Postal Code For Benin City Edo State

Postal Codes in Benin City: A Detailed Guide

Benin City, the capital of Edo State in southern Nigeria, is a city with a rich history dating back to the medieval Benin Empire. Today, it remains an important urban center in Nigeria with a population of over 1 million people.

Unlike some other major Nigerian cities like Lagos or Abuja which have a single postal code encompassing the entire metropolitan area, Benin City has multiple postal codes assigned to different neighborhoods and districts within the city. This localized approach to postal codes provides more specificity and helps streamline mail routing and delivery within Benin City’s different zip code zones.

Understanding how Benin City’s postal code system works and finding the correct postal code for your neighborhood or destination in the city is important for sending and receiving mail efficiently. Below is a detailed guide to demystify postal codes in Benin City and help you identify the right code for any address in the Edo State capital.

Postal Code For Benin City Edo State


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How Postal Codes Work in Benin City

Benin City is divided into different wards or districts, each assigned their own unique postal code. The postal codes consist of six numeric digits in the format: 300001. The first digit of the code represents the region (in this case 3 for the South-South geopolitical zone). The next three digits identify the specific postal district within Benin City. The last two digits represent the neighborhood delivery zone within that district.

For example, a postal code beginning with 300 highlights that the address falls under the South-South region. 311001 indicates the address is in postal district 111 in Benin City, and 01 refers to delivery zone 01 within that district.

This district/zone format allows Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) and other couriers to easily route mail to the appropriate neighborhood post office in Benin City for the final delivery. So every address in the city has its unique six-digit postal code.

Benefits of Postal Codes

Postal codes provide several benefits for a city’s mail service:

  • Efficient mail routing – Postal workers can quickly identify the correct postal district and zone for delivery.
  • Faster mail delivery – Directing mail precisely cuts down transportation time.
  • Cost reduction – Accurate routing reduces potential for misdirected mail.
  • Address standardization – Postal codes help format addresses consistently.
  • Accountability -Codes allow tracking of delivery performance by zone.

For residents and institutions in Benin City, using the correct postal code also ensures your incoming mail does not get misrouted or lost, thus improving reliability of mail delivery.

How to Find Your Postal Code in Benin City

There are a few easy ways to find the postal code for your specific address or location in Benin City:

Check Your Utility Bills

Utility bills like electricity, telephone, water, etc. issued by government agencies normally list the proper postal code for that service address. Check a recent utility bill to find the postal code for your home or business location.

Look Up the Postal Code Directory

The Nigerian Postal Service provides a searchable online directory of postal codes nationwide. You can search for Benin City area codes here:

Search by Address on Postal Code Website

There are some third party websites focused on Nigerian postal codes. You can search for any address in Benin City to retrieve its postal code:

Ask Your Local Post Office

If you are unable to determine the postal code, inquire at your neighborhood post office by providing your complete address details. The post office will be able to provide the official postal code assigned to that address.

Format for Writing Addresses with Postal Code

When writing an address in Benin City, the postal code should be written on the last line of the address. Here is the proper format to follow:

Recipient Name
[Street Number/Name, Building/Apartment Number] [City/Town Name]
[Postal Code]

For example:

John Doe 123 Sapele Road, Suite 500 Benin City 300121

Overview of Postal Districts and Neighborhood Codes

To make it easier to identify the correct code, here is an overview of the major postal districts and neighborhood zones in Benin City:

Postal District 111:

Covers the central and northern parts of Benin City urban area.

Neighborhood Zone Codes:

  • 111001 – Central Benin, Ugbor
  • 111002 – 3rd Junction, Boundary Road
  • 111003 – Forestry Road
  • 111004 – Lagos Street, Dawson Road

Postal District 112:

Located in northern Benin City boundaries.

Neighborhood Zone Codes:

  • 112001 – Benin-Agbor Road, Siluko Road
  • 112002 – Nigerian Army Barracks
  • 112003 – Ogida Quarters

Postal District 113:

Situated in the northeastern periphery.

Neighborhood Zone Codes:

  • 113001 – Uselu, Ekehuan Road
  • 113002 – Erediauwa Estate
  • 113003 – Iyanomo Housing Estate

Postal District 121:

Covers much of southeastern Benin City including GRA.

