How to Use PalmPay Coupons to Save Money


Using coupons on the PalmPay app is an easy way to get discounts and save money on your transactions. With just a few taps, you can apply coupon codes and get immediate savings on airtime, data, bill payments, shopping vouchers, and more.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through locating available coupons on PalmPay, picking the right coupon for your transaction, smoothly applying them during checkout, and completing payment with the discounted amount.

Using PalmPay Coupons to Save Money


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Locating Your PalmPay Coupons

The first step to using coupons on PalmPay is finding where your available coupons are stored within the app. Here is how to locate them:

  • Open up the PalmPay app on your mobile device. This can be downloaded from your device’s app store for free.
  • Tap on the “Me” tab located on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • This will open up your PalmPay account page. Under the “My Rewards” section, you will see any coupons you have available.
  • The coupons listed here can include:
    • General coupons applicable to multiple transactions
    • Specific coupons earned through promotions
    • Referral coupons from inviting friends
  • Make sure to check this section periodically, as new coupons are added from time to time through special promotions or for loyal customers.
  • You can tap on each coupon to see its specific terms, validity period, and applicability before using them.

With this simple process, you can easily locate all your active PalmPay coupons before making transactions. Just remember to open the “Me” tab and look under “My Rewards”.

Choosing the Right Transaction for Your Coupons

Once you’ve located your available coupons, the next step is to pick a transaction where you can utilize them. Here are some tips on matching coupons to the right transactions:

  • Review coupon terms first – This will tell you if the coupon has any limitations on categories, minimum spend, etc.
  • Consider routine transactions – Your regular airtime and data purchases, utility or DSTV bills etc are good opportunities to use coupons.
  • Look for high-value transactions – Bigger transactions allow you to maximize coupon discounts, so consider expensive shopping vouchers.
  • Combine multiple coupons – Some coupons can be clubbed together for an even bigger discount.
  • Use expiring coupons – Be sure to use coupons before they expire to get the full value.

Once you’ve decided which transaction to use the coupon for, navigate to that section in the app:

  • Go to “Buy Airtime” for mobile recharges or data purchases
  • Tap on “Pay Bills” for your utility, DSTV, or other bills
  • Browse “Vouchers” for online/offline shopping and gift cards
  • Choose “Send Money” if transferring to a bank account

With your transaction selected, you’re all set to apply your PalmPay coupons!

Applying Coupons Seamlessly During Checkout

This is the most important part – using the coupon correctly during checkout to avail of the discount. Here are step-by-step instructions to apply PalmPay coupons:

1. Enter Transaction Details

  • First, enter all the necessary transaction details like mobile number, biller, amount etc.
  • Proceed to the payments page once all details are filled.

2. Locate the Coupons Section

  • On the payment confirmation/summary page, look for the “Coupons” section.
  • Sometimes this may be on an earlier page, depending on the transaction type.

3. Select Your Coupon

  • Tap on the “Coupons” section and select the coupon you want to apply from the list.
  • Coupons applicable to that transaction will be shown.
  • To apply multiple coupons, keep selecting them until the maximum limit is reached.

4. Confirm Discount

  • Once applied, the coupon discount will be reflected in the total transaction amount due.
  • Cross-check that the discount matches the coupon terms.
  • You’re now ready to complete the payment!

Tips for Smooth Coupon Application

  • Activate coupons before trying to apply them during a transaction.
  • Note the minimum cart value needed for coupon eligibility.
  • Check the expiry date to avoid errors.
  • Read error messages carefully if a coupon doesn’t apply and choose another.

Following these simple steps correctly will ensure you get the coupon discounts seamlessly when making payments on PalmPay.

Completing Payment for Transactions with Coupons

The final step is to complete the transaction with the reduced payment amount after your coupons are applied. Here is how to finish the process:

  • Review the order summary with discounts applied and confirm it is accurate.
  • Choose your preferred payment method – wallet balance, bank card, bank transfer etc.
  • Enter any PIN or OTP requested to authorize the payment.
  • Receive confirmation message on successful payment.
  • The discounted transaction is now complete!
  • Payment receipts are stored under “My Transactions” in your PalmPay account.
  • Used coupons are marked as such, so you know they have been redeemed.

Some tips for smooth payments:

  • Ensure you have enough balance/credit if using a PalmPay wallet or bank card.
  • Have account details handy if selecting a bank transfer option.
  • Use touch or face ID for faster payments.
  • Save cards/accounts for future one-click payments.

With the payment done, you can sit back and enjoy the savings from stacking discounts and using PalmPay coupons!

FAQ on Using PalmPay Coupons

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about locating, applying and managing PalmPay coupons:

Where do I find my PalmPay coupons?

All your available coupons are located in the “My Rewards” section under the “Me” tab in your PalmPay app.

Can I use multiple coupons at once?

Yes, you can generally apply several coupons on one transaction as long as you don’t exceed the maximum discount limit stated in the coupon terms.

Do coupons have an expiry date?

Yes, all PalmPay coupons are valid only for a specific time period, so make sure to use them before they expire.

What transactions can I use coupons for?

Coupons can be applied to payments like airtime, data, bills, shopping vouchers and even money transfers depending on the coupon terms.

Can I get coupons without referrals?

Yes, PalmPay provides general coupons to all users from time to time. You can also earn coupons through promotions without referrals.

How do I ensure my coupons are applied properly?

Check that the discount shows on the order summary before completing payment to ensure your coupons have been applied.

What happens if I have issues using a coupon?

Contact PalmPay customer support through email or in-app chat if you face any issues in applying coupons during transactions.

How do I keep track of coupons I’ve used?

You can check your transaction history in your PalmPay account. Used coupons will be marked as “Expired” under your rewards.

Using available PalmPay coupons is a breeze with this comprehensive guide. Follow the steps outlined above to locate coupons, use them on suitable transactions, apply them seamlessly during checkout, and complete discounted payments easily. Coupons are a great way to save money on your everyday mobile and utility bills, online shopping and more with PalmPay!


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