How To Share Data In MTN

How to Share Data on MTN in Nigeria

Data has become an essential part of our daily lives. We rely on mobile data for communication, information, entertainment, and more. With data bundles becoming more affordable in Nigeria, many people now use services that require internet connectivity on their phones.

However, data bundles still have limits and can get exhausted before validity. What if you have leftover data but your friend or family member runs out? Or you want to gift someone data to stay connected? MTN makes it easy to share or gift your data with other MTN users in Nigeria.

In this guide, we will explore the two main methods of sharing data on the MTN network:

  1. Transferring data from your existing balance
  2. Gifting data bundles

We will look at the step-by-step process, charges, limitations, and tips for each method. Read on to learn how to easily and securely share your data bundles with other MTN subscribers.

How To Share Data In MTN


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1. Transferring Data from Existing Balance

This method allows you to share part of your existing data balance directly with another MTN user. Whether you have extra data left or want to help someone temporarily, data transfers offer a quick solution.

Here are some key things to know:

  • You can transfer data through SMS or USSD channels.
  • The minimum amount you can transfer is 50MB per transaction.
  • The maximum amount per day is 3GB across multiple transfers.
  • You need to have at least 50MB left in your data balance after transferring.
  • The shared data will have the same validity as your original data bundle.

Now let’s look at how to actually share data from your balance through the two channels:

1.1 Transfer via USSD

To share data via USSD:

  1. Dial 312Recipient’s Phone Number*Amount#
    • For example: 31208034567890*200#
  2. Follow the prompts to enter your PIN and confirm the transfer
  3. Wait for a confirmation SMS from MTN

That’s it! The process is quick and straightforward using USSD. You can transfer multiple times in a day as long as it totals under 3GB.

1.2 Transfer via SMS

To share data via SMS:

  1. Send an SMS saying “Transfer Phone Number Amount” to 312
    • For example: Transfer 08034567890 200
  2. Wait for an SMS prompt to enter your PIN
  3. Reply with your 4-digit MTN PIN
  4. Wait for a confirmation SMS from MTN

The SMS method follows similar steps. Make sure to include the recipient’s phone number and data amount (MBs) correctly in the SMS.

Tip: To check your data balance, dial *131# on your MTN line. Confirm you have enough data before initiating a transfer.

2. Gifting Data Bundles

If you want to gift someone a brand new data bundle instead of your existing data, MTN offers data gifting. This allows you to purchase data bundles as a gift for any MTN user.

Here are some key things to know:

  • You can gift any data bundle offered by MTN to the recipient.
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can gift data in a day.
  • The gifted data will have the standard validity period based on bundle size.
  • You will need to pay for the data bundle that you gift.

There are three main ways to gift a data bundle:

2.1 Gift Data via myMTN App

The myMTN app offers the simplest way to gift data bundles. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download and open the myMTN app on your phone
  2. Go to the menu and select “Buy Airtime & Data”
  3. Choose “Gift Data” on the next page
  4. Select your recipient from your MTN contacts
  5. Pick a data bundle size to gift
  6. Enter your myMTN app PIN to confirm and pay

That’s it! The gifted data will be instantly credited to the recipient’s MTN number.

2.2 Gift Data via USSD

To gift a data bundle via USSD:

  1. Dial 1317*1# on your MTN number
  2. Follow prompt to enter recipient’s number
  3. Choose data bundle size to gift
  4. Confirm details and enter PIN to pay

You will receive an SMS notification once the data gift is successful. The process is quick but can be cumbersome compared to the app.

2.3 Gift Data via MTN Website

You can also gift data bundles directly from the MTN Nigeria website:

  1. Visit and go to Services > Data Gifting
  2. Select data bundle, enter recipient’s number, and click Next
  3. Review details, agree to terms, and click Submit
  4. Choose payment method and complete transaction

This method is best for gifting data without an active MTN SIM. But it involves more steps compared to USSD or app.

📗 Tip: Opt for 1GB+ data bundles when gifting to ensure better validity periods for the recipient.

