How to Get an MTN MoMo Agent POS Device: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get an MTN MoMo Agent POS Device: A Step-by-Step Guide

MTN MoMo is a popular mobile money platform available across multiple African countries. As an MTN MoMo agent, having a point-of-sale (POS) device enables you to seamlessly facilitate cash-in, cash-out, airtime purchase, bill payments and other transactions for customers.

Obtaining an official MTN MoMo POS device requires going through an application and onboarding process. The exact steps can vary based on your specific country. READ MORE HERE.

How to Get an MTN MoMo Agent POS Device: A Step-by-Step Guide


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In this comprehensive guide, we provide a detailed overview of the end-to-end process to get an MTN MoMo agent POS device including:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Application process
  • Required documents
  • POS distribution
  • Activation and training
  • Usage policies and support

Overview of the MTN MoMo Agent POS Device

The MTN MoMo POS device is specialized point-of-sale hardware provided to registered and approved MoMo agents. Key features include:

  • Accepts chip, contactless and PIN-based payments
  • Facilitates cash-in/cash-out transactions
  • Prints transaction receipts
  • Syncs to core MTN MoMo system
  • Accepts NFC payments
  • Provides summarized reports
  • Rugged design for frequent use

Having a POS device enables agents to seamlessly serve walk-in customers wishing to complete financial transactions through the MTN MoMo ecosystem. It provides the interface and tools to deliver essential services.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting an MTN MoMo Agent POS

To apply and get approved for an official MTN MoMo POS device, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have a valid government issued ID (national ID, passport, driver’s license etc.)
  • Operate a physical retail shop, kiosk or outlet with regular foot traffic
  • Have minimum working capital of $100 or equivalent in local currency
  • Complete KYC verification providing contact details, ID copy and photographs
  • Possess basic digital and financial literacy for operating POS systems
  • Sign MoMo agent terms and conditions and agree to MTN policies
  • Maintain a good credit history and business reputation
  • Commit to facilitating a minimum number of monthly transactions

Meeting these criteria demonstrates that you have the means and environment to effectively utilize the POS device to serve MoMo customers.

Step 1: Applying for an MTN MoMo POS Device

There are a few ways in which you can apply to obtain an MTN MoMo POS device:

Self-Onboarding via USSD

In some markets, MTN enables agent self-onboarding simply using a mobile phone.

  • Dial the special MoMo agent registration USSD code provided by MTN for your country
  • Follow the prompts to provide required personal details and register as an agent
  • Select option to request an MTN MoMo POS device
  • Complete the USSD-based application form submitting required info

In-Person Application at MTN Branch

The traditional approach is to visit an authorized MTN service center or retail branch.

  • Obtain the MTN MoMo agent registration form at the MTN branch
  • Fill it out accurately providing all mandatory personal, contact and business details
  • Attach copies of your ID proof, residence proof and photographs
  • Submit the completed form along with any registration fees
  • Meet with MTN representative if needed to provide clarifications

Through MTN MoMo Sales Representative

In some regions, dedicated MTN MoMo sales reps assist with agent onboarding.

  • Contact the designated sales representative for your area
  • Schedule an in-person meeting with them
  • Provide necessary documents for verification
  • Fill out agent registration form and POS application
  • Sales agent will submit your forms and liaise with MTN on your behalf

Step 2: Awaiting Approval and Processing

Once you have applied to any of the above methods, here is what happens next:

  • MTN will review your application and verify all documents are accurate
  • Your location is validated to ensure you operate in an area of customer demand
  • Background checks are done to validate your identity and business credentials
  • MTN assesses your working capital and transaction capacity for viability
  • If any clarifications are needed, MTN will contact you via phone or email
  • The standard processing time is 2-3 weeks from successful submission
  • If approved, you will receive confirmation of POS device allocation via email or SMS
  • Reach out to the assigned MTN contact if your application is pending or rejected

Geduld during this process and ensure all information you have provided is correct for smooth processing.

Step 3: Collecting and Activating the POS Device

Once approved, there are two ways you can collect your MTN MoMo POS device:

In-Branch Pickup:

  • Receive SMS/email with date and branch location for POS collection
  • Visit the designated MTN service center on the allotted date
  • Produce your approval letter, ID proof and receipt of any payment
  • The POS device will be handed to you after verification
  • Inspect device properly before acknowledgement


  • MTN arranges secure courier delivery in some cases
  • Provide accurate shop address, contact number and recipient name
  • Track order status via notifications from MTN/courier partner
  • Inspect device thoroughly upon receipt before signing
  • Notify MTN within 24 hrs if any defects, replace

Upon collecting your MTN MoMo POS device via either method, activation and configuration are required before use:

  • Charging – Fully charge the POS device if required using the provided adapter.
  • SIM insertion – Insert the designated MTN MoMo SIM into the marked slot.
  • Configuration – Turn on the device and follow prompts to configure language, date/time, preferences etc.
  • Network connection – The device will automatically connect to the MTN mobile network.
  • Authentication – You may receive an SMS with a PIN for POS confirmation. Enter this to authenticate your device.
  • Account syncing – The POS will sync to your registered MoMo agent account profile.
  • Confirmation – You will receive a confirmation message once set-up is complete.

Your POS device is now activated and ready for customer transactions after completing this onboarding sequence.

Step 4: POS Device Training and Support

It is mandatory for new agents to undergo POS device training by MTN for seamless usage:

In-Branch Training

  • Attend a short 1-2 hour training session at the MTN branch.
  • Receive an orientation on the key menus, options and workflows.
  • Learn how to navigate the POS interface.
  • Practice completing sample cash-in, cash-out and bill payment scenarios.
  • Understand reporting, settlement and reconciliation processes.
  • Ask questions and clear any doubts.

Online Video Resources

  • MTN may provide links to useful video tutorials and demos.
  • Review videos thoroughly to learn POS transaction flows.
  • Save links for future reference to refresh knowledge.
  • Practice along with the videos to gain practical experience.

For ongoing support, contact MTN customer service via:

  • POS troubleshooting helpline
  • Dedicated MoMo agent email / portal
  • Visiting nearest MTN service center
  • Online / social media support channels

Usage Policies and Standards

When using the MTN MoMo POS device, agents must comply with the following policies:

  • Perform only provider-approved transactions as per your contract.
  • Do not modify, tamper or attempt unapproved integrations with the POS device.
  • Adhere to all privacy policies regarding customer data.
  • Maintain fair and transparent pricing; do not overcharge customers.
  • Provide electronic receipts for all transactions.
  • Record and report all transactions accurately for audits.
  • Secure the POS physically to avoid theft or damage.
  • Comply with cash management protocols for liquidity management.
  • Attend refresher training periodically conducted by MTN.

Adhering to these standards ensures you remain authorized to continue utilizing the POS as an active MTN MoMo agent.


The MTN MoMo POS device is an invaluable tool for agents to deliver essential financial services to their communities and build sustainable businesses.

While obtaining a POS involves thorough application screening and training, this process is designed to ensure only capable and authorized agents are equipped to provide best-in-class service experience to customers.

Follow the step-by-step guidelines outlined here, and you will be well on your way to strengthening your operations and market presence as an MTN MoMo agent.


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