Convenient Banking: How to Use Kuda Bank USSD Code

A Comprehensive Guide to Kuda Bank’s Mobile App and Why They Don’t Offer USSD

Kuda Bank is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing digital banks with over 3 million customers. Unlike traditional banks, Kuda provides their entire suite of banking services through a user-friendly mobile app available for iOS and Android. But one thing they don’t offer is a USSD code for transactions.

In this detailed guide, I’ll provide an overview of Kuda’s robust mobile banking app, the key features and benefits it provides, and why Kuda has chosen not to offer USSD banking options.

How to Use Kuda Bank USSD Code

Overview of Kuda Bank’s Mobile App

Kuda’s flagship mobile banking app provides customers a full-service digital banking experience without the need to visit physical branches. Everything can be done directly within the app.

The app is available for download on both the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android. It only takes a few minutes to install and setup an account.

Some highlights of Kuda’s mobile banking features include:

  • Opening a full bank account digitally in minutes
  • Transfers to any Nigerian bank account or internationally
  • Utility bill payments like airtime, data, electricity, etc.
  • Debit card management including locking, limits and requests
  • Budgeting tools with spend tracking and savings goals
  • Access to quick, short-term loans and overdrafts
  • Integrated customer service via in-app messaging

By consolidating all banking activities into a simple, user-friendly app, Kuda provides convenience and flexibility to customers.

Benefits and Advantages of Kuda’s Mobile Banking Model

Kuda’s mobile-first approach delivers significant benefits to customers compared to traditional banking models. Key advantages include:


  • Bank anytime, anywhere directly from your phone. No branch visits needed.


  • Services like account opening take minutes, not days. Faster processing of requests.


  • Low fees, no minimum balance. Free debit card and transfers to other Kuda customers.


  • Real-time notifications on transactions. Instantly lock debit card if lost.


  • Intuitive interface focused on ease-of-use. Digital accessibility for all.

Customer Service

  • 24/7 support and feedback via in-app messaging and social media.

By optimizing processes and costs via mobile delivery, Kuda passes the benefits to customers in terms of convenience, control and affordability.

Why Kuda Bank Doesn’t Offer USSD Services

Given the benefits of mobile banking, Kuda has made a strategic decision not to offer USSD banking options. There are a few key reasons driving this:


Kuda wants to remain laser-focused on delivering an excellent mobile banking experience. Building out USSD capabilities would divert focus and resources away from their core app.

Target Market

Their target audience of younger, digital native customers have a clear preference for app-based banking over USSD.


Developing and maintaining a proprietary USSD infrastructure has high costs that Kuda instead channels into enhancements and features for its mobile apps.


Apps can utilize advanced security like biometrics which is harder with USSD codes. This results in lower fraud risk.

User Experience

Delivering their full suite of innovative digital banking products is easier within an app UI rather than a text-based USSD menu.

While some customers may prefer having USSD options, Kuda believes staying laser-focused on their highly-rated mobile app provides the best overall experience for their target demographic.

How to Use Kuda Bank USSD Code


In summary, Kuda Bank has made the strategic choice to provide a purely app-based banking model without any USSD service. Their robust and user-friendly mobile app allows customers full access to digital banking and financial services from the convenience of their smartphones.

This mobile-first strategy allows Kuda to focus on delivering an optimal user experience and suite of innovative digital banking tools for their target demographic, rather than spreading resources across multiple platforms. While some customers may desire USSD options, Kuda plans to continue enhancing their industry-leading mobile app as their core offering.

So for those looking for a fully-digital banking alternative to traditional players, Kuda’s mobile app provides that through its unique focus and execution on app-based financial services.


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