Additional Things to Know

Now that you are familiar with the two main methods of sharing data on MTN, here are some additional pointers to keep in mind:

  • Recipient must be on MTN – You can only transfer or gift data to other active MTN numbers. The recipient’s number must be registered with MTN before you initiate data sharing.
  • Data validity – The shared or gifted data will have the same validity period as the original bundle. So transfer with adequate validity to give the recipient enough time to use the data.
  • Limits apply – As mentioned earlier, you can only transfer up to 3GB per day from your balance. And there are no limits on gifted data.
  • Charges – Data transfers are free, but gifting data will incur charges as you have to purchase a bundle. USSD gifting may have additional charges over app/web gifting.
  • Confirmation – Always wait for the confirmation SMS before assuming the transfer or gift was successful.
  • Quick and easy – Overall, sharing data on MTN is quick and convenient through the available channels. Follow the steps properly and you will avoid any issues.

So in summary, transferring data helps share your leftover data easily while gifting data allows you to buy a fresh bundle for your loved ones. Pick the right option as per your needs.


MTN makes it simple to share your data balance or gift data bundles with other subscribers on its network in Nigeria. This allows users to avoid data wastage and help each other stay connected through mobile internet.

The two main methods – data transfers and data gifting – offer flexibility based on specific needs. Transfers quickly share existing data at no extra cost but have daily limits. Gifting allows unlimited bundles with standard validity but involves purchasing bundles at full price.

By following the outlined steps for SMS, USSD, app and website channels, any MTN user can seamlessly share data. Do take note of the validity, limits, charges, and other considerations for an optimal experience.

With data being such an essential need today, it’s great to see MTN enabling easy data sharing. Use these features wisely to enhance your productivity and help others in times of need. Data sharing exemplifies what the digital era is all about – using technology to uplift each other!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about sharing data on MTN:

1. How much data can I transfer from my balance daily?

You can transfer up to 3GB per day from your existing data balance, through multiple transactions. The minimum per transaction is 50MB.

2. Can I transfer data to other networks?

No, data transfers only work for MTN to MTN. The recipient must be an active MTN Nigeria subscriber.

3. Do I need to enter any passwords to transfer data?

Yes, you will need to enter your MTN PIN sent via SMS to authenticate and confirm the data transfer.

4. What happens if I gift more data than a user can receive?

If you try to gift more data than the recipient’s line can hold, the extra data will be forfeited. Always gift data amounts aligned to the user’s plan.

5. Is there any time limit to use gifted or transferred data?

Yes, the shared/gifted data will inherit the validity period of the original data bundle. Use the data promptly before expiry.

6. Can I transfer or gift data to customers on other MTN plans?

Yes, you can share data with recipients on any MTN prepaid or postpaid plans. As long as they have an active MTN SIM.

7. How can I check data gifted to me on MTN?

You can dial 1314# to check gifted data balance and validity. Alternatively, use the myMTN app to view gifted data bundles.

8. Can I transfer data to someone else after receiving a transfer?

No, you cannot transfer data that was shared with you via transfer to a third user. Data can only be shared once from the original data bundle.

9. How soon can the recipient use the gifted or transferred data?

The data should reflect in the recipient’s balance within a few minutes of successful transfer/gifting. They can start using it instantly.

10. Is there any fee if the data gifting fails?

If a data gift fails due to incorrect details or other issues, the money will be refunded to your MTN account. No fee is charged.

11. What happens if I enter the wrong amount when transferring data?

If you enter the wrong transfer amount, the process will fail. No data will be deducted and you can try again with the right amount.

12. Can I transfer data to recipients in other countries?

Unfortunately, international data transfers are not allowed. You can only share data to MTN numbers registered in Nigeria.

13. Do I need to have an active data bundle to transfer data?

No, you can transfer data even if you currently don’t have an active data bundle. Any unused data in your balance is eligible for sharing.

14. Is there any way to transfer data via ATMs?

Currently, MTN does not offer the option to transfer mobile data via ATMs. You can only use the approved USSD, SMS, app and web channels.

15. What happens if I change my phone number after receiving gifted data?

If you change your MTN number, any unused gifted data on the old number will be forfeited. Gifted data is tied to specific lines.

16. Can I view my data sharing history?

Yes, you can dial *556# to see your last 5 data transfers/gifts. Or use myMTN app to view your full data sharing history.


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