How To Check For MTN Data Balance: Easy Methods

How to Check Your MTN Data Balance in Nigeria

Staying on top of your data balance is crucial for any MTN subscriber in Nigeria. With various data plans and promotions available, monitoring your data usage ensures you get the most value from your plan and avoid surprise out-of-bundle charges. Fortunately, MTN offers multiple straightforward methods to check your data balance and details from the comfort of your smartphone.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the main options to keep track of your MTN data balance and related information.

How To Check For MTN Data Balance


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Using USSD Codes

USSD codes offer the fastest and most direct way to check your data balance on MTN. USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, and these codes provide instant access to your account information.

Here are the main MTN USSD codes to check your data balance:


To instantly view your data balance, simply dial *323# on your phone and press call. This will bring up your current MTN data balance on the screen within seconds.

For example, you may see a response like:

“Dear customer, you have 1024.12 MB remaining in your data bundle validity till 11:59 PM on 31/01/2023”.

This provides your remaining data, your total data allowance or bundle, and the validity period. MTN will also send you an SMS confirming your data balance figures for future reference.


  • Extremely fast and convenient
  • No need for internet access
  • Works on all phones


  • Only shows current data balance
  • Does not provide full account or plan details


The *131# code gives you access to MTN’s self-service menu. When you dial this code, you will see various account options.

To check your data balance, select option “1” for Data Plans. This will display details like:

  • Data plan balance
  • Total bundled data
  • Validity period
  • Data rollover information
  • Out-of-bundle usage

This provides more comprehensive data usage information compared to *323#. You can also use *131# to check airtime balance, opt-in for various plans, and more.


  • Get detailed data usage breakdown
  • Access full account menu


  • Slower than *323#
  • Have to navigate menu options

In summary, *323# is the fastest way to check just your data balance figure. But *131# offers extra details through the self-service menu.


The MyMTN app provides the most convenient way to monitor your data usage on-the-go directly from your smartphone.

Downloading and Logging In

First, download the MyMTN app on your Android or iOS device via Google Play or the App Store. Launch the app and log in using your MTN username and password.

If you don’t have an account, you can sign up directly within the app. Make sure to use the same phone number as your MTN SIM.

Checking Your Data

Once logged in, your current data balance is prominently displayed on the app homepage. You’ll also see options like:

  • Data plan details
  • Data usage history
  • Out-of-bundle data usage
  • Data transfer
  • Buy data bundles

Through the app, you can view a comprehensive breakdown of your data usage, trends, and get notifications when running low. This makes it easy to stay in control of your data balance from your smartphone.


  • In-depth data usage insights
  • Useful data management features
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Buy data bundles within app


  • Requires downloading app and logging in
  • More steps compared to USSD codes

Checking via Website

You can also use the MTN website to get information on your data usage and balance.

Accessing Your Account

Go to the MTN Nigeria website at and click on “Log In” at the top right. Log into your account using your registered MTN phone number or username and password.

View Data Balance

Once logged in, your current data balance and details will be displayed on your account dashboard. You can also access:

  • Data usage trends and history
  • Validity dates of plans
  • Out-of-bundle usage
  • Previous bills
  • Buy data bundles

So the MTN website offers detailed data usage information and account management functions through your desktop or laptop.


  • Check data usage on desktop/laptop
  • Full account details and management


  • Requires logging in each time
  • Not as convenient as mobile options

Contacting Customer Service

You can also contact MTN Nigeria’s customer service to request information on your data usage and balance.

Self-Service Options

  • USSD – Dial 180 from your phone and follow the prompts to check your data or speak to an agent
  • Phone – Call MTN customer care directly on 180
  • Email – Email your query to
  • Live Chat – Start a live chat session on
  • Social media – Message MTN on Facebook/Twitter

Through Customer Service Agents

When you get through to a customer service agent, just let them know you need information on your data balance and usage. Have your phone number or account details ready to verify your identity.

