Ussd Code For Ecobank: Accessing Services Easily

The Ecobank USSD Code: A Convenient Way to Manage Your Finances on Any Phone

The *326# USSD code is one of the most useful tools offered by Ecobank for managing your finances on the go. With this simple code, you can instantly access a wide range of banking services directly on your mobile phone – no smartphone required!

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the *326# USSD code, including how to use it, the many features available, requirements for access, and helpful tips for getting started. Whether you have a simple feature phone or the latest smartphone, read on to learn how this code can revolutionize the way you bank.

Ussd Code For Ecobank


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What is USSD and How Does it Work?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a protocol used by mobile networks to communicate with the bank’s computers and provide banking services to customers.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • You dial the USSD code on your phone (for Ecobank, this is *326#)
  • This code connects you directly to Ecobank’s systems.
  • You interact with a text-based menu to select services and enter information.
  • The bank’s computers process your requests and provide real-time responses.
  • The entire session happens without the need for mobile data or internet access.

So in a nutshell, USSD allows you to access banking services using basic text messaging that works on any type of mobile phone. No smartphone or mobile data required!

The *326# USSD Code for Ecobank

The specific USSD code for Ecobank Mobile is *326#.

This short and simple code acts as your gateway to conveniently manage your Ecobank accounts directly from your phone.

To use it, simply dial *326# on your phone like you would dial any other number. You’ll quickly be prompted with a text menu where you can select from various services.

The *326# code works on all mobile networks in countries where Ecobank operates. And the best part is that it works on any type of phone – regular feature phones, smartphones, or anything in between.

As long as you have a mobile signal, you can use *326# to access Ecobank’s banking services on the go. No mobile internet or data required!

Services Available Through the *326# Code

Now that you know how to use the *326# USSD code, you’re probably wondering – what can you actually do with it?

Well, quite a lot! Here are some of the most useful services accessible through the *326# menu:

Check Account Balance

One of the most common uses for *326# is to promptly check your account balance. No need to log into mobile banking or visit an ATM – just dial the code and select “Check Balance” from the menu.

You’ll be able to view the balances of all your Ecobank accounts, including savings accounts, current accounts, investment accounts and more. It’s the quickest way to stay on top of your finances on the go.

Airtime and Data Top-Up

Easily top up your mobile airtime and data in seconds using *326#. No more standing in line at the store or searching for top-up vouchers.

Just select the “Airtime/Data” option, choose your mobile network, enter your phone number, and make payment directly from your bank account. Your airtime or data balance will instantly be topped up.

Person-to-Person Transfers

Send and receive money from other Ecobank customers right from the *326# menu. No need to exchange account details – you can initiate transfers using just the recipient’s mobile number.

It’s a fast and convenient way to pay friends, family, employees, and business contacts. You’ll get instant notification when the transfer is completed.

Bill Payments

Skip the queue and pay your bills instantly with *326#. Electricity, DSTV, internet, water – you can pay them all and more in seconds.

Just select “Bill Payment” and choose the applicable biller. Enter your account or meter number, review the amount, and authorize payment from your account. No hassles, no paperwork.

Open an Account

You can even open a new Ecobank account directly through the *326# menu. Select the “Open Account” option and follow the prompts to open a new savings, current, or fixed deposit account with Ecobank.

It only takes a few minutes to get your new account number and start transacting. You can fund the account, set up your PIN and get account alerts immediately.

Many Other Services

There are tens of other useful features available through the *326# USSD code, like:

  • Blocking your ATM/debit card if lost or stolen
  • Checking forex rates
  • Reviewing the last 5 transactions
  • Viewing account statements
  • Applying for loans and overdrafts
  • Locating the nearest ATM or Ecobank branch
  • …and much more!

Essentially, *326# gives you instant access to almost every service you would normally conduct at an Ecobank branch. All managed directly from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Requirements for Using the *326# Code

To start enjoying the many benefits of Ecobank’s USSD banking, there are a couple requirements to be aware of:

  • Ecobank Account – You need to have at least one valid account with Ecobank. This can be a savings, current, credit, or any other personal account.
  • Registered Phone Number – Your mobile number must be registered with your Ecobank accounts. Stop by your local branch to register your number.
  • PIN Code – You’ll need a 6-digit PIN code to authenticate your identity and authorize transactions via USSD. If you don’t have a PIN, request one by calling the bank.
  • Mobile Signal – Since it uses SMS technology, you’ll need a clear mobile network signal for the *326# menu to load. No wifi or mobile data is required though.

