We Sleep Together But I can’t Cope With His Demand, Former Bobrisky P.A Revealed


Former Bobrisky’s P.A, known as, Oye Kyme, has revealed a new update about their her previous relationship with the crossdresser.

The Ivorian influencer claimed on her Instagram page that Bobrisky used to sleep with her every night of the day when both are still living together.

Oye was adopted by Bobrisky in the year 2021 ever since then, both of them have been living together not until few months they got separated, because Oye claimed she can’t meet up Bobrisky’s demand.

In a video she posted on her Instagram, both were having a good time but it seems that the video was old, when bobrisky revealed to her fan that the Ivorian is now her daughter.

On the go, Oye kyme lambast the daughter-mother relationship as a trick, condemning bobrisky for exercising such bad act just to be sleeping with her on a daily basis.

Kyme revealed this story after she had claimed to have repented and also given her life to Christ, she also urge her friends and fans to respect her decision.

During her Instagram live session, she made the announcement. However her fan criticized her over over her past with bobrisky and other men, but she immediately responded that she should not be judged by the past.

The young girl claimed, she never wanted to be perfect or a virgin and considered the fact that she has decided to turn a new leaf should earn her respect and not to be criticized.

She revealed that she is the only one who knows what she experienced over the past month with bobrisky that made her repented and accept Jesus Christ into her life.

The young lady said it’s never too late to change for good, noted that none of her friends judging her a perfect.

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