Hilda Baci Announces Her first Endorsement Deal With Excitement – Photos


The Guinness World Record breaker popularly known as Hilda Baci, A well known Nigeria chef, showed us with some exciting photos as she announces her new endorsement deal.

She took her social media to announce to her supporters weeks after cook-a-thon in Lagos State. Due to her success she has attracted so many recognition and she has become the most popular Nigeria chef.

Few weeks after a cooking marathon, Hilda Baci announces that she has secured her first endorsements deal with a company still yet to be unveiled.

According to her, she was very excited to have signed the fantastic contract with the company because she highly adores them.

She shared a beautiful pictures with a bright face and full of happiness to her fan, though she did not disclose any details about the deal.

Sharing the photos she wrote;

“Guess who is going to sign her first endorsement deal? I have the best news and I can’t wait to share with you all. I signed an amazing deal with this brand that has my heart.

“When I tell you guys who they are, you will understand. In the mean time, I thought to share my joy through these pictures.”

Hilda Baci is a 27 -year-old Chef, she made so many headlines after breaking the previous Guinness World record that was held by an Indian chef Lata Tondon by completing a 100-hour cooking marathon.

Hilda Baci is yet to receive her approval from Guinness World records, despite her achievement.

While she also shared a video, some of friends and colleagues showered there gratitude for her in the comment section

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