A Complete Guide to Using Union Bank’s *826# Transfer Code

A Complete Guide to Using Union Bank’s *826# Transfer Code

Union Bank offers a convenient USSD transfer code *826# that allows customers to easily move funds between Union Bank accounts or even to other banks right from their mobile phones.

In this comprehensive article, we will cover how to use Union Bank’s *826# transfer code for different transaction types along with tips, security best practices, and additional features available through the USSD menu.

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Overview of Union Bank’s *826# Transfer Service

Union Bank’s *826# code utilizes USSD technology to enable transactions directly on a customer’s mobile phone without needing data or internet connectivity.

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and uses basic SMS-style messaging to interact with the bank’s systems.

To use *826#, you simply dial the code, follow the prompts to enter required information like amount and account numbers, and confirm to complete transfers.

It provides quick access to funds transfer, airtime purchase, bill payments and other services from anywhere without mobile data or an app.

Now let’s look at how to transfer money to Union Bank accounts using *826#.

Transferring to Union Bank Accounts via *826#

To move funds from your Union Bank account to another Union Bank account, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Dial *8261

On your mobile phone, dial *8261#. This activates Union Bank’s funds transfer menu.

Step 2: Enter Amount

Next, enter the transfer amount when prompted. For example, to move 5,000 Naira, enter 5000.

Step 3: Input Recipient’s Account Number

After the amount, input the 10-digit Union Bank account number you want to transfer funds to.

Step 4: Input Your Transaction PIN

When prompted, input your registered Union Bank transaction PIN to authenticate the transfer.

Step 5: Confirm Details

Review the summary of details such as amount and recipient account number. Press 1 to confirm if accurate.

That’s it! The money will be instantly debited from your account and credited to the recipient Union Bank account.

The funds transfer via *8261# is very straightforward whether you are transferring small or large amounts.

Now let’s look at how to transfer to other banks using the same *826# code.

Transferring Funds to Other Banks via *826

In addition to Union Bank transfers, you can also seamlessly send money to all other Nigerian banks using the *826# menu. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Dial *8262#

To activate transfers to other banks, dial *8262# instead of *8261#.

Step 2: Enter Transfer Amount

Input the amount you want to transfer when prompted, for example 3000 for N3,000.

Step 3: Enter Recipient’s Account Number

Next, enter the 10-digit account number of the beneficiary in the other bank once prompted.

Step 4: Select Beneficiary’s Bank

You will then need to select the bank of the recipient from a list of Nigerian banks displayed.

Step 5: Input Your Transaction PIN

When prompted, input your registered Union Bank transaction PIN.

Step 6: Confirm Details

Carefully review the summary of your transfer details and input 1 to confirm and proceed.

After confirming, the money will be immediately debited from your Union Bank account and processed to the external bank account.

That’s all it takes to send money to any bank in Nigeria right from your mobile phone using Union’s *826# USSD code!

Additional Features of Union Bank’s *826# Service

Beyond funds transfer, Union Bank’s USSD menu gives you quick access to a variety of helpful features:

  • Account Balance – Check your real-time account balance and details
  • Airtime Purchase – Instantly buy airtime for yourself or others
  • Bill Payments – Pay your electricity, cable TV, internet, and other bills
  • Cardless Withdrawal – Generate secure pay-code and PIN for agent withdrawals
  • Branch/ATM Locator – Find Union Bank locations near you

The *826# code delivers convenience for much more than just funds transfer. It enables customers to accomplish most routine banking tasks directly from their regular mobile phones.

Important Security Tips When Using *826

While simple and convenient, it’s crucial to use Union Bank’s *826# transfer service securely. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Never share your transaction PIN with anyone, including bank staff
  • Avoid writing or storing your PIN anywhere easily accessible
  • Double check recipient details before confirming transfers
  • Monitor your account activity frequently for unauthorized transactions
  • Change your PIN periodically to prevent misuse
  • Only dial *826# on your registered mobile number linked to your account
  • If you lose your SIM card, immediately block it and reset your PIN
  • Contact Union Bank immediately if your PIN or SIM is compromised

Following these precautions will help ensure your transactions via *826# stay protected. As with all financial services, prioritizing security is key.

Getting Further Assistance from Union Bank

If you face any issues using the *826# service or have additional questions, Union Bank provides support through multiple channels:

  • Websitehttps://www.unionbankng.com provides 24/7 live chat and support resources
  • Mobile App – The UnionMobile app has virtual assistant and customer service options
  • Phone – Call their hotline on +234 700 826 8262 for assistance from agents
  • Email – Email contactcenter@unionbankng.com for written inquiries
  • Social Media – Union Bank is responsive on Facebook/Twitter DMs and mentions
  • Physical Branches – Visit a branch during operating hours for in-person assistance

With numerous ways to get help directly from Union Bank, you can have confidence using the *826# transfer service knowing support is close by.


In summary, Union Bank’s *826# USSD transfer code offers a fast and convenient way to transfer funds, top-up airtime, pay bills and conduct other transactions right on your mobile phone without internet or apps.

Dialing *8261# conveniently moves money to Union Bank accounts anytime, while *8262# lets you seamlessly transfer to any bank in Nigeria.

Combined with other features for checking balances, generating withdrawal codes, and finding nearby branches, the *826# service provides easy access to essential banking on-the-go.

Just remember to keep your personal PIN private, monitor your account activity regularly, and contact Union Bank for any issues. With these best practices, Union Bank’s *826# code will be your go-to for quick and secure banking via your mobile phone.


Is there a limit on the amount I can transfer via *826#?

Yes, individual transfers are capped at 1 million Naira for security reasons. You will need to visit a branch for over-the-counter transfers above this limit.

Do I need to register before using *826# transfers?

No, every Union Bank account automatically has access to the *826# menu. Just use your registered mobile number and linked PIN. No pre-registration needed.

What are the charges for *826# transfers?

Union Bank charges flat fees of 50 Naira for transfers to Union Bank accounts and 100 Naira for transfers to other banks.

Can I reverse a transfer or payment made through *826#?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly reverse any *826# transactions. You will need to contact Union Bank customer service for assistance with reversals or disputes.

How long do *826# transfers to other banks take?

Transfers are processed instantly but may take 1-3 business days to reflect in the beneficiary bank account due to interbank clearing processes.

If my phone is stolen, can I still access *826# on a different phone?

No, *826# service is tied to your registered mobile number. You will need to block your line and reset your PIN at a Union Bank branch before using it on another device.


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