How To Transfer Money To Kuda Bank Using USSD Code 2024

How to Transfer Money to Kuda Bank Without a Specific USSD Code (2024)

Kuda Bank is one of the top digital banks in Nigeria that provides innovative mobile banking services to customers. It aims to make finances effortless for Nigerians.

While most traditional banks have tailored USSD codes to enable direct transfers to their accounts, Kuda Bank does not yet have a standalone USSD code exclusively for money transfers.

How To Transfer Money To Kuda Bank Using USSD Code

Nevertheless, customers can still transfer funds to Kuda accounts quickly and seamlessly using the following methods:

Option 1: Use Partner Bank USSD Codes

The easiest way to send money to a Kuda account using a USSD code is via their partner banks like GTBank, Polaris Bank, and Zenith Bank which facilitate transfers through integration within the Kuda app.

Step 1: Access the Kuda Mobile App

On your smartphone, open the Kuda Bank mobile app. If you don’t have it, download it from your app store.

Step 2: Select “Add Money”

From your Kuda app dashboard, tap on the “Add Money” option. This will open various money transfer methods.

Step 3: Choose “Add by USSD”

Under Add Money, select the “Add by USSD” option to initiate transfer to your Kuda account using a partner bank’s USSD code.

Step 4: Input Transfer Amount

You will need to enter the amount you wish to transfer to your Kuda account through the partner bank’s USSD code.

Step 5: Note Down Partner Bank USSD Code

The Kuda app will display the USSD code of their partner bank like GTB, Polaris, or Zenith. Note down this code carefully.

Step 6: Dial Partner Bank USSD Code

Next, dial the partner bank’s USSD code on your mobile phone to initiate the transaction. Follow prompt

Step 7: Authorize Transfer

Carefully enter the required information and authorize/confirm the transfer from your bank account to your Kuda account as prompted.

This will instantly transfer the funds to your Kuda account using the partner bank’s integration and USSD functionality.

Option 2: Transfer via Your Bank’s Mobile App

If your bank has a good mobile banking app, you can easily transfer money from your bank to Kuda accounts using it:

Step 1: Login to Your Bank’s Mobile App

First, open your bank’s mobile banking app on your phone and login securely using your account credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Transfers Menu

Once logged in, navigate to the Transfers or Funds Transfer section within the mobile app.

Step 3: Select “Transfer to Other Bank”

Choose the option to transfer money to recipients in other banks. Kuda is an interbank transfer from your bank’s perspective.

Step 4: Search for Kuda Bank

Within the list of banks, search for and select “Kuda Microfinance Bank Limited” as the destination bank.

Step 5: Enter Kuda Account Number

Next, input the valid 11-digit account number of the Kuda account you want to transfer money to.

Step 6: Enter the Transfer Amount

Specify the amount you want to transfer to the recipient Kuda account.

Step 7: Review and Confirm Transaction

Cross-check the details before authorizing the transfer to Kuda using your bank’s app PIN or OTP.

Option 3: Use Your Bank’s Internet Banking Platform

Your bank’s web-based internet banking platform can also be used to transfer funds to a Kuda account conveniently:

Step 1: Login to Internet Banking

On your computer or smartphone browser, access your bank’s internet banking website and login with your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Fund Transfers

After logging in, go to the Funds Transfer or Payment sections on the internet banking portal.

Step 3: Select Transfer to Other Bank

Choose the option to make a transfer to a recipient in another bank. As Kuda is a separate bank, you need to select interbank transfer.

Step 4: Enter Kuda Account Details

Input the 11-digit account number of the valid Kuda account you want to transfer the funds to and the amount.

Step 5: Verify and Confirm Transfer

Double-check the Kuda account number and amount entered before authorizing the transfer using your internet banking password or OTP.

The money will be deducted from your bank account and reflect in the Kuda account within minutes.

Key Notes and Tips

When transferring money to Kuda without a dedicated USSD code, remember:

  • Cross-verify Kuda account numbers entered to avoid errors.
  • Confirm amount and transaction details before authorizing transfers.
  • Notify the recipient that you have sent them money to their Kuda account.
  • Start with small transfers first to test the process.
  • Check for any transfer charges levied by your bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common FAQs on transferring to Kuda without a specific USSD code:

Is the transfer process to Kuda complex without a USSD code?

No, the process is still simple using partner bank integrations, your bank’s app/website, or third-party apps. No major challenges.

How long do transfers to Kuda accounts typically take?

Transfers from other banks via apps and internet banking are instant. The recipient sees the money in their Kuda account within minutes.

Can I transfer to a newly opened Kuda account?

Yes, you can transfer to a newly opened Kuda account. As soon as account activation is complete, it is ready to receive transfers.

Is there any limit on transfer amount to Kuda accounts?

Kuda does not impose limits on transfers into accounts. Limits may apply at the sending bank’s end depending on channel.

How can the recipient withdraw cash from a Kuda account?

Kuda provides a free debit card that the recipient can use to withdraw from ATMs or make payments digitally.


In conclusion, you can easily transfer funds into a Kuda Bank account digitally despite the lack of an exclusive USSD code. Partner bank integrations, a robust bank app, or modern internet banking facilities make transfers convenient.

Kuda also provides active account number verification to avoid errors. Confirming details and notifying recipients complete the reliable transfer process without hassles. So USSD codes are not mandatory for routine digital transfers anymore.


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