“Figure Out What Makes You Special And Drive Your Own Wave” Actress Beverly Naya Criticized Etiki Chef


Nollywood actress Naya has teamed up with other celebrities to condemn the New star Etiki Chef, known as Chef Dammy who is making headlines on social media for contending with Chef Hilda Baci.

It was just early last month Chef Hilda Baci made a huge headlines when she was trying to break a record of the longest cooking category of the Guinness World record.

Che Hilda, gained so many supporter from individuals who encouraged her on social platforms, in that period, Hilda wanted to for only 88 hours of cook-a-thon but she surprised everyone by surpassing the 88 hours planned and hit a world Record of 100-hours.

Not up to a month Hilda broke the world record, another Chef who is from Etiki state in Nigeria came up with her own cooking marathon of 120-hour.

The Etiki Chef who is known as Dammy, started making headlines since she started the marathon, and has gained so many supporter and criticism from on social media platforms.

Some celebrities has condemned this competition, as they see such an enemy of Chef Hilda Baci. This attack on the Etiki Chef came after Punch Newspapers posted the event on their platforms across all social media.

Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya, was one of the celebrities who criticized the event and called it lack of originality, in her post on Twitter while tagging PUNCH NEWSPAPER. She wrote;

“Really can’t stand when people lack originality. Figure out what makes you unique and ride your own wave, not someone’s else’s.”

On other side, a comedian known as “THE COMEDY GEEK” replied PUNCH NEWSPAPER, the comedian said, “you should see what’s she’s cooking you’ll be disappointed more.”

Beverly also responded to the comedian with; “That’s the thing about life, an imitation will always remain an imitation.”

Ruth Kadiri another celebrity who criticized the event, she said;

“They won’t think for themselves but the moment you do it… Every one starts realizing they can do it to. They cant even wait for her euphoria to settle. Meet nigerians my people.”

OMOTAYO of Lagos also said, “This has to be the best take i have seen on this Chef Dammy and Hilda Baci cookathon brouhaha”

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