Airtel Night Plan

A Comprehensive Guide to Airtel Night Plans in Nigeria

Airtel Night Plans are data bundles offered by Airtel Nigeria that provide discounted internet access between 12am to 5am daily. With night plans, Airtel subscribers can enjoy affordable high-speed internet during late night hours for browsing, streaming, downloading, social media and more. This article provides a detailed overview of Airtel Night Plans including how they work, eligibility, activation process, plans, pricing, limitations and frequently asked questions.

Airtel Night Plan


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Overview of Airtel Night Plans

Airtel Night Plans provide an affordable way to access mobile internet between 12am and 5am every day. They offer generous discounted data quotas that can be used for all kinds of online activities like browsing, streaming videos, chatting on social media, downloading files etc.

The key benefits of Airtel’s night plans include:

  • Discounted rates – Night plans offer reduced rates for data bundles between 12am – 5am. Rates are discounted by up to 50% compared to regular data plans.
  • Large data quotas – Night plans come with generous data allotments ranging from 250MB to 1GB. This is sufficient for most late night internet use.
  • Unlimited access – Customers can use the full data quota allocated every night with no restrictions.
  • High-speed 4G/3G – Night plans work on both Airtel’s high-speed 4G and 3G networks.
  • Rollover – Unused data rolls over to the next night as long as the plan is active.
  • Easy activation – Night plans can be activated easily by dialling designated activation codes.

Overall, Airtel Night Plans offer a great way to save money while enjoying quality internet at night. They are ideal for late night tasks like assignments, streaming entertainment, software/game downloads and social media.

Eligibility for Airtel Night Plans

Airtel Night Plans are available to all Airtel prepaid customers on 4G and 3G networks across Nigeria. Both existing and new Airtel customers can subscribe to and activate the plans.

The night plans are currently not offered to Airtel postpaid/contract customers. Prepaid customers must also have an active data plan and sufficient airtime balance on their accounts to be eligible.

Customers can confirm their eligibility by dialling the activation codes – a confirmation SMS will be sent if successful. Customers can also contact Airtel’s customer service for assistance.

How to Activate Airtel Night Plans

Activating Airtel night plans is simple and convenient. It involves dialing designated activation codes and can be done via SMS or direct calls.

Here are the steps to activate the two main night plans:

Activate 250MB for N25 Plan

  1. Ensure you are on an Airtel 4G/3G network
  2. Dial 4123# to activate the N25 for 250MB night plan
  3. Wait for a confirmation SMS from Airtel
  4. Start browsing between 12am – 5am

Activate 1GB for N50 Plan

  1. Ensure you are on an Airtel 4G/3G network
  2. Dial 412505# to activate the N50 for 1GB night plan
  3. Wait for a confirmation SMS from Airtel
  4. Start browsing between 12am – 5am

That’s it! The night plans will be activated instantly on your Airtel line and ready for use. Data allocated can be used each night until expiry.

Available Airtel Night Plan Options

Airtel currently offers two main night plan options for prepaid subscribers:

1. 250MB for N25

This entry-level night plan offers 250MB of data for just N25. It is valid for one night between 12am – 5am. Customers can activate by dialling 4123#

2. 1GB for N50

The N50 night plan gives 1GB of data valid for 7 nights. Customers get 1GB of data to use each night between 12am – 5am for 7 consecutive nights. It is activated by dialling 412505#

In addition to the above, Airtel customers on the SmartTrybe tariff plan can get an enhanced 1GB night plan for N50 by dialling 312505#. This gives 1GB daily night data for 7 nights.

The night plans can be subscribed multiple times in a month. Customers can activate a new plan each night according to their needs.

Airtel Night Plan Prices & Data Allotments

Here is a summary of the Airtel Night Plans prices and data allotments:

PlanPriceData AllotmentValidity
250MB Night PlanN25250MB1 night (12am – 5am)
1GB Night PlanN501GB7 nights (12am – 5am)
1GB Night Plan (SmartTrybe)N501GB7 nights (12am – 5am)

The night plans offer great value with discounter per GB prices:

  • 250MB plan – 100MB per N10
  • 1GB plans – 1GB per N50

This represents savings of 50% or more compared to Airtel’s regular data plans. Customers enjoy affordable internet access conveniently during late night hours.

