Prominent Politicians Who Rejected to Serve as President Tinubu’s Minister

Prominent Politicians Who Rejected to Serve as President Tinubu's Minister

President Bola Tinubu’s ministerial list has been a subject of discussion among politicians, with some lobbying for inclusion while others openly reject the offer to serve in his administration. Since assuming office on May 29, President Tinubu has yet to submit his ministerial list to the National Assembly. This post explores the reactions of prominent … Read more

Tinubu was reported to have taken the opportunity to project Nigeria on a global stage.


President Bola Tinubu has returned to Nigeria after completing his trips to Paris and London. He arrived back in the country on Tuesday, following a short private visit to London from France. During his official trip to Paris, which concluded on Friday, President Tinubu actively participated in the summit for ‘A New Global Financing Pact,’ … Read more

We are prepared to welcome Governor Wike into the All Progressives Congress (APC), expressed a high-ranking member of the party.

A prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Chief Tony Okocha, has stated that the party is fully prepared to welcome the former governor of the state, Nyesom Wike, should he decide to switch to the ruling party. These statements come amidst ongoing speculations that Wike, who reportedly played a role … Read more

Legal Action Initiated Against Tinubu for 114% Salary Increase

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project Threatens Legal Action Against President Bola Tinubu On Wednesday, the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) made a strong statement, indicating their intention to take legal action against President Bola Tinubu. The organization expressed their dissatisfaction with the unlawful 114% salary increment for President Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima. … Read more

Crucible of Judicial Independence: Bulkachuwa’s Startling Confession and Tinubu’s Alarming Threat Ignite Profound Doubts

These are undoubtedly challenging times for the image and reputation of the Nigerian Judiciary. Over the past few years, this esteemed branch of government has been mired in controversies, dishonor, bullying, ridicule, intimidation, and outright disregard. Consequently, public trust in the judiciary has been steadily eroding. Recent political events have only exacerbated concerns about the … Read more

We Don’t Recognize Tinubu As Nigeria’s President — Reportera News Nigeria Announced

In a statement which was released on Twitter by the Reportera News Nigeria on 12 June 2023.

According to their statements, they said;

“The management of Reportera Media Resources, owners of Reportera News Nigeria has watched with dismay the many occurrences in Nigeria within the last few months, especially the activities prior, during, and after the presidential elections, and it has come to a point that we take a definitive stand in the scheme of things as a media house that preaches and advocates for the tenets of democracy.

Reportera News Nigeria was part of the accredited local observers of the 2023 presidential election and our reporters and agents where spread across various parts of the country to get a first hand incident report on the electioneering process. The eventual outcome of the election was a shocker to us and other reputable media houses locally and internationally as INEC went against its own laws, despite overwhelming evidence showing that the election was flawed, to declare the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the winner of the election and was subsequently sworn in as Nigeria’s president on the 29th May 2023.

We are an organization with integrity and we will be doing ourselves and Nigerians a great disservice if we don’t tell the truth and the truth is very clear; Ahmed Bola Tinubu did not win the 2023 presidential election thus it will be an aberration of the constitution to address him as the president and Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Feb 25th presidential election is currently being challenged in court by two parties and until a final verdict is passed by the Nigeria Supreme Court, we will NOT be addressing Bola Ahmed Tinubu or any individual as ‘Mr President’ or ‘President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’. Therefore, whilst the INEC declared president, Mr Tinubu occupies this exalted position in the mean time, we shall accord every respect due the office of the president but shall refrain from addressing him as ‘President Tinubu’, not until the Supreme Court of Nigeria affirms his position.



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“Many People Do Not Understand What Happened To Orji Uzor Kalu” – Cossy Revealed

A Twitter influencer known as Cossy, took on her Twitter page to share what happened to a top politician and former Senator Orji Uzor kalu.

The influencer revealed this on 10th of June 2023 on Twitter. According to her, she said that Nigerian politics happened to Orji Uzor kalu in a wrong way.

She said that politics has destroyed the politician and he has nothing left. Cossy post that the politician should be among the richest man in Nigeria.

Orji Uzor kalu was the 4th richest man in Nigeria before he joined politics, cossy said that politics has destroyed the politician.

Cossy wrote on Twitter; “Many people do not understand what happened to Orji Uzor Kalu …yes he didn’t do well in Abia but this guy was the 4th richest man in Nigeria at some point until politic destr0yed him . If you know the story you would understand but I won’t say it . I’ll give you a hint:”

She continued to list the companies owned by that politician that was destroyed, she wrote; “Find out how SLOK International Airlines was destr0yed . How SLOK shipping company was destr0yed.  How his bank ( FIB group Gambia ) was destr0yed . How SLOK Insurance Compnay was forced out.”

