Code To Buy Data On Mtn

How to Buy Data on MTN in Nigeria

Mobile data has become an essential part of our daily lives. We rely on it for communication, information, entertainment, business, and much more. With Nigeria’s increasing smartphone and internet penetration, the demand for mobile data is higher than ever. MTN, one of the major network providers in Nigeria, offers a variety of data bundles to suit different needs and budgets. This guide will explore the different methods you can use to purchase data on MTN and offer tips to get the best deals.

Code To Buy Data On Mtn


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Overview of MTN

MTN Group is a South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company operating in 21 countries across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. MTN entered the Nigerian market in 2001 and has grown to become the largest mobile network operator in the country with over 68 million subscribers. Their data offerings range from small daily bundles to monthly plans with generous amounts of data. You can also find options for social media bundles, streaming bundles, and night-time data packages.

Ways to Buy MTN Data Bundles

There are several convenient channels through which you can purchase data plans on MTN Nigeria. Let’s look at each of these methods in detail:

1. USSD Codes

USSD, which stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, allows you to access MTN’s various services through short code commands on your phone’s dial pad. USSD codes provide a quick and easy way to buy data without needing internet access. Here are some of the main MTN USSD codes for data bundles:

  • Dial *131#: This is the general USSD code to access all of MTN’s data bundle options. You will need to navigate through the menu to find the plan you want.
  • Dial 3121#: Takes you directly to MTN’s daily and weekly data plans.
  • Dial *904#: Gives you quick access to monthly, quarterly, and annual data bundles.

To activate your purchased data plan, follow the prompts after dialing the USSD code and enter your confirmation when required.

2. SMS

You can also buy MTN data by sending a keyword via SMS to 131. Each data bundle has an assigned SMS activation keyword. For example, to purchase a 350MB daily plan, send “MTN350” to 131. Visit the MTN website or app to find the list of keywords for different plans. This provides a straightforward way to buy data by texting from your phone.

3. myMTN App

The myMTN app allows you to manage your MTN account directly from your smartphone. Download and install the app on your phone and login using your MTN number. Inside the “Data” section, you will find the available data plans, ranging from hourly bundles to monthly packages. Select your preferred plan and complete the purchase using your airtime balance or saved debit/credit card. The app provides flexibility to buy data anytime, anywhere.

4. MTN Website

You can also buy data bundles on the MTN Nigeria website. Just visit and login to your account. Under the “Data” tab, browse through the various bundle options. Select the one you want and complete the payment via your airtime balance, debit/credit card, bank transfer or any other saved payment method. Purchasing data through the website allows you to buy large monthly bundles more conveniently.

5. MTN Service Centres

For those who prefer direct face-to-face customer service, you can visit any of MTN’s service centres and sales agents across Nigeria. Tell the customer service agent which data bundle you want to purchase. Make the payment and they will activate the plan for you instantly. This option is suitable for those who need assistance choosing the right data plan.

6. Third-party Apps and Websites

There are some third-party mobile apps and websites that allow you to buy MTN data bundles. These include platforms like KwikCash, Jumia One, Databarracks etc. However, use caution when using such platforms as they may not always offer the best rates.

Tips for Getting the Best MTN Data Deals

Here are some tips to help you maximize savings and get the best value when purchasing data from MTN:

  • Compare bundle prices: Prices per GB vary across different data bundles, so compare and pick the ones that offer the lowest rate.
  • Buy higher volume bundles: Large data bundles usually cost less per GB compared to smaller plans. Opt for monthly or annual plans if you use a lot of data.
  • Use bonus offers: MTN frequently runs promotions with bonus data upon purchase or double data on certain bundles. Check their latest deals before purchasing.
  • Set data alerts: Setting data usage alerts on the myMTN app helps you avoid unintended out-of-bundle browsing.
  • Recharge during happy hour: MTN offers discounted data bundles during certain ‘happy hour’ periods, usually in the early mornings.
  • Use MTN Pulse: With MTN Pulse, you get subsidized data costs when browsing educational content and using key apps.
  • Share data: If you have multiple MTN lines, you can purchase data on one line and share with other lines at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions regarding purchasing data bundles on MTN:

How do I check my data balance on MTN?

To check your remaining data balance, dial 1314# on your MTN line. You can also check on the myMTN app or by texting “info” to 131.

What happens when I use up my data bundle?

Once your data volume finishes, browsing will automatically stop. You will need to purchase a new bundle to continue using the internet. Alternatively, you can enable auto-renewal on some bundles so that the plan automatically renews upon expiry.

Can I transfer or gift data to another MTN user?

Yes, you can easily transfer and share data with other MTN users through the myMTN app. On the app, go to “My Account” and select “Share Data”. Follow the prompt to transfer data to any MTN number.

How long does the purchased data bundle last?

Validity periods for data bundles range from a few hours to an entire year depending on which plan you purchase. The validity duration is always indicated when you recharge your data. Unused data expires at the end of the validity period.

Can I get a refund if I don’t use the full data bundle?

Unfortunately, MTN does not offer refunds on unused data. Any leftover data gets forfeited once the bundle validity period expires. So it’s best to buy a data volume you’re likely to use within the validity timeframe.

What happens if I finish my data while roaming on another network?

You will have to purchase a roaming data pack from the network you’re roaming on to continue browsing the internet. MTN data plans only work within Nigeria on the MTN network.

How can I monitor my data usage?

Log in to the myMTN app or dial 460260# to access your MTN data usage monitoring tool. Here, you can view your used data, set usage alerts, and monitor which apps use the most data.

Can I use the data bundle on multiple devices?

Yes, MTN data bundles allow you to use the data across multiple devices including your phone, laptop, and internet dongle. Simply use your SIM card or plug the dongle into other compatible internet-enabled devices.

What are the charges for out-of-bundle browsing?

If you use data beyond your bundle limit, you will be charged at out-of-bundle rates of ₦45 per MB. To avoid surprises, set up auto-renewal on your bundle so that it renews automatically when used up.


Purchasing data bundles on MTN can be done seamlessly using USSD, SMS, mobile app, website, or in-person channels. Compare bundle prices and pick larger volumes to enjoy lower rates per GB. Also, take advantage of promotions, happy hours, and tools like data sharing and gifting to maximize value. Monitor your usage closely and set up renewals and alerts to stay in control of your data spend. With the above guidance, you can now easily and affordably buy data tailored to your browsing needs on Nigeria’s biggest mobile network.


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