“I Just knew I had To Get My Babies Out” – Father Becomes Hero As He Saved His Babies From Burning House – Video


It was a tragedy and nightmare to young couple who left their their twin baby in their apartment for about 15 minutes, when returning they found their home in flames.

The Father who is known as Mr Ray was interviewed by Fox2 said, it just came to his mind that immediately he saw the fire, to save his babies.

According to him, it was difficult to locate the babies, he said he relied on his memory of the three-story building, he later found his babies at the basement where they were inside there cribs.

He said, in reaching there, he saw one of baby girl standing in the crib and the other laying quietly in her own crib. Ray said he believes that his babies were in shock and also confused during the incident because all areas were covered with smokes and flames.

According to Ray, he grabbed her babies from their cribs and held them close to his chest for protection against the smoke and fire, and finally retracted his way back to the top floor.

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Ray said to the media; “I was speechless. Action took over me. I ran into the house to get my babies, I did anything that any father would do or should do.”

According to the story, Ray’s mother who was inside the house during the incident was in panic and ran out of the house leaving the children behind as she search for help.

As the fire continued burning, the fire Department rescuers were still on their way, before Ray found his way out of the house and handed the babies to his mother.

According to Ray’s story, the heroic man also saved his niece who was also trapped in the second floor of the building, as there were no accessible place in the house, he asked the little girl to jump through the window, assuring to save her, and the little girl obeyed him and was saved in Ray’s arms.

After the incident, Ray suffered a third degree burn around his arms, his both ears, and also his right side of his face and neck. The twin baby also suffered a serious burn and were treated in the intensive care unit of children’s hospital in Michigan. The children sustained second and third degree burn around their legs, arms, eyes and cheeks.

Mr Ray lost his properties and his home to the fire. Later on, A GoFundMe page was set up by his aunt and friends, which has about $286,000 from 8,000 supporters.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Source Fox 4


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