NIBSS BVN Registration Portal: How To Register My BVN

A Comprehensive Guide to Registering for BVN in Nigeria Without an Online NIBSS Portal (2024)

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) system was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria and is managed by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS). The BVN provides a unique identity that can be verified across all banks in Nigeria.

While NIBSS coordinates the backend of the BVN system, it does not provide any direct online portal for customers to register for BVN. So how do you sign up for a BVN since there is no dedicated online registration platform?

nibss bvn registration portal

Here is a detailed guide on the various options to register for your BVN smoothly in Nigeria without an online NIBSS portal:

Option 1: BVN Registration at Your Bank Branch

The most straightforward and hassle-free route for customers is BVN registration directly through their bank branch. Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Visit Your Bank Branch

Physically visit any nearest branch of your bank. Meet the customer service officer or ask for the BVN registration desk.

Step 2: Provide Valid Means of ID

You need to submit any valid official identification document for BVN registration. Acceptable IDs include:

  • National ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Voter’s Card
  • International Passport

Ensure the ID is not expired and bears your full names, date of birth, and clear photograph.

Step 3: Your Biometric Data Will be Captured

The bank officer will capture your biometric information including fingerprints and facial photograph via dedicated devices.

Step 4: Acknowledgement Slip Provided

You will be provided with an acknowledgement slip confirming completion of biometric data capture.

Step 5: BVN Will be Sent Via SMS

Your unique 11-digit BVN will be generated within 24 hours and sent to the phone number you provided via SMS.

This is the most convenient process for customers already banking with a particular institution.

Option 2: Visit an Authorized BVN Registration Center

You can also visit any independent BVN registration center near you to sign up. These centers are equipped with the required technology and tools.

Step 1: Locate a Registration Center

You can find dedicated BVN registration centers located within bank branches, designated NIBSS offices, or authorized agents.

Step 2: Carry Valid Means of Identification

When visiting the center, you must bring along original and valid ID such as national ID, driver’s license, passport etc.

Step 3: Your Biometrics Will be Captured

The registration agents will capture your facial image and fingerprints electronically using special devices.

Step 4: Acknowledgement Provided

You will be provided with an acknowledgment confirming completion and submission of your biometric data capture for BVN.

Step 5: Receive BVN via SMS

Within 24 hours, your 11-digit BVN will be generated and sent to your registered phone number via an SMS notification.

Option 3: BVN Registration Via Banking App

Some banks like Zenith, Access Bank, and UBA now offer BVN registration directly through their mobile banking applications.

Step 1: Check if Your Bank Offers App Registration

Firstly, you need to verify that your bank has enabled BVN sign-up via mobile app by checking the app’s features.

Step 2: Locate BVN Registration Section in App

If available, locate the menu/section for BVN registration within your bank’s mobile app.

Step 3: Follow On-Screen Prompts

Carefully follow the instructions and provide the personal details like ID, photograph etc. as prompted within the app.

Step 4: Capture Biometrics Using Phone Camera

Your facial image and fingerprints will be captured using your smartphone’s camera based on the app guidance.

Step 5: Get BVN via SMS

Once submitted, your BVN will be generated in 24 hours and sent via SMS just like the other methods.

Important Notes About BVN Registration in Nigeria

  • BVN registration is completely free for all customers in Nigeria.
  • You only need to register for BVN once with your details irrespective of the number of bank accounts you have.
  • If you already have a BVN, simply link it to any new bank accounts you open rather than re-registering.
  • Confirm your registered phone number is correct so you receive the SMS containing your BVN promptly after registration.
  • Your BVN remains unchanged throughout your lifetime. It does not change or expire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About BVN Registration

Here are answers to some common questions about obtaining BVN without an online NIBSS portal:

Can I register for BVN fully online without visiting a center or bank?

No. Biometric capture is mandatory, so you must visit a bank branch, designated center or do it through your bank’s app.

What documents do I need to carry for BVN enrollment?

You need any VALID original identification like national ID, driver’s license, voter ID, international passport etc.

Is the BVN registration process the same across all banks?

Yes, the biometric data capture process is standardized across all bank branches and centers nationwide.

Can I track my pending BVN request?

Unfortunately, there is no tracking provision for pending BVN applications. You simply have to wait for the SMS.

How long does it take to get BVN after registration?

In most cases, the BVN SMS is received within 24 hours. Delays up to 5 working days are also not uncommon.

Can I retrieve my forgotten BVN?

Yes, you can retrieve your forgotten BVN at any bank branch or registration center by providing valid ID.


In conclusion, Nigerians can easily obtain their mandatory BVN through various channels like their bank branch, authorized BVN centers, or mobile banking app without needing any online NIBSS portal.

The process is uniform and guaranteed across all partner touchpoints nationwide thanks to effective NIBSS coordination in the backend. With their robust ID system and biometric database, Nigerian banks can seamlessly verify customers’ identity against their BVN.


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