Popular Content Creator, Mr Macaroni Opens Up on Depression Trauma


Popular Nigeria content creator, Adebowale Adedayo, also known as Mr Macaroni, shared what has made him join the entertainment industry.

According to Naija News, the comedian popularly known for his slang “Ooin you are doing well ” share a post via Twitter on Saturday, revealed how he suffered from depression after he was expelled from university in 2017.

Mr Macaroni said he was depressed because that was his fourth university he was attending then.

In 2018, Mr Macaroni also said he was depressed and frustrated because he was defrauded and inability to find acting roles in movies.

According to the comedian, it was in 2019 he began to create his own content online while battling depression, adding that God helped him to achieve his dream in same year.

Mr Macaroni wrote on Twitter “I was dealing with depression late 2017/2018 ––– That was the period I was expelled from Uni and it was the 4th university at that time.

“From 2018–2019 was another round of depression. I continued hustling for roles again in Nollywood. I have been acting on and off since like 2011….

“From one audition to another. Dem scam me tire. I dey pay for form on top say i wan act….

“I started creating contents and posting online late 2019 when depression wan finish me. God picked my call same year ”

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