Transfer Code For UBA Bank: Easy Ways to Transfer

A Complete Guide to the UBA Bank Transfer Code

The advent of technology has transformed the way we carry out financial transactions today. One such innovation that has made banking services more accessible and convenient is the use of USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes. Specifically, the UBA bank transfer code 919# has simplified how UBA bank customers can access their accounts and perform transactions without the need for internet connectivity.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about the UBA bank transfer code, including how to use it for different transactions, tips and requirements, as well as frequently asked questions.

Transfer Code For UBA Bank


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What is the UBA Bank Transfer Code?

The UBA bank transfer code 919# is a USSD code that allows all UBA bank account holders to access a range of banking services on their mobile phones, without requiring mobile internet connectivity.

USSD codes work by utilizing your mobile network to connect directly to your bank’s systems, making them more accessible than traditional internet banking that relies on mobile data or WiFi connections.

By dialing the 919# code on your phone and following the prompt, UBA customers can check account balances, transfer funds to UBA and other bank accounts, pay bills, buy airtime and data, and much more. This eliminates the need to visit ATMs or bank branches for routine transactions.

The 919# service is available on all mobile networks in Nigeria and is free to use, although you may be charged the usual rates by your network provider for USSD usage.

How to Use the UBA Bank Transfer Code

Using the UBA bank transfer code is quite straightforward. Here are the basic steps:

  1. On your mobile phone, dial 919#.
  2. Select your preferred language.
  3. Enter your 10-digit UBA ATM card number.
  4. Input your ATM PIN when prompted.
  5. Follow the menu prompts to choose the transactions you want to perform. This includes confirming account balance, funds transfer, airtime purchase, bill payments and more.
  6. Input any additional information required, such as amount, destination bank and account details for transfers.
  7. Follow the prompts to complete your transaction.
  8. You will receive SMS notifications for successful transactions.

While the 919# code provides the gateway to accessing your UBA account, you need to combine it with additional codes for specific transactions like funds transfer. Let’s look at some examples:

Transfer Money

  • UBA to UBA account transfer: Dial 9193Account NumberAmount#
  • UBA to Other Banks: Dial 9194Account NumberAmount#
  • UBA to Microfinance Banks, Fintechs & Other Financial Institutions: Dial 9196#
  • UBA to UBA Prepaid Card: Dial 91932#

Other Transactions

  • Check Account Balance: Dial 91900#
  • Pay Bills: Dial 9195#
  • Buy Airtime: Dial 919Amount# (e.g. 9191000# for ₦1,000 airtime)

While the 919# makes transactions easier, there are a few things you need to take note of:

Tips and Requirements for Using the UBA Bank Transfer Code

To enjoy smooth transactions with the UBA bank transfer code, here are some important tips:

  • Have your ATM card ready: You will need your valid UBA ATM card to initiate transactions on 919#. Ensure it is within reach.
  • Know your PIN: Your ATM Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be required to authorize transactions. Memorize the 4-digit PIN.
  • Stay within transfer limits: UBA has set transfer limits on the 919# service. Transfer amounts exceeding your limit may require extra steps. Keep to your daily or monthly caps.
  • Check account balances: It helps to check your account balance beforehand to ensure you have sufficient funds for transfers or bill payments.
  • Know recipient details: Have all the necessary details like account names, numbers, bank codes when transferring money to enable seamless transactions.
  • Conduct transactions yourself: For security reasons, please use your own phone and SIM card registered with the bank to carry out your transactions on 919#.
  • Monitor activity: Keep track of your account activities and balances after performing transactions on 919#. Promptly report any discrepancies.
  • Seek assistance if needed: If you face any challenges completing your transactions on 919#, contact UBA’s customer service or visit a branch for assistance.

Adhering to these tips will give you a smooth experience using the UBA bank transfer code for your transactions. With practice, it becomes very easy and convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions on the UBA Bank Transfer Code

Here are some common questions about the UBA bank transfer code:

What network providers can I use?

The 919# code works on all mobile networks in Nigeria including MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile and Glo. As long as you have a phone number registered with UBA, you can use 919# successfully.

Is it secure to use?

Yes, the 919# service uses secure encryption protocols to protect your information and transactions. You have to provide your ATM card details and PIN to access your account which ensures no unauthorized access.

Can I use 919# overseas?

Unfortunately, the service only works within Nigeria at the moment. You will not be able to access it while roaming overseas.

