Men Should Always Consider Marrying women with less Ambitious Than Them, Nigerian Man Advised


In a post by Agba John Doe on Twitter recently that brought some advice on his page. The post was all about issues about marriage and marrying a woman with ambition.

The post has so many people advising men about marrying a woman with ambition, one Twitter account knows as Avas. In the post Agba John Doe said;

The issue I have with this video is not the fact that she left her marriage.

It’s the fact that she doesn’t realise that it’s her nature that worked against the marriage.

Few weeks ago, I asked women if they would wish to be more successful than their husbands?

Most of them. He ended the post with a video of a woman explaining why she left her marriage because of her ambition in life. In the video the woman also advised long ladies to follow her footsteps to achieve their goals in life.

Avas a Twitter who shared his opinion tweeted;

Men should always consider marrying women who are less ambitious than them, although people will interpret things as they wish. I believe a man should take on a leadership role, which is why the concept of feminism doesn’t resonate with me.

Thanks for sharing this, Agba.

Some people also gave out the opinion about the post.

in situations when the man motivation is low who then motivates him. if he isn’t around who’s gonna take care of his kids.. I dont know about others, get someone who would lights you up and represent you when you’re not around ..
not someone with less ambition match your energy

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You’re very correct. If only women can keep their character and hypergamy in check when they start earning more, this wouldn’t be an issue.

But women would disagree. Only the man sees the disrespect. She never sees it.

Chocolate ♥️
Avas I think a lot of men and women have a distorted view of what femininity is.
It is toxic femininity for a woman to seek to do all things a man does, women ought to be judged by purely feminine criteria and femininity has its limitations.

thats the reason our fathers married teachers , nurses and market women,it is their children that are marrying bankers, accountants etc.

Here is the post on Twitter

What are your say on this??


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