Postcode For Owerri Imo State

Understanding Owerri Postcodes and How to Find the Right One

Owerri, the capital of Imo State in southeastern Nigeria, is a vibrant city known for its cultural sites, markets, and nightlife. With an estimated population of over 500,000, Owerri comprises three main local government areas – Owerri Municipal, Owerri North, and Owerri West.

Unlike other major Nigerian cities like Lagos or Abuja that utilize a single postcode system, Owerri utilizes several postcodes corresponding to different areas and districts within the city. This can understandably cause confusion for first-time senders unfamiliar with the local postal system.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Owerri postcodes – from how they work, popular postal districts, and tips for looking up the correct postcode for your intended recipient.

Postcode For Owerri Imo State


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How Owerri Postcodes Work

Owerri postal codes consist of a 6-digit numeric code specific to each local district or neighborhood.

For example:

  • 460211 is the postcode for Federal Housing Estate in New Owerri
  • 460061 is the postcode for Imo State University in Owerri West

Unlike other major cities, Owerri does not have a central postcode that covers the entire municipality. Areas that are in close proximity or part of the same neighborhood may share a postcode.

Postcodes starting with 461, 462, and 463 belong to the Owerri Municipal LGA.

Postcodes starting with 460 belong to Owerri North LGA.

Postcodes starting with 464 belong to Owerri West LGA.

When mailing items to Owerri, it is essential to use the correct 6-digit postcode to avoid delivery delays or returns. Using only the main Owerri city name is insufficient and will likely result in misrouting.

Main Postal Districts and Areas in Owerri

Below are some of the major postal districts and neighborhoods in Owerri along with their corresponding postcodes:

Owerri Municipal

  • New Owerri: New Owerri is the commercial and administrative hub of Owerri city. It houses key landmarks like the Imo State Government House, Concorde Hotel, and more. Postcodes include 461104, 461001, 461002, 461003
  • Umuguma: A residential suburb located near the Owerri City School. Postcode 461106.
  • Ikenegbu: 461109 is the postcode for central Ikenegbu and the Ikenegbu Extension Layout.
  • World Bank: This area encompasses the Umuguma Housing Estate and Federal Medical Center Owerri. Postcode 461111.

Owerri North

  • Okigwe Road: Major road connecting Owerri with the town of Okigwe. Postcode 460065.
  • Imo State University: Owerri West holds the main campus of Imo State University and its affiliated teaching hospital. Postcode 460061.
  • Umuna: Rural community located along the Owerri-Umuahia Expressway. Postcode 460068.
  • Avu: Suburb located near Avu Junction on the Owerri-Port Harcourt Expressway. Postcode 460066.

Owerri West

  • Amakohia: Bustling residential and commercial neighborhood near Amakohia Market. Postcode 464101.
  • Uratta: Suburb located along the Owerri-Aba Expressway. Postcode 464106.
  • Ihiagwa: Town situated near the Federal Polytechnic Nekede. Postcode 464114.
  • Obinze: Developing suburban town located west of Owerri Municipal. Postcode 464118.

How to Look Up the Postcode for an Owerri Address

If you need to mail an item to an area in Owerri but don’t have the specific postcode, there are a few easy ways to find it:

Use an Owerri Postcode Directory

There are online databases and directories that allow you to search for Owerri postcodes by area, street address, or landmark. Helpful sites include:

Look Up via Google Maps

On Google Maps, search for the specific address or landmark in Owerri you need the postcode for. The 6-digit postcode is often displayed alongside the location name on the left sidebar.

For example, “Imo State University, 460061” displays the postcode 460061.

Ask the Recipient

If available, try contacting the recipient in Owerri and asking them to confirm their area’s correct postcode. As residents, they likely know the specific postcode used for their neighborhood. Just provide the major road, landmark, or suburb name.

This is the most direct way to get the accurate postcode for the intended delivery address.

Tips for Mailing Items to Owerri

Here are some useful tips when sending mail or packages to recipients in Owerri:

  • Always use the full 6-digit postcode format specific to the recipient’s area. Avoid vague or incomplete addressing.
  • Include the intended recipient’s name, street address, and phone number if available – along with the postcode.
  • Use a reliable courier service or shipping agent familiar with navigating Owerri addresses and postal codes.
  • For valuable or urgent mail, consider sending via express delivery using tracking to monitor progress.
  • When mailing multiple packages, confirm each individual postcode instead of assuming the same code applies to the entire city.
  • If unsure of the postcode, call or email the recipient beforehand to confirm. Avoid guessing.


In summary, Owerri utilizes multiple postcodes assigned to distinct areas and suburbs within the city. To mail items successfully, senders must identify the correct 6-digit postcode for the intended recipient’s neighborhood or address. Resources like online databases, Google Maps, and directly contacting the recipient can help determine the accurate postcode. With the exponential growth of e-commerce and delivery services in Nigeria, properly addressing mail according to local postal conventions is key for timely and seamless delivery across a city as vast as Owerri.


Does Owerri have a single postcode for the entire city?

No, unlike other major Nigerian cities, Owerri does not use a single universal postcode. It utilizes a system of specific 6-digit postcodes assigned to different districts and suburbs within the city.

How many postcodes are there in Owerri?

There are hundreds of distinct postcodes in use across Owerri. The exact number is unclear, but generally corresponds to the number of major neighborhoods and localities within the city.

Is it okay to just write Owerri without a postcode?

No, only writing Owerri as the city for mail delivery is insufficient and can cause misrouting, delays, or returns. The full 6-digit postcode specific to the recipient’s area should always be included.

Can I use the same Owerri postcode for everywhere?

No, you cannot assume postcodes are universally applicable across Owerri. Nearby suburban areas often have different codes. Always verify the postcode for each specific delivery address.

How do I tell if a postcode is for Owerri Municipal, Owerri North or Owerri West?

Owerri Municipal postcodes start with 461, 462 or 463. Owerri North postcodes start with 460. Owerri West postcodes start with 464. The first 2-3 digits indicate the LGA.

What happens if I use the wrong postcode?

Using incorrect or incomplete postcodes can lead to mail being misrouted, significantly delayed, or returned to sender. Verify postcodes to avoid issues.

Can I find postcodes for Owerri on Google Maps?

Yes, Google Maps often displays the 6-digit postcode for a given address or area in Owerri. Search for the location and look for the postcode in the info sidebar.

What should I do if I can’t find the postcode?

Contact the intended recipient directly and ask them to provide the postcode for their specific neighborhood or address in Owerri.


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