How to Monitor/Check Night Plan Data Balances

It’s important to track your night plan data balance to avoid surprises. Here are two easy ways to check remaining data:

1. Dial *141#

Simply dial *141# on your Airtel line and select the “Data Plans” option. This will display all active plans with remaining data balances.

2. My Airtel App

Log in to the My Airtel app and go to the “More” section. Click on “My Data” to view data balances for night and other plans.

Additionally, status messages are sent to notify when night plan is activated, during browsing and when data is exhausted.

Carefully monitoring data ensures you get full value from the night plans every night.

Limitations & Things to Note About Airtel Night Plans

While Night Plans offer great value, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Once per night activation – Each night plan can only be activated once between 12am – 5am daily.
  • No rollover across nights – Left over data does not roll over across multiple nights. Validity is limited to one night cycle.
  • Peak hour use – Night plans are valid for use between 12am – 5am only. Using them during regular daytime hours will deduct from other plans.
  • Prepaid only – Currently limited to Airtel prepaid users only. Postpaid customers cannot activate night plans.
  • Same plan recurring – Re-activating a plan in the same month will renew the existing plan, not accumulate additional data.
  • Validity – 1GB night plan expires after 7 nights. 250MB plan expires after one night if not renewed.
  • Browsing outside validity – Browsing outside 12am-5am will consume daytime plan data.

Being aware of these limitations allows customers take full advantage of the night plans and manage their data properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some common questions about Airtel Night Plans:

How do I activate Airtel night plans?

Airtel night plans are activated by dialling designated codes – 4123# for 250MB and 412505# for 1GB plan. Confirmation message is sent once activated.

What is the validity period of night plans?

The 250MB plan has a validity of one night between 12am – 5am. The 1GB plan has a 7-night validity – customers get 1GB data each night for 7 nights.

Can I browse during the day with a night plan?

No, night plan data is valid between 12am – 5am only. Browsing outside these hours will consume your regular data balance.

Do night plans work for streaming videos?

Yes, night plan data can be used for any kind of browsing activity including streaming videos on YouTube, Netflix, social media and more.

Can I activate multiple night plans in one month?

Yes, you can activate multiple night plans in a month according to your browsing needs for each night. However, activating the same plan will only renew, not accumulate extra data.

How do I check my night plan data balance?

To check remaining data, dial *141# and select “Data Plans” or use the My Airtel app’s data section. Status messages are also sent during browsing.

What happens when my night plan data is exhausted?

Once your allocated night data is exhausted, browsing will automatically stop. You will need to purchase a new night plan to continue browsing between 12am – 5am.

Are there any activation fees for night plans?

No, there are no activation, subscription or administrative fees to sign up for Airtel night plans. Customers only pay the advertised bundle rates.

Can I use night plans on any Airtel data network?

Yes, night plans work on Airtel’s 4G, 3G and 2G data networks nationwide. The experience will be faster on 4G networks where available.

Do night plans have a speed throttling limit?

No, Airtel does not implement any speed throttling or slowdowns on night plan data. Customers enjoy the full unrestricted speeds of Airtel’s 4G/3G networks.

How long does night plan activation take?

Night plans are activated instantly – usually in less than a minute upon dialling the activation code. Users can start browsing immediately after receiving the confirmation SMS.

Can I share my night plan data with other devices?

Unfortunately, night plan data allotments cannot be shared across multiple devices. The data is tied to the primary SIM only.

Are there any extra charges for activating a night plan via SMS?

No, there are no extra SMS costs for activating night plans – dialing the codes directly even without airtime will work. Activation is totally free.

Can I migrate from one night plan to another mid-cycle?

Yes, you can switch between night plans anytime. However, unused data will be lost when migrating – it’s best to exhaust existing plan data before switching.

Will my night plan continue automatically after expiry?

No, night plans do NOT auto-renew after their validity expires. Customers have to manually re-activate to get new data allotments.


In summary, Airtel Night Plans offer affordable after-midnight mobile internet access for prepaid customers on 4G/3G networks. With generous discounted data bundles valid between 12am – 5am daily, night plans enable browsing, streaming, chatting, downloading and more during late night hours on a budget.

The activation process is convenient via direct dialing of USSD codes. Customers should however note the limitations around validity periods and peak hour use. Monitoring of data balances is also vital to avoid surprises. Overall, Airtel’s night plans offer great value and utility for Nigerian telecom customers who need to save money without sacrificing digital connectivity at night.


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