How To Transfer Airtel Airtime: Easy Steps

How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel

Transferring airtime on the Airtel network in Nigeria is a very common activity for many subscribers. Airtel makes it easy to send airtime to friends and family using various methods. In this detailed guide, we will explore the different ways to transfer airtime on Airtel and provide tips to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

How To Transfer Airtel Airtime


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Overview of Airtime Transfer on Airtel

Airtel allows its subscribers to transfer airtime to other Airtel numbers using multiple channels like USSD, SMS, the Airtel app and through airtime transfer agents. The main requirements are that both the sender and recipient must be on the Airtel network.

Some key things to note about airtime transfer on Airtel:

  • There are no service fees or charges for transferring airtime between Airtel numbers. It is free.
  • You can transfer amounts between N50 to N5,000 at a go.
  • There are no limits to the number of daily transactions. You can make as many transfers as you want in a day.
  • You need to set up a Me2U PIN to authenticate airtime transfers.
  • The Me2U PIN is a 4-digit number known only to you, for security purposes.
  • Both sender and recipient get SMS notifications confirming success or failure of the transfer.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel

Below we outline the detailed steps to transfer airtime via USSD, SMS, Airtel App and airtime transfer agent method.

Using USSD Code

USSD is the most commonly used method to transfer airtime on Airtel. Here is how to do it:

  1. On your Airtel line, dial *432#
  2. Select option 3 for “Transfer Airtime”
  3. Enter the Airtel number you want to send airtime to
  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer (between N50 – N5,000)
  5. Input your 4-digit Me2U PIN
  6. Confirm the details and complete the transaction
  7. You and recipient will receive SMS notifications of success/failure

The USSD method is fast, secure, convenient and available on all types of phones. As long as you have network coverage, you can quickly transfer airtime with this method.

Using SMS

You can also transfer airtime by sending a simple SMS. Follow these steps:

  1. On your Airtel line, compose an SMS to 432
  2. Structure the text as:2u recipient’s_number amount PINE.g 2u 08020000000 500 1234
  3. Send the SMS
  4. You will get an SMS confirming success or failure
  5. Recipient will also get a confirmation SMS

This method is good if you don’t like USSD menus. But you need to carefully structure the SMS.

Using Airtel App

If you prefer mobile apps, you can use the MyAirtel app to transfer airtime easily.

  1. Download and install the MyAirtel app on your phone
  2. Open the app and log in with your Airtel number
  3. Tap on “Me2U” icon
  4. Enter recipient’s Airtel number
  5. Input amount to transfer
  6. Enter your Me2U PIN to authenticate
  7. Review details and confirm transfer
  8. You will receive transfer status on the app instantly

The Airtel app allows you to store beneficiary details, see your transfer history and re-send airtime easily. It offers convenience and security.

Through Airtel Agent Outlets

You can also visit authorized Airtel agent outlets/dealers to transfer airtime. Here’s the process:

  1. Locate an authorized Airtel agent near you.
  2. Provide your Airtel number and confirm your identity.
  3. Specify recipient’s number and the transfer amount.
  4. Provide your Me2U PIN for verification.
  5. Agent will process transfer and provide confirmation.
  6. You and recipient will also get SMS notifications.

This method allows you to transfer airtime even if your phone is damaged, lost or has network issues. But find an agent you can trust.

Tips for Smooth Airtime Transfer on Airtel

To ensure a smooth and successful airtime transfer on Airtel, here are some useful tips:

  • Confirm recipient’s number is on the Airtel network. You can’t send airtime to other networks.
  • Have sufficient airtime balance in your Airtel account to transfer the amount needed.
  • Accurately enter the Me2U PIN when prompted. Incorrect PIN will decline the transfer.
  • Start with small transfer amounts first to confirm the number and PIN are correct before sending larger amounts.
  • Save beneficiary details on Airtel App for quicker future transfers.
  • Transfer airtime early to ensure recipient gets it on time. Late-night transfers may delay crediting.
  • Try USSD first if transfer fails by other methods. USSD is most reliable.
  • Contact Airtel customer care if transfer issues persist. They will assist accordingly.

Following these tips will help avoid common transfer mistakes and ensure seamless airtime sharing on Airtel.

Frequently Asked Questions on Airtel Airtime Transfer

Here are some common questions about transferring airtime on Airtel:

How much does Airtel charge to transfer airtime?

Airtel does not charge any fees for airtime transfer between Airtel numbers. It is absolutely free.

Can I transfer airtime to other networks?

No, airtime transfer on Airtel only works for Airtel to Airtel numbers. You cannot send airtime from an Airtel line to other networks like Glo, 9mobile or MTN.

What is the maximum amount I can transfer at once?

Airtel allows you to transfer airtime between N50 to N5,000 in a single transaction. You can make multiple transactions per day. But each transfer has to be within the amount range.

Do I need to set up a PIN for airtime transfer?

Yes, you need to create a 4-digit Me2U PIN on Airtel before transferring airtime. This PIN provides security for the airtime transfer process.

How long does it take for transferred airtime to reflect?

Airtime transferred via USSD, SMS or Airtel App is instantaneous. Recipient gets the credit immediately successful. For agent transfers, it may take a few hours.

What happens if I enter wrong details during airtime transfer?

If you enter incorrect PIN or recipient’s number, the transfer will fail. You will get an SMS notification of the failure, and you can try again using the right credentials.

Can I get a statement of my airtime transfer transactions?

Yes, you can request a detailed statement of your airtime transfer activity from Airtel customer care or check your transaction history on the Airtel app.

What do I do if airtime transfer is not going through?

First, double check all the details entered are correct. Then try via USSD which is most reliable. If issues persist, contact Airtel customer care for assistance on resolving the transfer issue.


In summary, Airtel offers multiple simple, convenient and secure ways to transfer airtime between Airtel numbers in Nigeria. USSD method is the most preferred by subscribers, but you can also use SMS, Airtel App and authorized agent outlets.

The key things to keep in mind are both numbers should be Airtel lines, transfer N50 to N5,000 at a time, set up a Me2U PIN and confirming details before authorizing the transfer. Follow the step-by-step guides outlined above and the useful tips provided for smooth, successful airtime sharing on the Airtel network.


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