Leave Men to be Men, Leave People to Show You They Truly Are – Music producer, K-Solo defends Davido


A well known Nigerian music producer, K-Solo has got social media running today with his latest post. The popular music producer shared a post on his Instagram page defending his colleague Davido.

Obaksolo called out davido’s wife Chioma to go and hustle like other women do. In his post he wrote;

“We dragged Tuface for being honest, yet we dragged Banky for being dishonest. Now, we’re dragging David? Nah!. Leave men to be men! Leave people to Show You who they truly are.

Women say it’s better to cry in a Lamborghini than in a keke so Chioma has chosen Where she’s gonna cry.

She’s not upset so what’s our concern? Abeg! Let men breathe! We owe them that responsibility.”

O wrong naw! You can’t ask men to hustle to be successful and they hustle alone and make their money alone and you want to tell them how to spend it? Must be ment!

He continued; “ Chioma won’t take that nonsense from poor church rat so everybody should getout. Telling a rich man how to spend his money?

Chioma should go and work hard and make money if she doesn’t want to be disrespected. It’s her fellow woman that’s drive her own Lamborghini.

So? Y’all didn’t bash Maria but y’all wanna bash Anita? You dey ment!

In this same nigeria where y’all support people with money? Nope! Keep the energy.

When Chioma is ready, she knows what to do. You cannot tell my brother or son what to do with their money, especially when you didn’t contribute to Building building the wealth.

The bible says a labourer is worthy of their wages. So don’t be unfortunate. Leave Rich men to spend their monies how they like. Billionaire Onye ji Cash! E reach david turn una dey vex!

Cardi B cheated, y’all supported her. Chioma cheated, nobody dragged her. Men don’t drag women o! It’s always women dragging men.

If y’all hate men, just say it. Now, a man that lost his son that’s going through psychological trauma and is looking for solace is now a bad person? Do y’all even know the state of his mental health?

Wealth has no Gender!
And people treat you how they see you and how you carry yourself.

So if someone is constantly shitting on you and you’re enabling it, that’s a you problem.

You can’t tell a person what to do with their money.
I can only get upset when it’s a case of Yul and May.
Anything else, you’re meddling.”

In a society with zero moral standards, y’all do too much.

Her body her choice is you people’s slogan.
So, say to you: His money, his choice! His preeq, his choice!

Y’all contributed money for Halima, y’all support Mercy Lambo, y’all support Maria!

All these low budget ashawos y’all support but now y’all wanna bash a grown ass woman for choosing to keep a baby she can categorically take care off?

Y’all be tripping!

Abeg which celeb gets married at the peak of their career?

When you’re not a pastor.

Statistically, which woman at her peak, gets married?

It’s either they get washed out when they get married or they get married to someone who’d level them up because women don’t marry for love, they marry for status or materialistic gains.

For those saying David disrespected Chioma, where was it written in any book throughout history till date that a man’s duty is to respect his wife.

Why do we try to make Submissive Men and Alpha Females?

This is the society we’ve created today that we have men f*cking men in their asses, identifying to be women because we want a world of Submissive Men.

As soon as a man taps into his masculinity, he becomes toxic, misogynistic and disrespectful.

If Nedu talks, y’all drag him!


Y’all don’t deserve morals.

For someone that has $2.1 million in property, y’all be doing too much.

Let Chioma show us how much she.has in property first then we can talk because in Nigerians voice: You can’t be dragging someone that has more money than you.

In Africa, as long as a woman has a child for a man, she’s his wife.

Davido is married to several women so make everybody rest!

I’m done!

But as soon as a woman becomes an Alpha Female, we start hailing her telling her: “Go Girl!” “A Queen!” “A Boss Bitch!”

All I can say is there’s a gender war going on in humanity and it starts from the mind mostly against men.

Go David! The brotherhood and the sisterhood of women that believe in what a true man is supports you.

Keep multiplying and fulfilling the duties of what a man should be.

If e pain you, get penis.

Madam discipline wey no get preeq

Remember say na who bullet don finish, na dey surrender.

Who still get bullet, dey fire.

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