Reprint Jamb: Easy Steps for JAMB Exam Ticket Retrieval

How to Reprint Your JAMB Examination Slip

Taking the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam is a crucial step for students seeking admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions. To sit for the exam, you need to have a valid JAMB examination slip, also known as an exam notification form. This slip contains key details like your registration number, exam center, date, and time.

Misplacing this vital slip can cause unnecessary stress. Thankfully, JAMB now provides the option to reprint your exam notification slip through their online portals. This guide will take you through the entire process step-by-step.

Reprint Jamb


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Overview of JAMB Exam Slip Reprinting

JAMB introduced the exam slip reprinting service to enable candidates to retrieve their slips with ease in case of loss, damage, or errors.

With this service, you can reprint your slip via two main options:

  • The JAMB Exam Slip Printing Portal
  • Your JAMB Profile Portal

To access any of these portals, you will need to provide your registration details like email address, phone number, or JAMB registration number.

However, it is important to note that currently, only Mop-Up exam slips can be reprinted. The option to reprint UTME slips typically opens about a week before the main exam dates.

Why Reprint Your JAMB Slip?

There are several circumstances that may require you to reprint your exam notification slip. These include:

  • Loss of original slip: Your slip may get misplaced, making it impossible to retrieve.
  • Damage to slip: The slip may get torn, smudged, or otherwise damaged.
  • Change in exam details: JAMB may change your exam center, date, or other details requiring an updated slip.
  • Errors on slip: Incorrect personal information, center details, etc. may be reflected.

No matter the reason, it is vital to have a proper, accurate slip for a seamless exam experience.

Requirements for JAMB Slip Reprinting

To reprint your exam notification slip, you will need:

  • A functional printer: Either own one or have access to print out the slip.
  • Your login details: Email address/phone number used during registration and password.
  • Alternate ID: JAMB registration number in case you don’t have login details.
  • Internet connection: To access and use the JAMB portal and services.
  • Power supply: To power devices and printers used in the process.

Ensuring you have these requirements in place will enable a smooth reprinting process.

Reprinting JAMB Slip via Exam Slip Printing Portal

One way to retrieve your JAMB slip is via the Exam Slip Printing portal. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Printing Portal

Step 2: Enter Your Registration Details

  • On the portal, you will see fields for your registration number, email, and phone number.
  • Enter any one of these to login. Double check the details.

Step 3: Click Print Examination Slip

  • Once logged in, click the “Print Examination Slip” button below the details entered.

Step 4: Review and Print Slip

  • Carefully review the exam slip displayed on the next page.
  • Ensure all details like center, date, and your personal information are correct.
  • Once confirmed, click print and collect the physical copy of your slip.

And you have successfully reprinted your JAMB slip via the portal!

Reprinting via JAMB Profile Portal

An alternative is to reprint your slip via your registered JAMB profile. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Access the JAMB Website

  • Go to¬†
  • This is the main JAMB website where you can access their profile portal.

Step 2: Login to Your Profile

  • On the homepage, click on “Login” to access the profile login page.
  • Enter your registered email address and password.
  • Click login once details are entered.

Step 3: Navigate to Reprint Slip

  • Once logged in, locate and click on “Print Main UTME Exam Slip” under the list of services.

Step 4: Review and Print Slip

  • Carefully review the slip displayed on the portal.
  • Double check that all details including center and date match your records.
  • Once confirmed, proceed to print out the notification slip.

And that’s it! You have successfully reprinted your exam slip via your JAMB profile.

Important Notes

While reprinting your slip, keep these important notes in mind:

  • Only Mop-Up exam slips can be reprinted currently. The option for UTME typically opens a week before.
  • Accurately review all details before printing to avoid errors.
  • Contact JAMB customer service if you have any issues via phone, email, website, or social media.
  • Visit the JAMB website frequently for latest updates on services.
  • Keep your slip safe once reprinted, and carry it on exam day.


Having a valid JAMB slip is an absolute necessity for writing the exam. By reprinting your slip via the designated JAMB portals as detailed in this guide, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises on exam day. Keeping your login details or alternate ID handy will facilitate easy retrieval whenever required.

With the proper preparation outlined here, you can seat for your exam without hassles and focus on putting your best foot forward. Best wishes as you take this important leap towards your education goals!


When can I reprint my UTME exam slip?

UTME slips can typically be reprinted about one week before the main exam dates. Outside this period, only Mop-Up slips can be reprinted.

What details do I need to access the reprint portals?

You will need your email address/phone number used for registration and password. Alternately, your JAMB registration number can also work.

Can someone else reprint my slip on my behalf?

Yes, provided they have your registration details like email/number and password. But it is best to keep your login credentials private.

I changed my exam center after printing my slip. How do I update it?

Simply reprint your slip if JAMB has approved a center change. The latest details will reflect in the reprinted version.

The reprint portal displays an error. What should I do?

If you encounter any error messages, contact JAMB support immediately for assistance via phone, web chat, email, or social media.


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