“Even SLOK HOLDINGS.  All these are his companies.  They are nothing as we speak today, a man who sigularly sponsored PDP at the start of the party even before joining politics. So when he cried , many won’t get it.”

“Yes, he wasn’t all that clean but it was beyond that . Nigerian politics happened to him base on some factors( if you know you know)”

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Early yesterday, the senator was seen on television host with tears and said that Nigerian is not fair to the igbos.

There’s was a mixed reactions on Cossy post on Twitter. Here are some comments

Obi nna said; “

Did Obi tell you he hasn’t become poorer since he ventured into politics?
The difference is that money and desperation for power may not be topmost in his priorities unlike this other guy.”

Ben+Bella Diaspora said; “He needs a new pair of cufflinks:

Ezi Nnamdi said, “Mouth piece well done ooo Nigeria was not fair to him but was he fair to Abia state? A man who stole over 80billion as at then oooo and was convicted is the man you are trying to sympathize with. He is more wicked than Nigeria compared to what he did to Abia. A crying criminal”

Uchechris said, “He openly fought against his Igbo tribe becoming president in Nigeria just to please some people. He was a very selfish and self centered politician just like others. This should be a lesson  to the rest of them. He ruled Abia for 8 years. Thoroughly enriched himself. Nemesis.”

Dave wrote, “Let us get this, no matter what you do as a Christian in politics, Muslims cannot trust and believe u. Secondly, Igbos are hated with passion by some tribes in this country.. the marginalisation is real. Orji is not a Saint,but know this.. Nigeria can never be united and one..”

Black fitness said, “Are we suppose to sympathize with a man that has succeeded in life and decided to make younger generations suffer? Maybe it’s me but I think he deserves everything his receiving now.”

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Now Is The Time For Appeasement, Not punishment, – Reno Omokri React to The Arrest of The CBN Governor

According to, The CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele, was arrested by the Department of State service, DSS.

He was arrested after the president Bola Ahmed Tinubu ordered his suspension and directed him to hand over the affairs in his office to the Deputy Governor in charge of operations Directorate.

According to report by, the Deputy Governor will now be in charge and act as the Central Bank Governor pending the conclusion of an investigation and reforms.

After the arrest of the CBN Governor by the DSS, the former adviser to the former President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan, Mr Reno Omokri React to the arrest, condemning the act.

He shared this on his Twitter page as he quote,

“The suspension of Godwin Emefiele, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, by President Bola Tinubu is not in good taste. It appears to be a vindictive act, to punish Mr Emefiele for the patriotic Naira redesign policy, which was meant, among other things, to reduce the impact of money on the #NigerianElections2023. President Tinubu started well. Indeed, I have had cause to praise him. But he should not mar the progress he has made by this act of seeming vengeance. The country needs unity and stability after a fractious election. Now is the time for appeasement, not punishment. It is hoped that the President will reconsider his actions for the nation’s greater good.”

Reno advised Mr President to reconsider his action and free the CBN Governor, because the country needs unity and stability after a fragmented election. He also said now is the time for appeasement and not punishment.

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In your opinion, What will you say about the Arrest of the CBN Mr Godwin Emefiele ??

Is Mr Reno Omokri right??

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Tragedy As Former Senator, Annie Okonkwo, dies

It was reported today by PUNCH NEWSPAPER that the former lawmaker representing Anambra center Senate, Annie Okonkwo die in April. Okonkwo, who is a businessman and a politician, hails from Irebenebe village, ojoto in Idemili south Local Government Area of Anambra state. According to PUNCH NEWSPAPER, The deceased who is representing Anambra center Senatorial District … Read more

Governor Wike Endorses Tinubu as the Leader Nigeria Needs

“Wike Commends President Bola Tinubu for Courageously Eliminating Fuel Subsidy” During a media chat on Tuesday, Nyesom Wike, the former governor of Rivers State, expressed his admiration for President Bola Tinubu’s decision to remove fuel subsidy. Wike emphasized that the choice to elect Tinubu as president was not a mistake. According to Wike, Tinubu has … Read more

Nollywood Actress Ijabo Ojo Has Been Given 7 Days To Pay N18m Tax or Risk Jail

A popular Nollywood star, Ijabo Ojo has been given a seven days period by the Lagos State government to pay the sum of N18,640,092 as personal income tax or faces jail risk. According to Dailypost Lagos State government sent a letter to the popular Actress accusing her of owning N7,376,000 tax for the year 2022 … Read more

Reason Why Pretty Female Police ADC Was Rejected By Shettima’s Wife – Aide

A pretty unmarried female police officer was rejected by the vice president’s wife aide. According to the Aide attached to Hajia Nada the wife of the vice president disclosed the real reason the pretty police aide-de-camp (ADC) was not taken to serve the vice president’s wife as her security. It was rumored on social media … Read more