Access Bank USSD Codes

A Comprehensive Guide to Access Bank USSD Codes for Convenient Mobile Banking

Access Bank offers a wide range of USSD codes that allow customers to conveniently access banking services directly from their mobile phones. USSD, which stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with a mobile network operator’s computers.

With USSD codes, Access Bank customers can check their account balance, view mini statements, transfer funds, pay bills, top up airtime, and much more, without needing to use mobile data or having to download an app. All it requires is dialing a code on your phone’s keypad.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the commonly used USSD codes offered by Access Bank for convenient mobile banking.

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An Overview of Access Bank’s USSD Banking Service

Access Bank’s USSD banking service provides a simple, fast, and secure way to access your bank account on your mobile phone. Here are some key things to know about the service:

  • Easy to use: Banking with USSD codes is very straightforward. All you need to do is dial the code on your phone and follow the prompts. No app download or mobile data required.
  • Works on all networks: Access Bank’s USSD codes will work on all mobile networks in Nigeria including MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile.
  • Secure: Access Bank’s USSD banking is very secure. You will need to set a USSD PIN which you must enter to authorize transactions. Never share your USSD PIN with anyone.
  • 24/7 availability: You can access banking services at any time using the USSD codes. The service is available 24/7 including weekends and public holidays.
  • Affordable: USSD transactions typically have very low fees or are free in some cases, making it an affordable way to bank.
  • Fast: USSD banking is almost instantaneous. Once you dial the code, you get connected to Access Bank’s system right away.

To start using Access Bank’s USSD banking, you first need to register by dialing *901# and following the registration prompts. You’ll be required to set a 5-digit USSD PIN. Make sure to use the phone number linked to your Access Bank account when registering.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Access Bank’s USSD Codes

Now let’s explore the various USSD codes offered by Access Bank and how to use them:

Checking Account Balance

To check your account balance, simply dial: Copy code


You’ll be prompted to enter your USSD PIN after dialing. Once entered correctly, your account balance will be displayed on the screen. This provides a quick way to check your balance at any time without needing to log into your mobile banking app.

Viewing Mini Statement

To view a mini statement showing your recent transactions, dial:Copy code


Enter your PIN when prompted and you will be able to view a list of your most recent transactions (usually the last 5). The mini statement displays essential transaction details like amount, date, and narration.

Blocking Your Account

In case your ATM card gets lost or stolen, you can promptly block your bank account using the USSD code below:Copy code


After dialing, follow the prompts to block your account instantly. This will prevent any unauthorized transactions on your account. Make sure to also contact your bank shortly after to replace your card.

Transferring Money

You can easily transfer money to other Access Bank accounts or even to accounts in other banks using USSD codes.

To transfer money to another Access Bank account, dial:Copy code

*901*1*Amount*Recipient's account number#

For example, to transfer ₦5,000 to an Access Bank account with number 0123456789, you’ll dial:Copy code


To transfer to accounts in other banks, dial:Copy code

*901*2*Amount*Recipient's account number#

So for example, to send ₦10,000 to a GTB account with number 0123456789, you’ll dial:Copy code


In both cases, you’ll need to enter your PIN when prompted before the transfer can be completed. The money will be deducted immediately from your Access Bank account.

Buying Airtime

Need to quickly recharge your mobile phone or buy airtime for someone else? Access Bank’s USSD banking lets you easily top up airtime right from your phone.

To buy airtime for your own phone number, dial:Copy code


To buy airtime for another phone number, dial:Copy code

*901*4*2*Recipient's mobile number*Amount#

So for instance, to buy ₦500 airtime for phone number 080XXXXXXXX, you’ll dial:Copy code


Enter your PIN when prompted and the airtime will be credited to the number instantly.

Paying Bills

Access Bank allows you to conveniently pay bills like PHCN, DSTV, GOtv, Smile, Spectranet and more using USSD codes.

The format is: Copy code


The payment code varies depending on the biller. You’ll need to know the right code for the specific bill you want to pay.

