MOMO Agent: How Can I Become a momo agent

A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a MoMo Agent in Nigeria

Mobile money (MoMo) services have exploded in popularity across Nigeria, creating a need for agents to facilitate cash-in and cash-out transactions in communities. Becoming an authorized MoMo agent for providers like MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile etc can be a rewarding business opportunity if done right.

In this detailed guide, we will cover the key requirements, registration methods, and helpful tips to successfully start your journey as a MoMo agent in Nigeria.

How Can I Become a MoMo Agent: Step-by-Step Guide to Joining


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Overview of MoMo Agents in Nigeria

MoMo agents essentially function as the bridge between digital financial services and physical cash for customers. They provide much-needed “last mile” access to mobile money capabilities across Nigeria.

Key services agents offer include:

  • Cash deposits and withdrawals – Convert physical money into e-money and vice versa
  • Customer registration – Sign up new users onto MoMo platforms
  • Balance checks – Enable balance inquiries and mini-statements
  • P2P transfers – Facilitate peer-to-peer money transfers
  • Bill payments – Accept bill payments for utilities, education fees etc.
  • Airtime/Data sales – Sell mobile top up credits
  • Loan disbursement – Distribute and recover loan amounts
  • Merchant payments – Provide MoMo payment options to shops
  • Technical support – Assist customers in navigating the MoMo menus and processes

For their services, agents earn commissions on transactions processed based on set tariffs by providers.

Now let’s look at how to become a certified MoMo agent yourself.

Key Requirements to Become a MoMo Agent

While each provider may have additional specific requirements, the key criteria are generally:

Existing Business – You need an established business presence like a kiosk, pharmacy, electronics shop etc. This provides infrastructure for agency operations.

Valid ID – Provide government-issued ID like national ID, driver’s license or voters card for KYC.

Working Capital – Have at least 20,000 Naira float for liquidity to serve cash in/out needs.

Smartphone – A smartphone is required for the MoMo agency app and transactions.

Strategic Location – Situate your shop in a high foot traffic area convenient for customers.

Customer Service Skills – You should have a customer-focused mindset and patience working with first-time users.

Meeting these requirements makes approval straightforward when applying to become an agent.

How to Become a MoMo Agent Step-By-Step

Here are the main methods to register as an authorized MoMo agent:

1. Apply at MoMo Provider Office

  • Visit the nearest service provider office e.g. MTN, Airtel shop
  • Ask for a MoMo agent registration form and carefully complete all fields
  • Attach valid ID copy and 2 passport photos with the form
  • Submit the physical application to the representative for processing
  • If approved, wait for further communications on training and account setup

2. Online Registration

  • Go to the provider website e.g.
  • Find and download the MoMo agent registration form online
  • Print out the form and fill with required personal, business and contact details
  • Attach ID copies and photos
  • Book an appointment to submit the form at the nearest provider branch
  • Wait for approval status and next steps via email or phone

3. Self Onboarding via USSD

Some providers allow agent signup directly via USSD menus:

  • Dial the provided USSD code e.g. *566#
  • Follow the step-by-step prompts to enter your details
  • Verify your SIM registration matches your ID
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Create a security PIN
  • Receive confirmation of successful agent wallet creation
  • You can now start transacting as an agent

Regardless of method, ensure you provide accurate business details and documentation. This enables quick approval.

Helpful Tips for New MoMo Agents

Here are some tips to get started on the right foot as a MoMo agent:

  • Attend agent training workshops by your provider to learn processes.
  • Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the agent app and transaction workflows.
  • Treat every customer with respect and patience – especially first-timers.
  • Maintain tidy records of all transactions and float management. Stay organized.
  • Invest in basic security like CCTV cameras and fireproof safes to secure your agency operations.
  • Situate your agency in a safe and easily accessible location for customers.
  • Market your agency aggressively in the early days through flyers, banners, social media.
  • Consider hiring a dedicated staff member to focus exclusively on MoMo transactions and customer service.
  • Seek to build trust and become a pillar in your community over time.

Following these tips will help you create a reputable, efficient and sustainable MoMo agency.


Becoming a MoMo agent allows you to own a lucrative business while providing helpful digital financial services in your community. However, you need the right business foundations, documentation, working capital, location, and customer service skills.

Conduct thorough research to determine the ideal MoMo provider for your target location. Follow the outlined registration procedures properly. Seek relevant training and support to manage a thriving agency.

With mobile money adoption accelerating rapidly in Nigeria, focusing on customer experience and convenience will be key to success as an agent. Position yourself strategically to benefit from this growing market opportunity.

You now have a detailed roadmap to kickstarting your journey as an authorized, certified MoMo agent. Be diligent with compliance, operations and security to build a top-rated agency that profits you and progresses financial access for customers.


How much can MoMo agents earn from commissions?

Commissions vary by transaction type and volume. Most agents earn 25,000 – 150,000 Naira monthly. High performing outlets in busy areas earn 200,000+ Naira.

Do agents need to pay any fees or charges?

You only need to pay one-time registration/training fees around 20,000 Naira. There are no recurring fees – you earn commission on transactions.

Can I operate other businesses along with my MoMo agency?

Yes, most agents start by adding MoMo services to existing shops. However, you should dedicate staff specifically for MoMo transactions.

What are the key services I should offer customers as an agent?

Focus on cash in/out, airtime recharge, bill payments, P2P transfers, and merchant payments. Guide first-time users. Provide technical troubleshooting.

How long does the agent approval process take on average?

If you meet all criteria and submit complete documents, expect agent approval within 2-4 weeks in most cases. Download the app and start transacting once approved.

Can I register as an agent for multiple mobile money providers?

Yes, you can become an authorized agent for multiple providers like MTN, Airtel Money, 9Mobile etc at the same time. However, ensure you have capacity to serve all.


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