Neighborhood Zone Codes:

  • 121001 – Government Reserved Area (GRA)
  • 121002 – Judges Quarters
  • 121003 – Ihama Housing Estate
  • 121004 – Ugbowo

Postal District 122:

Spans south-central Benin City.

Neighborhood Zone Codes:

  • 122001 – Ring Road, New Benin
  • 122002 – Oba Market
  • 122003 – Sapele Road
  • 122004 – Airport Road

Postal District 123:

Comprises southwestern Benin City.

Neighborhood Zone Codes:

  • 123001 – Ugbowo Village
  • 123002 – Ekewan Road
  • 123003 – Isihor

Postal District 124:

occupies the westernmost areas.

Neighborhood Zone Codes:

  • 124001 – Aduwawa
  • 124002 – Upper Mission Extension
  • 124003 – Ikpoba Hill

This summary covers the major postal code districts and neighborhood zones within Benin City proper. New districts and codes may be added periodically as the city expands.

Check the Resources section below for links to updated postal code listings.

Special Postal Codes

Besides the locality codes, there are some special postal codes designating facilities like universities and airports in the Benin City metro area:

  • 300271 – University of Benin
  • 300272 – Benin Airport

Mail sent to these codes will be routed directly to those institutions rather than a regular neighborhood post office.

Changes to Postal Codes

As new districts are developed within Benin City, Nigeria Postal Service may introduce new postal codes or revise existing codes.

It’s advisable to check and verify you have the right postal code before mailing anything, especially if using an older address reference. The local post office can provide the latest postal code for a given address.

Effects of Wrong Postal Code

Using an incorrect or outdated postal code can lead to delays, misrouting, or returned mail. Always ensure you check the current official postal code for any address you are mailing to in Benin City.

Some impacts of incorrect postal code:

  • Mail processing and delivery will be slower.
  • Higher chance of mail getting lost or returned.
  • Frustration for recipients expecting mail items.
  • Inefficiency for postal service workflow.

Taking a minute to confirm the right code will save time and headaches for both senders and recipients.

Resources for Benin City Postal Codes

Here are some useful resources to find and verify postal codes for any address in Benin City:


So in summary, identifying and using accurate postal codes is vital for smooth mail and parcel delivery in Benin City. Following the tips in this guide will help you find the correct code for your neighborhood and understand how to format addresses with postal codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many digits are there in Benin City postal codes?

Benin City postal codes consist of six digits in the format: 123456

Can one postal code be used for the entire city of Benin City?

No, Benin City is divided into several postal districts and neighborhood zones, each with their own 6-digit postal code.

Is the postal code the same as the ZIP code?

Yes, postal code and ZIP code refer to the same thing in Nigeria. Benin City’s codes are numeric postal codes.

Who assigns postal codes in Benin City?

The Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) is the government agency that designates and manages postal codes nationwide including in Benin City.

How can I determine my address’s postal code if relocating to Benin City?

Check postal code listing websites, inquire at the local post office branch, or ask the property owner to confirm the correct postal code for that new address.

Do private couriers like DHL, FedEx use postal codes for deliveries?

Yes, private courier companies utilize the official NIPOST postal codes for routing and delivery to areas in Benin City.

Can I still send mail without a postal code?

You can, but excluding the postal code can significantly delay or disrupt proper mail delivery. It’s highly advisable to always include the postal code.

How often do postal codes get changed in Benin City?

Postal codes are relatively stable. But new codes may be introduced for newly developed districts and old codes updated occasionally.

Is the postal code written before or after the city name in an address?

The postal code should be written on the last line of the address after the recipient name, street address, and city name.

What happens if I put someone else’s postal code on my mail?

Using the wrong postal code will likely result in your mail being misrouted from the intended recipient address.

How many neighborhood zones are there per postal district in Benin City?

Typically each postal district has between 3 to 5 neighborhood zones, each designated by the last two digits of the postal code.

Can one building have two different postal codes?

Usually a single building will fall under one specific postal code. However, a very large building or complex may have two codes.

Who do I contact if my address’s postal code is incorrect?

Reach out to your local post office branch to notify them of an incorrect postal code associated with your address.


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