PalmPay Short Code For Transfer (PalmPay USSD Code)

How to Make Transfers on PalmPay

PalmPay aims to provide consumers across Africa with a fast, affordable, and convenient platform for sending or receiving money and making digital payments.

A common question that arises is whether PalmPay has a dedicated USSD code that allows quick in-app money transfers without requiring smartphone access or mobile data.

This detailed guide examines the capabilities and limitations around PalmPay USSD codes, the optimal ways to conduct transfers on their platform, and tips to enhance user experience.

PalmPay Short Code For Transfer

Accessing In-App Money Transfers

The primary method to send funds via PalmPay is by using the Android/iOS app.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install the PalmPay app on your phone. Complete the signup flow including KYC verification.
  2. When logged into your PalmPay account, locate and tap the “Transfer” module visible on the home screen.
  3. Choose whether you want to transfer funds to a saved beneficiary or a new recipient.
  4. For new transfers, select either:
    • Mobile Number: Enter phone number of recipient if they are registered on PalmPay.
    • Account Number: Input account details of the receiving bank account.
  5. Enter the transfer amount and remarks if any. Confirm beneficiary details.
  6. Pick your payment source:
    • PalmPay Wallet Balance
    • Linked Bank Account
    • Assigned Debit/Credit Card
  7. Review summary and enter your PalmPay PIN to authorize transaction.

Key Notes:

  • Recipients must have an existing PalmPay account for instant in-app transfers via mobile number.
  • Bank account transfers may take 1-3 working days depending on beneficiary bank.
  • Transfer fee is usually 0.5% – 2% of transaction value or fixed tier-based pricing.

For smooth transfers, ensure your PalmPay wallet is funded via bank linkages or card deposits beforehand.

Using USSD Codes for Money Transfers

PalmPay currently does not have a dedicated USSD shortcode exclusively for transfer features.

However, the common consumer-facing *657# code offers limited capabilities:

  1. Dial *657# on your registered mobile number.
  2. Enter your 6-digit MPIN when prompted.
  3. Select menu option “4” for Transfers.
  4. Choose transfer type:
  • To Bank Account
  • To PalmPay User
  • Airtime Purchase
  1. Input beneficiary details and transfer amount as prompted.
  2. Confirm details and authorise via MPIN.


  • Need active mobile data or WiFi during transaction flow.
  • Capped per-transaction amount (~$50).
  • No scheduling future transfers.
  • Can’t save beneficiary details.

So while helpful for urgent transfers if app access isn’t available, *657# has reduced scope.

Bank Transfers to PalmPay Accounts

You can leverage your regular bank’s transfer features to fund other PalmPay users or linked merchants:

  1. Log into your bank’s mobile app or net banking platform.
  2. Locate funds transfer option to register new beneficiary (if first use).
  3. Enter the beneficiary details:
    • Bank: PalmPay
    • Account Number: Their registered PalmPay wallet ID
  4. Authorize transfer through banks’s UPI PIN, OTP etc.

Confirmation may take 1-3 working days before reflecting in recipient PalmPay account.

Pro Tip: Set up PalmPay as registered biller on your bank platform for quicker future transfers.

Third-Party USSD Codes

Some Nigerian banks have introduced USSD codes allowing direct account-to-wallet transfers to PalmPay and other wallets.

For example, Access Bank users can dial *907# to transfer money instantly from their bank account to a PalmPay wallet without internet requirements.

The specific code format and capabilities can vary depending on your banking provider. Common options enable:

  • Instant transfers to PalmPay wallets
  • Cash withdrawals using PalmPay debit cards
  • Balance checks

Explore your bank’s mobile banking menu or website to uncover available periperal codes relevant to PalmPay.

Recommendations for Seamless Money Transfers

Here are some additional tips for smooth transfers:

  • Link Bank Account: Attach your bank account in PalmPay via account number and OTP for easier transfers either way.
  • Fund Wallet: Maintain sufficient balance in PalmPay wallet for instant transfers and payments without dependency on bank transfers.
  • Confirm Details: Double check recipient details before authorizing money transfers to avoid failed transactions or delays.
  • Learn Limitations: Verify PalmPay transfer limits per day/month based on profile KYC. Transfer approvals may be delayed beyond thresholds.

So while there are several ways to move money in or out of your PalmPay wallet, optimized usage patterns and account hygiene are vital for ensuring transaction success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional consumer queries related to PalmPay transfers:

What networks can I use PalmPay on?

PalmPay has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. The *657# USSD code works on all major mobile networks in Nigeria as long as you have data connectivity.

Can I transfer money to recipients in other African countries?

Yes, PalmPay allows cheap cross-border money transfers to registered users across supported countries. though currencies may differ. Confirm if recipient’s country is activated.

Is there a way to schedule future-dated transfers?

While you can’t schedule transfers via USSD, the PalmPay app offers the ability to preset one-time, daily, weekly or monthly transfers with custom start dates as per your needs.

How long do PalmPay to bank account transfers take?

Confirmation for PalmPay to bank account transfers usually happens within 1-3 working days based on beneficiary bank processing speed. Transfers to other PalmPay wallets are instant if recipient account is already KYC approved.

I hope this detailed guide gives you clarity on conducting both inbound and outbound money transfers in a quick and cost-efficient manner using PalmPay! Do reach out to their support channels for personalized assistance if any doubts persist.


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