Examples of common bill payment codes are:

  • PHCN – 3310
  • DSTV – 1704
  • GOtv – 1541
  • Smile – 2207
  • Spectranet – 2511

So to pay your GOtv subscription of ₦3,500 for example, you’ll dial:Copy code


Enter your PIN to complete the payment when prompted. The bill will be paid directly from your Access Bank account.

Topping Up DStv

You can easily top up your DStv account by dialing:Copy code


For instance, to add ₦2,500 to your DStv account, you’ll dial:Copy code


Enter your PIN when prompted and the top up will be processed instantly.

Topping Up GOtv

To top up your GOtv account, dial:Copy code


So if you want to add ₦1,200 to your GOtv, you’ll simply dial:Copy code


Authorization with your PIN is required before the top up is completed.

And that covers the major USSD codes offered by Access Bank. With just your mobile phone, you can now easily access banking services, pay bills, top up airtime and more.

Tips for Using Access Bank’s USSD Codes Securely

While USSD banking offers convenience, you also need to use it securely. Here are some tips:

  • Keep your USSD PIN confidential – Never share your USSD PIN with anyone, including bank staff. This maintains security.
  • Set a strong PIN – Avoid obvious numbers like birthday dates. Use a random combination of at least 5 digits.
  • Change your PIN regularly – Update your PIN every few months to improve security. You can change it by dialing 90100#
  • Use your personal phone – Conduct USSD transactions from a phone only you have access to, never from public phones.
  • Check statements – Monitor your account statement to detect discrepancies early. Report unauthorized transactions promptly.
  • Avoid public WiFi – Public WiFi hotspots can be insecure. Avoid accessing sensitive information when connected.
  • Install updates – Ensure your phone’s software is always up-to-date to benefit from the latest security enhancements.

By following these tips diligently, you can bank securely via USSD codes and minimize risks.

Frequently Asked Questions on Access Bank’s USSD Codes

Here are answers to some common questions on how to use Access Bank’s USSD banking:

What phone number should I use for the USSD codes?

You need to use the phone number registered with your Access Bank account. The service will only work with registered numbers.

Do I need mobile data or airtime credit to use the codes?

No. USSD transactions work even when you have zero airtime or data balance.

Is there any charge for using the USSD service?

Most of the basic services are free including balance enquiry, mini statement and local transfers. Some advanced services like international remittance may attract charges.

Can I change my PIN?

Yes, you can change your USSD banking PIN anytime by dialing

Can I register multiple phone numbers to my account?

Yes, you can register up to 3 phone numbers for each account. Dial 9010# and follow the prompts to add extra numbers.

I have forgotten my PIN. What should I do?

Contact your Access Bank branch or call the contact center. They will be able to reset your PIN after confirming your identity. Avoid guessing PINs as this could lead to your account being blocked.

How long does it take for transfers to go through?

Transfers to Access Bank accounts are instant. Transfers to other banks take a maximum of 24 hours but often less.

Can I use the service outside Nigeria?

Yes, the USSD codes will work in other countries provided you are on a network with roaming service enabled. Normal roaming charges will apply.

Is there a limit on the amount I can transfer via USSD?

Yes, you can transfer up to N200,000 per day via USSD banking. For larger transfers, you’ll need to visit your branch.

What happens if I enter the wrong PIN multiple times?

After 3 wrong PIN attempts, your account will be temporarily blocked from USSD access. You’ll need to visit your branch to get it unblocked.

Can I pay for goods and services via the USSD codes?

Unfortunately, you cannot yet directly pay merchants for goods/services via the USSD banking channel. But you can transfer money to the merchant’s bank account.


Access Bank’s USSD codes provide a simple and convenient way to access banking services directly on your mobile phone. By just dialing the codes and entering your PIN, you can check balance, view statements, make transfers, pay bills, top up airtime and much more.

The service is secure, affordable, available 24/7 and works across all networks. To enjoy the convenience of mobile banking on-the-go, simply register by dialing *901# and start using the codes.

Remember to always keep your PIN confidential and follow the tips provided to use the service securely. With USSD banking, your finances are now easily accessible at your fingertips wherever you are!


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