Man Started Acting Strange After He Drops Off From Taxi (Watch Video)


In a dramatically moment man started acting strange after he dropped from taxi, the man was seen barking like a dog after pulling off his clothes.

Many people gathered to hold him as he struggled to move on with his act. In the video, the young man with a dread hair and a white singlet was rolling in the middle of the road after he dropped from the taxi.

People around became surprised and was asking someone close to the young what has happened to him, but no one gave a reply, another who also came out from the same taxi was trying to hold him and he was also begging people to help him hold the young man.

The man who was taking the short, also went out from his car which was behind the taxi rushed to help and was asking what happened, but no one responded as they were busy trying to keep the young man still.

Watch video

Many people reacted to this surprising incident. Read comments below

tee_global_venture said; “Wen una don finish make una enter motor dey go house

rfholaricch said;“if dem help you said amen to it mmmm ABK

Olusegun347 said; “Wen dem dey sprinkle blood for their heads yesterday, u think say na ordinary ”

Oramasirba said; “oga!! Remove boxers make Guinness book record confirm your craze”

Gentlegeeofficial said; “who directed this skit”

Timsyfrish said; “ nobody get better oraimo for there

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