “Anytime I give advice, I dey always end am with “I no know sha” incase the advice later spoil your life.”

Hafsat Nuhu Shua’eeb also Said; “Dem go worship this one with every energy in them 😂”

Ada Anaocha said; “I trust Indians. They will worship this one till it’s tired of collecting sacrifice and blessing them. As in,na their long awaited god be this”

Alabson Tosine Medaiyese said; “pst. Adeboye said God can create this one on Sunday ooo”

Dough Fidelis Faior said; “This one na juju, I remember the time India played football verses Nigeria. Someone should please remind me the full time scores ”

Uzochukwu Agwuncha said; “ A new god is born”

Victor Enukora said; “ congratulations!!! Una chi the small god just been born.

Here is the video

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Igbo Muslims Exist And We Are Proud Of Our Religion – Igbo Lady Who Is A Muslim Revealed

Nigeria is a country full of different religious worship. Despite the difference diversity of religion in Nigeria, Christianity and Islam are being know as the populated religion.

There are numerous other religious communities that are often unnoticed. One of the unnoticed religious communities are the Igbo Muslims. They’re also proudly embraced their Islamic faith despite their igbo heritage.

In her words she wrote;

“Believe it or not, we igbo Muslims Exist and yes we are Proud Of Our Religion and tribe Alhamdulillah.”

In the viral video circulating on social media, the beautiful young igbo lady shared her journey as an Igbo Muslim. She was born into an igbo family with a rich cultural heritage, she also revealed how her parents embraced Islam even before her birth, and subsequently raised her in accordance with Islamic teachings.

With deep feelings and a profound sense of identity, she revealed herself as an igbo Muslim, deepening that her faith and culture are not collectively exclusive, but rather sympathetic intertwined.

See her post

According to some followers on her page, the video serves as a step-up to promote religious freedom and understanding in Nigeria. They also commented that that it is important to embrace diversity and show respect to individual choices when it comes to matter of faith.

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