Reaction As Man Refused To Pay N12k After Feeding his Date in a Restaurant – (Video)


A Nigerian man, has refused to pay after his date ate a huge some of N12k in a restaurant, it was a dramatical event after the Lady order the food while on a date with the guy.

An argument broke out between the two as the man refused to pay the bill and stepped out from the restaurant while leaving her behind.

The lady also left the business area and followed him immediately at were he parked his car and was begging him to pay for the bills, because he her was dead that she can pay the bills herself.

The man, insisted and told her to drop her phone as payment and stop embarrassing herself in public places.

As the arguments was taking place, the man asked her why she could eat a food of N12k and she replied that she can even eat food of N50k and she can pay for herself.

The lady also asked him not to blow away the situation out of proportion, she told the guy that she only need to make one call and the situation will be settled.

In the video, the waitress who served them was seen standing behind the Lady as she keeps waiting for them to make their payment, but the two keep exchanging words.

In the video, the lady was seen regretting and wishing she did not follow him out on the date, as the man refused to make the payment.

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