Postal Code For Kano State

Finding Your Postal Code in Kano State, Nigeria

Kano State, located in northern Nigeria, is the most populous state in the country with over 13 million residents. Given its large size and population, Kano doesn’t have a single postal code covering the entire state. Instead, each of the 44 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Kano has its own unique postal codes assigned to specific districts, wards, towns and villages.

Knowing the correct postal code for your location is essential for receiving mail and packages efficiently. The postal code helps sort and route mail within Nigeria’s postal system. This article provides an overview of Kano State’s postal system and resources to help you find the specific postal code for your address.

Postal Code For Kano State


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How Postal Codes Work in Nigeria

Nigeria introduced postal codes in the 1990s to improve mail sorting and delivery across the country. Postal codes are numeric, six digits long, structured as follows:

  • The first digit represents the geographical region of the state. For Kano, the first digit is 7.
  • The second and third digits represent the LGA. Each LGA is assigned a unique number.
  • The fourth and fifth digits represent the district, ward or village.
  • The sixth digit is reserved for future use and is often recorded as 0.

For example, a postal code beginning with 770 indicates the LGA is Gwale. The third and fourth digits then specify the district, ward or village within Gwale LGA.

When writing a postal address in Nigeria, the postal code should come after the city/town and before the state:Copy code

Recipient Name Street Address / PO Box City / Town + Postal Code State

Why Postal Codes Matter

Having the correct postal code for your address enables:

  • Faster delivery – Postal codes allow mail to be sorted efficiently to the correct delivery post office.
  • Accurate routing – Postal workers can determine the proper routing and transport to get mail to the right postal codes.
  • Reduced errors – Postal codes decrease the risk of mail being sent to the wrong address.
  • Door-to-door delivery – In some areas, postal workers use the codes to deliver directly to homes and businesses.
  • Online shopping – Postal codes help online retailers calculate shipping costs and delivery times.

Without a postal code, mail may experience significant delays or even get returned as undeliverable. It’s essential to include your accurate code when sending and receiving items.

Resources to Find Your Postal Code in Kano

There are a few handy online resources to help you identify the postal code for your specific address in Kano State:

Browse by Location on allows you to browse postal codes by state, LGA, and neighborhood.

To use it:

  1. Select “Kano” as the state.
  2. Choose your LGA from the list.
  3. Optionally, select a city/town within the LGA to narrow down codes.
  4. Browse through the list of postal codes for that area.

This gives you an easy way to identify the code for your vicinity. You can then refine further based on your specific street or neighborhood.

Search Postal Code Database on also offers a postal code search option.

To use it:

  1. Enter your state, LGA, and town/city in the search fields.
  2. Select “Search Nigeria”
  3. Find the correct code for your address in the list of results.

This is useful when you know the area but need to find the specific postal code assigned to it.

Nigeria Postal Service Postcode Finder

The Nigerian Postal Service website has a postal code finder tool.

To use it:

  1. Select your state from the dropdown list.
  2. Select your LGA.
  3. Optionally enter a place name, though results are limited.
  4. Search to view postal codes for that LGA.

This tool provides a simple way to get a list of codes for each LGA. However, it doesn’t include neighborhood results.

View Comprehensive LGA Lists

Since postal codes are assigned by LGA first, reviewing a full list for your LGA can be helpful.

The Postcode Nigeria website has compiled exhaustive LGA and postal code lists for the entire country.

To use it:

  1. Click on your state in the map.
  2. Select your LGA from the list.
  3. Browse the extensive list of districts and neighborhoods with postal codes.
  4. Identify the code for your specific area.

This complete LGA list allows you to match your location directly to the assigned postal code.

