How To Check My Airtel Number Through SMS: Quick Guide

How to Check Your Airtel Mobile Number in Nigeria

Finding out your Airtel mobile number used to be as simple as sending an SMS. Unfortunately, Airtel in Nigeria has recently discontinued the ability to check your number by texting “MYNO” to 121. This convenient method is no longer functional.

But don’t worry – there are still a few easy ways to look up your Airtel number if you’ve forgotten it or need to confirm it. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best methods to check your Airtel mobile number quickly and easily.

How To Check My Airtel Number Through SMS


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Overview of Discontinued Airtel Number Check Method

Until recently, Airtel Nigeria had an SMS code that allowed customers to instantly get their mobile number. Here’s how it worked:

  • Simply send an SMS saying “MYNO” to 121 from your Airtel number.
  • Within seconds, you’d receive an automated response text containing your 10-digit Airtel mobile number.

This was a handy way to retrieve your number, especially if you had forgotten it or needed to confirm it before sharing with someone. Unfortunately, Airtel has discontinued this service and no longer replies to “MYNO” texts sent to 121.

The reason behind this change is unclear, but it’s likely due to updated policies or procedures at Airtel Nigeria. Other mobile networks like MTN and 9mobile still offer a similar SMS-based number check, but Airtel opted to remove this capability for unknown reasons.

Why the Airtel MYNO Method No Longer Works

When you text “MYNO” to 121 now, here’s what happens:

  • The message will go through without any error or bounceback.
  • But you won’t receive an automated response with your Airtel number.
  • The request seems to go into a void without triggering any reply from Airtel.
  • This occurs regardless of the Airtel mobile number you’re texting from.

So unfortunately, the MYNO method is obsolete and no longer functional for Airtel Nigeria customers. While it was convenient, this number check option is discontinued and unavailable.

Attempting Other Codes Like 1213#

Apart from “MYNO”, Airtel also used to have a USSD code 1213# that could be dialed to check your number. However, this method is also discontinued and no longer works.

When you dial 1213# now, one of two things will happen:

  • You’ll get an error message saying this code is not supported.
  • The request will go through but you won’t receive any response with your number.

Either way, it’s clear Airtel has removed the functionality of this USSD code and it cannot be relied upon anymore to check your number.

Unfortunately, 1213# joins MYNO as an obsolete way to look up your Airtel mobile number in Nigeria now. This leaves us with just a couple working methods, which we’ll explore next.

Method 1: Use the USSD Code *282# to Check Your Number

Though MYNO and 1213# no longer work, Airtel still has one functioning USSD code that can be used to retrieve your mobile number.

Here is how to check your Airtel number using USSD:

Step 1: Dial *282# on Your Airtel Phone

  • Open the phone dialer on your Airtel mobile phone
  • Type in *282#
  • Hit the call button to initiate the USSD session

Step 2: Follow USSD Prompts

  • After dialing the code, you’ll enter into Airtel’s USSD menu
  • You may need to select your preferred language if prompted
  • Select option 1 or say “My Number” if asked what service you need

Step 3: Get SMS with Your Airtel Number

  • Within a few seconds, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS from Airtel
  • This automated text will contain your 10-digit Airtel mobile number
  • Just like that, you’ve used USSD to check and retrieve your number!

The *282# method has remained reliably functional, even after MYNO and 1213# were discontinued. As long as you have access to the Airtel phone whose number you need, just dial *282# and note the number sent back in the confirmation message.

Tips for Using *282# USSD Code

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when using the Airtel *282# USSD method:

  • Has sufficient airtime balance – Your Airtel SIM should have some airtime balance for this USSD request to go through.
  • Generates an SMS response – You’ll receive an automated SMS reply from Airtel within seconds containing your mobile number.
  • Works on all Airtel lines – It doesn’t matter if your Airtel line is prepaid, postpaid, 4G, corporate, etc. *282# will work.
  • Can be used anywhere – Since it’s USSD based, it will work regardless of location as long as there’s network.
  • No internet required – This is a standard GSM feature that doesn’t need mobile data or WiFi to function.

So if you have your Airtel SIM card inserted in a phone, just dial *282# and note down the number sent back to easily check your Airtel mobile number.

Method 2: Check Your Number via the Airtel Thanks App

The Airtel Thanks app is a handy smartphone app by Airtel Nigeria that lets customers manage their Airtel account, recharge credits, and access a variety of other services. Along with its many features, it can also be used to check your Airtel mobile number easily.

