“Many People Do Not Understand What Happened To Orji Uzor Kalu” – Cossy Revealed


A Twitter influencer known as Cossy, took on her Twitter page to share what happened to a top politician and former Senator Orji Uzor kalu.

The influencer revealed this on 10th of June 2023 on Twitter. According to her, she said that Nigerian politics happened to Orji Uzor kalu in a wrong way.

She said that politics has destroyed the politician and he has nothing left. Cossy post that the politician should be among the richest man in Nigeria.

Orji Uzor kalu was the 4th richest man in Nigeria before he joined politics, cossy said that politics has destroyed the politician.

Cossy wrote on Twitter; “Many people do not understand what happened to Orji Uzor Kalu …yes he didn’t do well in Abia but this guy was the 4th richest man in Nigeria at some point until politic destr0yed him . If you know the story you would understand but I won’t say it . I’ll give you a hint:”

She continued to list the companies owned by that politician that was destroyed, she wrote; “Find out how SLOK International Airlines was destr0yed . How SLOK shipping company was destr0yed.  How his bank ( FIB group Gambia ) was destr0yed . How SLOK Insurance Compnay was forced out.”

“Even SLOK HOLDINGS.  All these are his companies.  They are nothing as we speak today, a man who sigularly sponsored PDP at the start of the party even before joining politics. So when he cried , many won’t get it.”

“Yes, he wasn’t all that clean but it was beyond that . Nigerian politics happened to him base on some factors( if you know you know)”

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Early yesterday, the senator was seen on television host with tears and said that Nigerian is not fair to the igbos.

There’s was a mixed reactions on Cossy post on Twitter. Here are some comments

Obi nna said; “

Did Obi tell you he hasn’t become poorer since he ventured into politics?
The difference is that money and desperation for power may not be topmost in his priorities unlike this other guy.”

Ben+Bella Diaspora said; “He needs a new pair of cufflinks:

Ezi Nnamdi said, “Mouth piece well done ooo Nigeria was not fair to him but was he fair to Abia state? A man who stole over 80billion as at then oooo and was convicted is the man you are trying to sympathize with. He is more wicked than Nigeria compared to what he did to Abia. A crying criminal”

Uchechris said, “He openly fought against his Igbo tribe becoming president in Nigeria just to please some people. He was a very selfish and self centered politician just like others. This should be a lesson  to the rest of them. He ruled Abia for 8 years. Thoroughly enriched himself. Nemesis.”

Dave wrote, “Let us get this, no matter what you do as a Christian in politics, Muslims cannot trust and believe u. Secondly, Igbos are hated with passion by some tribes in this country.. the marginalisation is real. Orji is not a Saint,but know this.. Nigeria can never be united and one..”

Black fitness said, “Are we suppose to sympathize with a man that has succeeded in life and decided to make younger generations suffer? Maybe it’s me but I think he deserves everything his receiving now.”

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