The agent can provide details like:

  • Current data balance
  • Data bundles active on your account
  • Recent data usage
  • Bill/payment details


  • Get detailed information and any account queries resolved
  • Useful if facing issues with self-service options


  • Slower and less direct than self-service
  • Involves waiting time and agent availability

Key Takeaways

Here are some important tips when checking your MTN data balance:

  • Use *323# for a quick data balance check via USSD.
  • *131# provides more comprehensive account and usage details.
  • Download MyMTN app for the most convenient way to manage your data.
  • Log into your account on for full details and functionality.
  • Contact customer service if you have any issues or need additional assistance.
  • Data usage can take some time to update across different channels after recharging or using data.
  • Set data usage alerts and notifications to avoid surprise data charges.
  • Understand your data plan validity, rollover, and out-of-bundle rate to optimize usage.

Monitoring your data balance and usage on MTN is simple with the available options. Opt for USSD codes for quick on-the-spot checks, use the app for convenience on-the-go, or access the website for more in-depth insights and account management. Contact customer service if you need additional support. Staying on top of your data usage will ensure you maximize the value from your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Checking MTN Data Balance

1. Why is my data balance not showing up after recharge?

It can take up to a few minutes after recharging before your updated data balance reflects across channels. Allow some time for the change to propagate after purchasing a data bundle before trying to check your balance again.

2. I’m unable to check my balance via USSD codes. What should I do?

If USSD codes are not working, check if you have sufficient airtime balance on your MTN line. There may also be temporary network issues. Try again after a while or use the MyMTN app or website instead.

3. What happens to leftover data after my plan expires?

Depends on your plan. Some MTN data bundles allow you to roll over unused data to your next renewal. For others, leftover data gets forfeited after the validity period. Check your plan details to confirm data rollover policy.

4. Why am I being charged out-of-bundle rates when I still have data?

Once your main data bundle is used up, your usage gets deducted from your airtime wallet at out-of-bundle rates unless you purchase another data bundle. Manage your usage to avoid unintended charges.

5. How can I purchase a data bundle on MTN?

You can easily buy MTN data bundles via USSD, MyMTN app, website, or by visiting an MTN store. Bundles range from daily plans, weekly, monthly, and longer validity periods.

6. My app shows a different data balance than the USSD code. Which is correct?

There can be minor variations in live balance across different check channels. Give it some time to sync up or consider the MyMTN app balance as the most up-to-date and accurate.

7. I recharged but haven’t received the data I paid for. What should I do?

Contact MTN customer service to report the issue. Provide your recharge details so they can investigate and credit the missing data bundle to your account if there was an issue processing the recharge.

8. Are there any charges for checking my MTN data balance?

No, checking your data balance via any of the USSD codes, MyMTN app or website is free. You only need to ensure you have sufficient airtime balance on your MTN line for USSD requests.

9. Can I transfer data from my MTN line to another number?

Yes, the MyMTN app allows you to transfer data from your main bundle to other MTN lines through the Share Data option. This helps you optimize usage across numbers on your account.

10. How do I keep track of data usage on my iPhone?

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular to view cellular data usage. Alternatively, use the MyMTN app which provides iOS data usage tracking and alerts. Set data limits and monitor usage across individual apps.

11. What happens if I use up all my data balance?

Once your data bundle is exhausted, further usage will trigger out-of-bundle rates which are usually expensive. To avoid this, purchase an additional bundle or use free WhatsApp/Twitter/other social media bundles.

12. Is there a way to protect my data balance from unauthorized use?

Yes, you can add a personal identification number (PIN) to your SIM through MyMTN app or USSD. This PIN will be required for making purchases, checking balance and other activities.

13. How can I decrease my MTN data usage?

Use WiFi instead of mobile data whenever available. Also turn on Data Saver in phone settings to reduce data consumption by apps. Disable auto media downloads, limit streaming quality, and close background data for unused apps.

14. Why does my data balance decrease even when not using mobile data?

Some apps may still consume background mobile data even when you’re on WiFi. Check individual app data usage and disable background mobile access for apps not needing this.

15. What is the maximum data balance I can have at once on MTN?

MTN currently allows up to 1 Terabyte (1024 GB) of data balance on a SIM. Various bundle options are available to accumulate data up to this cap based on your usage needs and budget.


In summary, keeping a close eye on your MTN data balance ensures you maximize the value you get from your plan. Follow the methods in this guide that suit your preference, set alerts, and utilize data management features for optimal control of your data usage. Contact MTN customer care for any further questions or issues.


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