Here is how to find your Airtel number using the Airtel Thanks app:

Step 1: Download and Install the App

  • On your Android or iOS smartphone, open the Play Store or App Store
  • Search for “Airtel Thanks” and download the official app
  • Open the installer and follow prompts to install the app

Step 2: Open the App and Log In

  • Launch the Airtel Thanks app on your phone
  • If you haven’t registered yet, input your Airtel number and verify with an OTP
  • If already registered, log in with your credentials

Step 3: Check your Number on the Home Screen

  • Once opened, the app will display your registered Airtel mobile number prominently
  • You can find it front and center on the Home tab of the app
  • This makes it easy to check and confirm your Airtel number!

The Airtel Thanks app joins *282# USSD as one of the few reliably working methods to check your Airtel number today. As long as you have the app installed and can log in, your 10-digit mobile number will be visible right on the home screen.

Tips for Using the Airtel Thanks App

Here are some useful pointers to keep in mind when using the Airtel Thanks app to check your number:

  • Only works on smartphone – You’ll need an Android or iOS phone to download and use the app.
  • Data connection required – You need an active mobile data or WiFi connection for the app to work.
  • Log in required – Your number will only be visible after logging into the app with your Airtel credentials.
  • Also shows 4G status – The home page will also indicate if your line is currently on 4G in addition to showing your number.
  • Other app features – You can also recharge, check balance, find plans, and more using the Airtel Thanks app.

So the Airtel Thanks mobile app provides an easy way to check your Airtel number, as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection. Just log in to see your 10-digit mobile number prominently displayed.

Method 3: Call Airtel Customer Care to Retrieve Your Number

If for some reason you aren’t able to use either USSD or the Airtel Thanks app, there is one more way to find your Airtel mobile number – calling customer care.

Here are the steps to check your Airtel number using customer care support:

Step 1: Dial 121 from Your Airtel Number

  • From the Airtel phone whose number you need, dial 121
  • This will connect you to the Airtel Nigeria customer care helpline

Step 2: Navigate IVR and Select Representative

  • Follow IVR prompts to select your language preference
  • Choose the option to speak to a customer care agent/representative
  • You may need to wait on hold until someone becomes available

Step 3: Verify Identity and Retrieve Number

  • When an agent answers, explain you need to retrieve your mobile number
  • They will ask some questions to verify your identity
  • Once verified, the agent can provide your registered Airtel mobile number
  • Make sure to note it down once they share it with you

Calling Airtel customer care though not as fast as the previous methods, calling Airtel customer care at 121 provides a reliable way to check your number if you’re willing to wait on hold and verify your identity. This option works as a backup if you’re unable to use USSD or the Airtel Thanks app for any reason.

Here are some tips for using the customer care method effectively:

  • May need to wait for agent – Expect longer waits during peak hours as customer care may be busy.
  • Questions verify identity – Agents will ask for personal details like your name, address, and NIN to confirm your identity.
  • Explaining your issue is key – Let the agent know right away you only need them to check and share your registered Airtel number.
  • Can be used from any phone – You can call from your Airtel number or any other phone as long as you can answer identity questions.
  • Agents may upsell – Be prepared to politely decline any upsell attempts for new plans, additional services etc.

So while slower and less direct, calling Airtel customer care at 121 gives you a way to look up your number, if you don’t mind waiting and answering a few verification questions to confirm your identity.


In summary, while Airtel has discontinued its MYNO SMS and 1213# USSD number check facilities, you still have a couple reliable options to find your Airtel mobile number in Nigeria:

  • *Use 282# USSD code – Dial *282# on your Airtel phone and note the number sent back via SMS.
  • Check the Airtel Thanks app – Download, register and login to see your number displayed prominently.
  • Call 121 customer care – Explain your issue and verify ID for an agent to share your number.

So keep these alternative methods in mind next time you need to confirm your Airtel mobile number and don’t have it readily available. With USSD, the Airtel app, or customer support, you can easily look up your Airtel number and retrieve it within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does MYNO to 121 no longer work?

Unfortunately, Airtel has discontinued its MYNO SMS number check service and no longer responds when you text MYNO to 121. The reason behind this is unclear, but the method is now obsolete.

Can I still use 1213# to check my Airtel number?

No, the 1213# USSD code has also been discontinued by Airtel and will no longer retrieve your number. Only *282# still works for USSD number check with Airtel.

Do I need data to check my number via Airtel Thanks?

Yes, you need an active mobile data connection or WiFi to use the Airtel Thanks app and check your number through it. It cannot work without internet access.

What if I don’t have my phone – can I still get my Airtel number?

If you call 121 from any other phone and verify your identity, customer care can share your registered Airtel mobile number with you over a call.

Why does Airtel need to verify details before sharing my number?

For privacy and security reasons, Airtel agents need to verify your identity by asking for personal details before sharing confidential account information like your mobile number.


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