As long as you meet the above requirements, you’re good to start enjoying seamless mobile banking with *326#. Reach out to Ecobank if you need any assistance with registering your number, setting up your PIN, or troubleshooting any access issues.

Tips for Using *326#

Here are some handy tips to get the most value from Ecobank’s USSD banking channel:

  • Have your account number, PIN code, and recipient details handy before initiating transactions. This speeds up the process.
  • Review latest transactions frequently to watch for any unauthorized activity. The *326# menu makes this easy.
  • Set transaction, daily, and monthly limits on your account for extra security. USSD transactions are subject to these limits.
  • Dial *326# in a quiet location to avoid errors. The text-based system relies on accurate input.
  • Call your local Ecobank branch if you get locked out after entering incorrect PINs. They can assist with unlocking.
  • Save the *326# code on your phone for quick access at any time. Add it to your speed dial too!
  • Use *326# to check balances and transactions even if you actively use the mobile app. It’s a good backup.
  • Ask friends and family if their bank has a similar USSD code. It’s a convenient way to exchange money.

With these tips, you can master Ecobank’s *326# USSD channel in no time. Quick, convenient mobile banking is at your fingertips!


The *326# USSD code provides an incredibly useful and accessible way to manage your Ecobank accounts directly from any type of mobile phone. If you want to check your balance, top up airtime, transfer money or conduct many other transactions on the fly, all you need to remember is *326#.

With mobile coverage expanding across Africa, USSD brings essential financial services to millions of underbanked citizens. It allows them to enjoy the perks of modern banking without needing internet access or expensive smartphones.

So whether you have a simple Nokia phone or the latest iPhone, plug *326# into your contacts. With this shortcut, the power of Ecobank is in the palm of your hand 24/7. Convenient, fast and secure mobile banking is just a few taps away. Dial away!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the *326# USSD code:

What phones can I use *326# on?

You can use *326# on any type of mobile phone, from basic feature phones to smart devices. As long as your phone can make calls and send texts, it will work.

Do I need mobile data or internet to use it?

No. The *326# USSD code uses your standard voice and text network. No mobile internet or data required.

Is it secure to bank via USSD?

Yes, USSD banking is very secure. Sessions are encrypted, information is not stored on your phone, and transactions require your PIN. Follow security best practices for optimal safety.

What happens if I enter the wrong PIN multiple times?

If you enter incorrect PINs multiple times, your access to *326# will be blocked. Call your Ecobank branch to unlock it. Always enter your PIN carefully to avoid errors.

Can I use *326# on international trips?

No, *326# USSD access is restricted to your home country mobile networks. For international travel, use the Ecobank mobile app for banking access.

Are there any fees for using *326#?

Ecobank does not charge any fees specifically for using the *326# service. Standard costs like transfer fees, withdrawal fees, etc still apply. Check with your local branch for applicable fees.

What are the transaction limits for *326# banking?

Transaction limits are set by your Ecobank account package. There may be daily or monthly caps on transfers, withdrawals, purchases and more. These limits apply to *326# usage as well.

My *326# menu is not loading. What should I do?

If you are unable to access the *326# menu, first check that you have mobile signal/coverage. Also confirm your number is registered with Ecobank. If issues persist, visit your nearest branch for troubleshooting.

Can I update my phone number via *326#?

No, you cannot update your registered mobile number via the *326# service. To update your number, you have to personally visit your Ecobank branch with valid ID documents. This is for security purposes.

How do I block my ATM card using *326#?

From the main menu, select “Block ATM Card”. Enter your account number and PIN to confirm. Your ATM card will instantly be blocked from withdrawals and transactions.

Can I receive customer support via *326#?

No, the *326# service does not offer direct customer support. For assistance, call your Ecobank branch or contact customer care through the website or mobile app.


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