How to Get a PalmPay Invitation Code

How to Get a PalmPay Invitation Code

As PalmPay aims to onboard millions of Africans to digital finance, the platform often runs referral campaigns offering rewards for bringing your friends or family.

A common incentive is PalmPay invitation codes that unlock signup bonuses for both existing and new users.

But how exactly can you get your hands on one of these coveted codes when you don’t already have a PalmPay account?

This step-by-step guide covers various creative tactics to claim referral codes and maximise the join benefits:

Obtain PalmPay Invitation Code

Ask an Existing PalmPay User

The most straightforward and guaranteed way is to directly request an invitation code from a current PalmPay user in your network:

  1. Reach out privately via call/message to any regular PalmPay users among your friends or family.
  2. Politely ask if they can share an unused referral code from their app’s “Invite Friends” section.
  3. The code structure typically follows a format like REFX7F62 comprising letters and numbers.
  4. Confirm if the code has any usage expiry or limits.
  5. Note down the code securely or ask them to transfer it directly through SMS/email.

Most users are happy to share codes as they also earn cash rewards upon your signup completion.

Tip: Offer to split the welcome bonus as a win-win incentive.

Find Codes on Social Media

PalmPay frequently runs giveaways and contests distributing codes on social media platforms:

  1. Follow PalmPay’s official profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  2. Look out for promotional posts, Stories or tweets announcing code distribution campaigns.
  3. The link or caption will outline steps to participate, often requiring simple actions like profile follows, photo uploads or hashtag challenges.
  4. Once you fulfil the conditions, you instantly unlock a code that can be copied or downloaded.

Pro Tip: Turn on notifications for PalmPay’s social profiles to never miss giveaway announcements.

Search Online Communities

Multiple online groups discuss financial applications where users help each other:

  1. Join Nigerian Fintech forums on Facebook, WhatsApp or ** Telegram**.
  2. Alternatively, subscribe to blogs or channels on YouTube, TikTok etc in your region.
  3. Scroll through recent discussions and use the search bar to find posts about PalmPay referrals.
  4. People often share extra codes or request them from others in the community.
  5. Politely ask anyone you see offering codes if they have a valid one to spare for use.

Tip: Contribute value to these groups through your own posts to build reciprocity.

Contact PalmPay Support

If all other methods fail, PalmPay’s dedicated helpers can assist:

  1. Inside the PalmPay app, go to your Profile > Help & Support.
  2. Click the option to launch a live chat with their support bot or agent.
  3. Ask if they have an invitation code you could use to avail the welcome offer benefits.
  4. Provide any relevant context and do mention if someone referred you but didn’t have a code to share directly.
  5. Support can issue digital or single-use codes if you have a reasonable request.

Tip: Always be polite and appreciative with support agents for best results.

Some users create and share PalmPay referral links rather than raw codes:

  1. Ask contacts who actively use PalmPay to check if they have a referral link available.
  2. Typically shared via WhatsApp/SMS/Email, these links route you to a customized signup page.
  3. When you join PalmPay using a person’s unique link, their referral code gets automatically applied.
  4. You become their downline referral, and both of you can claim rewards per company policy.

Tip: Users often advertise referral links on Twitter/Facebook if needed.

Explore Third-Party Coupon Apps

Dedicated apps and websites help discover referral codes:

  1. Install apps like CouponSuara or browse coupon sites like DealDrops and HotDeals.
  2. Search for PalmPay and look for exclusive referral codes on top of regular promo deals.
  3. Click “Show Code” or “Reveal” buttons to uncover hidden codes.
  4. Copy the code (typically 7-10 digits/letters) before it expires.
  5. Paste it during PalmPay signup when asked for a referral code.

Tip: Create alerts for when new PalmPay codes become available.

Check In-App Promotions Section

  1. Download and install the PalmPay mobile app from PlayStore or AppStore.
  2. During signup flow, you will see screens offering input fields for referral codes.
  3. If drawing blank, skip this step and complete your profile creation.
  4. Later, visit the app’s Promotions tab, often under Home or More pages.
  5. This aggregates all special referral codes, cashbacks and other incentives.
  6. See if any limited-time invitation code offers pop up for new users and tap to copy them.

So get hunting across these online and offline sources using the tips mentioned to grab a sweet PalmPay referral code. Maximise the signup delight!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional queries on invitation codes:

How many times can a code be used?

Most PalmPay invitation codes can only be used once successfully. First-come first-serve policy applies.

Where do I enter my referral code?

During PalmPay signup you will see a clearly highlighted spot to submit the referral code before account creation.

When do I get my signup bonus?

The referral bonus reflects in your PalmPay wallet within 72 hours once the refereed friend completes registration and minimum-activity criteria.

Couldn’t grab a code in time? No worries! Just open PalmPay and check the Promotions tab for the latest first-time user offers.



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