Tips for Finding Your Postal Code

Here are some additional tips when trying to identify your postal code:

  • Know your LGA – This is the key starting point for finding the postal code.
  • Identify your neighborhood – The district, ward or village name within your LGA determines the code.
  • Ask locals – Neighbors and postal workers may know postal codes for your area.
  • Search online directories – Various sites compile Nigeria postal codes though information may differ.
  • Validate the code – Double check any code you find using multiple sources.
  • Update contacts – Inform senders if your postal code changes to ensure you receive mail properly.

Kano State Postal Codes by LGA

Below is a table summarizing the postal codes allocated to each LGA in Kano State:

LGAPostal Codes
Ajingi703001 – 703120
Albasu701021 – 701150
Bagwai704001 – 704120
Bebeji706001 – 706080
Bichi703121 – 703250
Bunkure701151 – 701270
Dala702000 – 702070
Dambatta746001 – 746070
Dawakin Kudu701001 – 701020
Dawakin Tofa711001 – 711070
Doguwa737001 – 737080
Fagge700001 – 700070
Gabasawa705001 – 705080
Garko707001 – 707080
Garum Mallam708001 – 708080
Gaya737081 – 737200
Gezawa709001 – 709080
Gwale701271 – 701400
Gwarzo711001 – 711070
Kabo705001 – 705080
Kano Municipal700001 – 700070
Karaye714001 – 714080
Kibiya737201 – 737320
Kiru715001 – 715080
Kumbotso702001 – 702070
Kunchi716001 – 716080
Kura717001 – 717080
Madobi718001 – 718080
Makoda731001 – 731080
Minjibir706001 – 706080
Nasarawa719001 – 719080
Rano7202001 – 7202080
Rimin Gado721001 – 721080
Rogo722001 – 722080
Shanono737321 – 737400
Sumaila723001 – 723080
Takali704081 – 704200
Tarauni724001 – 724080
Tofa725001 – 725080
Tsanyawa726001 – 726080
Tudun Wada727001 – 727080
Ungogo728001 – 728070
Warawa729001 – 729080
Wudil730001 – 730080
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some common questions about finding postal codes in Kano:

Q: Do I need to know my postal code to send mail from Kano?

A: Yes, you should provide the postal code for your return address when sending mail from Kano. This allows the postal service to route any replies back to you correctly.

Q: I’m moving to a new area in Kano. How do I get the postal code for my new address?

A: When moving within Kano, lookup the postal code for your new neighborhood using the resources mentioned in this article. You can ask the property owner or neighbors to confirm the code. Also inform contacts of your new postal code.

Q: How can I determine my postal code if I live in a rural village in Kano?

A: Check which LGA your village falls under. Then browse the postal code list for that LGA to find the code assigned to your village or nearby town. The local post office may also know the code.

Q: Do I need to include my postal code when sending mail within Kano?

A: Yes, postal codes are recommended even for mail sent within the same state. The codes allow faster sorting and delivery to the recipient’s address.

Q: I can’t find my exact address postal code online. What should I do?

A: If online resources don’t have your exact street or neighborhood, check the postal code for the surrounding area within your LGA. Or visit your local post office where staff can provide the correct code.

Q: How do I know if a Kano postal code I found online is accurate?

A: Validate any code against multiple sources or directories. Cross-check against the official postal service website or verify directly with your local post office.

Q: Do postal codes ever change in Kano?

A: Postal codes are generally stable over time. However, codes may be added, modified or redirected as new districts and delivery routes evolve. Check for updates occasionally.

Q: Is the postal code the same as my ZIP code in Kano?

A: No, ZIP codes are a system used in the United States. Nigeria uses a 6-digit postal code system that is different than ZIP codes.

I hope this overview gives you a better understanding of how to find your correct postal code in Kano State.


Determining the correct postal code is a key requirement for efficient postal services in Kano State. While the state does not have a single postal code, resources like post office locators, location search tools, and postal code databases make it relatively simple to find the specific code for your LGA, district or neighborhood. Postal workers can also help assign codes for newer areas. Using the right up-to-date 6-digit code ensures speedy and reliable mail delivery across this vast state.


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