How to Convert Airtime to Cash: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Easily Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria

In Nigeria, converting unused mobile phone airtime into cash is a common practice. With multiple services now available, both online and offline, airtime to cash conversions provide an easy way to liquidate airtime and get naira you can withdraw or spend.

This detailed guide covers the top options for converting airtime to cash seamlessly. We will look at popular online platforms, mobile money apps, informal channels and important factors when selecting a service.

How to Convert Airtime to Cash


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Overview of Airtime to Cash Services

The airtime to cash market has boomed in Nigeria in recent years. Here are the main categories of services available:

Online Platforms – These digital services allow you to create an account, input your airtime amount, send it to their number, and receive converted cash instantly to your wallet for withdrawal.

Mobile Money Apps – Some mobile operators like MTN and Airtel allow airtime cash out directly within their mobile money apps at favorable rates.

Informal Channels – Small businesses and individuals in your locality may exchange airtime for cash instantly at discounted rates. Useful in a pinch.

Now let’s look at the top options in each category in more detail.

Top Online Platforms for Airtime to Cash

For convenient online conversions, here are the most widely used and trusted platforms:

1. Prestmit

Prestmit is one of the largest airtime to cash platforms in Nigeria with over 1 million users. Their registration and verification process is quick and easy.

To convert, simply create and fund your Prestmit wallet by sending airtime to their provided number. You can then withdraw the cash directly to your bank account.

Their rates are quite competitive, providing up to 92% of airtime value sent. They also have options for recharge card swaps between networks.

2. Glover

Glover supports airtime to cash exchanges for all major networks in Nigeria. Their service is fast, with cash sent to your account within minutes in many cases.

After creating your account, choose the airtime to cash option and follow the instructions to send your airtime and receive converted funds.

Glover also offers high conversion rates up to 95% for large transaction amounts.

3. Recharge2Cash

This newer platform makes it easy to convert airtime to cash right from your mobile phone using their Android/iOS apps.

Through the app, input your airtime amount, confirm details, send to their provided number, and receive your converted cash instantly in your Recharge2Cash wallet for withdrawal.

For convenience, it’s one of the few real-time airtime monetization apps available.

4. Cheetahpay

Cheetahpay is another established option trusted by over 800,000 users in Nigeria. They offer “Quick Cash” instant conversions along with great rates.

Beyond airtime, CheetahPay also provides data plans, cable TV subscriptions, flight bookings, and other digital services.

Their service is fast and intuitive for one-time users or regular customers.

5. Zoranga

Zoranga markets itself as the “first intelligent airtime exchange in Africa”. Along with great rates and instant conversion, they also utilize AI to detect fraudulent transactions.

In addition to the consumer platform, Zoranga also serves corporate clients with bulk airtime monetization solutions.

Their layered security systems provide peace of mind when using the service.

As you can see, there are great online options for secure and hassle-free airtime conversions.

How to Convert Airtime via Mobile Money Apps

If you use mobile money services from operators like MTN and Airtel, you may also be able to convert airtime to cash directly within their apps:

MTN MoMo – MTN’s MoMo app allows users to cash out airtime at excellent rates. Just load airtime, select “Airtime to Cash” in the app, enter amount, and confirm to cash out instantly.

Airtel Money – Airtel Nigeria also offers airtime to cash conversions within their Airtel Money app. Rates are competitive and transfers are real-time. Enable the “Airtime to Cash” option and follow the prompts.

9Mobile Morecash – 9Mobile’s Morecash users can similarly convert airtime to e-wallet cash instantly. Cashed out funds can then be spent within the app or withdrawn.

Glo Café – Glo Café has an Airtime to Cash feature built into the mobile money app. Load airtime, navigate to the A2C option, input amount, send to provided number, and get your cash.

Check your specific operator’s app for details on airtime to cash capabilities, fees, limits and instructions.

How to Convert Airtime via Informal Channels

For instant local conversions, consider these informal options:

Local Vendors – Many small phone shops and accessory vendors purchase airtime vouchers and top-up at discounted rates for resale to their customers.

Peer-to-peer Exchange – Individual buyers often post requests to exchange airtime for cash on social media groups, listing their preferred amounts and rates.

OTC Trading – Some forex trading outlets and fintech agencies also buy and sell airtime vouchers as an auxiliary service.

While informal channels provide convenience, it’s advisable only to deal with trusted retailers or traders with positive reputations when using informal channels. Ensure you receive naira immediately at the agreed rates.

Key Factors When Choosing an Airtime to Cash Service

Here are important considerations when selecting a platform or channel for converting airtime to cash:

Rates/Fees – Compare the percentage of airtime value you receive across different platforms and channels. Fees vary.

Speed – Some services process conversions instantly while others may take hours or days to cash out.

Limits – Check minimum and maximum airtime amounts the provider supports for conversion.

Wallet/Withdrawals – See what cashout methods are available – bank transfer, wallet, mobile money, etc.

Convenience – Consider registration needs, verification, and overall ease of use.

Security – Ensure robust security provisions like OTPs, encryption, fraud monitoring.

Reliability – Read reviews and feedback from previous users and make sure the platform is reputable.

By evaluating these key aspects, you can determine the optimal airtime to cash solution that meets your requirements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Converting Airtime Online

Here is a simple walkthrough for converting airtime via a typical online platform:

  1. Signup – Create a free account by entering your basic personal and contact details.
  2. Verify Identity – Confirm your identity by submitting required documentation. Improves cashout limits.
  3. Fund Wallet – Purchase airtime or use existing airtime to fund your wallet by sending to provided number.
  4. Convert – Choose amount of airtime to convert and send to displayed number. Follow prompts.
  5. Receive Cash – Converted naira reflecting exchanged amount (less fees) immediately enters your wallet.
  6. Withdraw – Withdraw cash from wallet to bank account through bank transfer or other available cashout channels.

And that’s it! By following these key steps, you can easily monetize unwanted airtime through the click of a button.

Pro Tips for Converting Airtime

Utilize these pro tips when exchanging airtime for cash:

  • Compare rates across multiple platforms to get the best deal.
  • Use up smaller airtime amounts first before converting larger balances for efficiency.
  • Transfer airtime online instantly instead of using vouchers to avoid delays.
  • Verify your identity fully to increase exchange limits and prevent restrictions.
  • Transfer cash from wallet to bank account regularly for usability and security.
  • Monitor exchange rate fluctuations which may impact the cash value you receive.
  • Set cash withdrawal notifications to avoid forgetting convert airtime or leaving excess balances.
  • Beware of scam platforms and channels – only use trusted airtime to cash services.


Converting excess or unused airtime back into cash is easy and convenient across numerous platforms, mobile money apps and informal channels in Nigeria.

Leading options like Prestmit and Glover make it seamless to exchange airtime for naira digitally in real-time. Alternatively, mobile operators are increasingly allowing airtime conversions within their own mobile money apps. For in-person exchanges, retailers and traders may also purchase airtime at discounted rates.

To get the optimal experience, compare features like exchange rates, limits, verification needs, withdrawal methods and security provisions before choosing your preferred airtime to cash service.

Withdrawing and spending your converted airtime cash is much more useful than letting it expire! With this guide, you can now easily turn airtime to cash as needed


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