Now Is The Time For Appeasement, Not punishment, – Reno Omokri React to The Arrest of The CBN Governor


According to, The CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele, was arrested by the Department of State service, DSS.

He was arrested after the president Bola Ahmed Tinubu ordered his suspension and directed him to hand over the affairs in his office to the Deputy Governor in charge of operations Directorate.

According to report by, the Deputy Governor will now be in charge and act as the Central Bank Governor pending the conclusion of an investigation and reforms.

After the arrest of the CBN Governor by the DSS, the former adviser to the former President Goodluck Ebere Jonathan, Mr Reno Omokri React to the arrest, condemning the act.

He shared this on his Twitter page as he quote,

“The suspension of Godwin Emefiele, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, by President Bola Tinubu is not in good taste. It appears to be a vindictive act, to punish Mr Emefiele for the patriotic Naira redesign policy, which was meant, among other things, to reduce the impact of money on the #NigerianElections2023. President Tinubu started well. Indeed, I have had cause to praise him. But he should not mar the progress he has made by this act of seeming vengeance. The country needs unity and stability after a fractious election. Now is the time for appeasement, not punishment. It is hoped that the President will reconsider his actions for the nation’s greater good.”

Reno advised Mr President to reconsider his action and free the CBN Governor, because the country needs unity and stability after a fragmented election. He also said now is the time for appeasement and not punishment.

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In your opinion, What will you say about the Arrest of the CBN Mr Godwin Emefiele ??

Is Mr Reno Omokri right??

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