What happens if I enter the wrong details?

If you enter an incorrect ATM card number or PIN, you will get an error after 3 unsuccessful attempts. Try again carefully or contact your branch if you have forgotten your details.

Can I transfer money to other African countries?

Currently, the service only allows money transfers to recipients with Nigerian bank accounts. However, you can visit UBA branches to initiate international transfers.

Is there a charge for using 919#?

UBA does not charge for 919# transactions. However, your mobile network provider may charge their standard rates for USSD usage.

What is the maximum transfer amount?

Transaction limits apply based on your account type. You can transfer up to N150,000 daily or N1 million monthly. Higher amounts may require extra authentication.

How do I check my account balance?

To check your account balance, dial 91900#. Your available balance will be displayed.

What happens if a transaction fails?

If a transaction fails due to insufficient funds or network issues, you will get a failure notification. Try the transaction again in a few minutes or contact customer service for assistance.

The UBA 919# service offers an efficient way for customers to access their accounts and transact 24/7 without internet access. With proper knowledge of the service and how to use the additional transaction codes, customers can bank conveniently at any time.


In conclusion, the UBA bank transfer code 919# provides a simple yet powerful way for customers to enjoy quick and secure banking services through their mobile phones. By combining 919# with additional transaction codes, you can check balances, send money to UBA and other bank accounts, pay bills and perform other transactions without the internet.

To enjoy a smooth experience, always have your ATM card on hand, memorize your PIN, stay within transfer limits, provide accurate recipient details and monitor your account activity. While the service is free, you may incur charges from your mobile network provider for using USSD. Overall, 919# offers an efficient alternative to physical banking by leveraging a USSD gateway. Mastering the service can help maximize the benefits of mobile and digital banking with UBA.


What is the UBA bank transfer code?

The UBA bank transfer code 919# is a USSD code that allows UBA customers to access banking services like funds transfer, airtime purchase, bill payments and account balance checks directly from their mobile phones without requiring internet connectivity.

How do I use the 919# code?

To use it, dial 919# on your mobile phone, select language, enter your ATM card number and PIN, then follow the prompts to choose a transaction like funds transfer or airtime purchase. You will need to enter additional transaction codes like 9194Account NumberAmount# for bank transfers.

What transactions can I perform with 919#?

The main transactions possible include:

  • Account balance checks
  • Intra and interbank transfers
  • Airtime and data purchase
  • Bill payments
  • UBA prepaid card services

Is the 919# code secure?

Yes, it uses encryption protocols to secure your information and transactions. You need to provide your ATM card details and PIN to access your account, ensuring unauthorized access is prevented.

Can I use 919# when overseas?

No, unfortunately the service only works within Nigeria currently and is unavailable when roaming overseas.

Are there any charges for using 919#?

UBA does not charge for the service. However, your mobile network provider may levy their standard USSD rates when using 919#.

Are there any transfer limits?

Yes, UBA has set daily and monthly transfer limits on 919# for risk management. You can do N150,000 daily transfers and up to N1 million monthly. Higher amounts will require extra authentication.

What should I do if a transaction fails?

If a transaction fails due to network issues or insufficient funds, you will get a failure notification. Try the transaction again in a few minutes or contact UBA customer service for assistance.

How do I get help with using 919#?

If you face any challenges using the service, you can contact UBA customer service by dialing 07008265000 or visiting your closest UBA branch for assistance from customer service officers.

How do I keep my account secure when using 919#?

Use your personal registered phone and SIM to access 919#. Do not share your ATM card PIN with anyone. Monitor your account activity regularly and report any suspicious transactions immediately.

Can I access all my accounts using 919#?

Yes, once you provide your ATM card details, you will be able to view and transact on all the UBA accounts linked to that card. This includes current, savings, prepaid, loan and investment accounts.

Is there a maximum balance I can check using 919#?

There is no maximum balance limit when checking your account balance. The full available balance on all your UBA accounts will be displayed when you dial 91900#.

Can I pay DSTV, GOTV and other bills on 919#?

Yes, you can conveniently pay your DStv, GOtv, Smile, Spectranet and several other bills by dialing 9195# and following the payment prompts.

How long do my 919# transactions take to reflect?

Transactions done during banking hours reflect immediately while those outside banking hours reflect during the next business day. Transfer times may vary depending on destination bank.


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