How To Check My Fairmoney Account Number


Are you looking to find out how to check your FairMoney account number?

FairMoney is a digital platform that provides quick and easy access to loans, savings, and other financial services.

Having your FairMoney account number at your fingertips is essential for conducting transactions, making repayments, and managing your financial activities.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to check your FairMoney account number quickly and easily.

Your FairMoney account number holds significant importance for several reasons:

  1. Transaction Reference: Your account number serves as a unique identifier, ensuring that when you make payments or receive funds from others, the right amounts are accurately credited or debited from your account.
  2. Loan Management: If you’ve taken a loan from FairMoney, your account number is vital for making timely repayments. This practice helps in maintaining a positive credit history.
  3. Customer Support: In times when you need assistance or have inquiries regarding your FairMoney account, your account number is the key to swift and efficient access to your account information by the support team.

In summary, your FairMoney account number plays a crucial role in facilitating transactions, loan management, and accessing customer support services when required.

It’s an essential piece of information for your financial activities on the platform.

How To Check My Fairmoney Account Number

Checking Your FairMoney Account Number

Checking your FairMoney account number is a straightforward process that ensures you have access to essential information for managing your financial activities.

Here are two easy methods to check your FairMoney account number:

Using the FairMoney App

  1. Open the FairMoney app on your mobile device and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on the Menu icon, typically located in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select the “Bank account” option from the menu.
  4. Your FairMoney account number will be prominently displayed under the “Account Number” section.

Through the FairMoney Website

  1. Visit the FairMoney website using a web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Log in to your FairMoney account using your credentials.
  3. Click on the “Bank account” tab, usually located within your account dashboard.
  4. Your FairMoney account number will be clearly visible under the “Account Number” section.

If, for any reason, you are unable to access your FairMoney account number using these methods, don’t worry.

You can always reach out to FairMoney customer support for prompt assistance.

They will guide you through the process and help you retrieve your account number.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure you have your FairMoney account number on hand, making it easier to conduct transactions, manage your loans, and get in touch with customer support when needed.

Checking via SMS

You can also check your FairMoney account number via SMS, which is a convenient method.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the messaging app on your mobile device.
  2. Compose a new message.
  3. Send the word “ACCOUNT” to the FairMoney SMS service number.
  4. In a matter of seconds, you will receive a text message in response, and it will contain your FairMoney account number.

This method allows you to quickly and easily access your account number without the need for a smartphone app or a website.

It’s a useful alternative for those who prefer text messaging or have limited access to the internet.

Contacting FairMoney Customer Support

If you encounter any difficulties or are unable to check your FairMoney account number using the methods mentioned, there’s a reliable solution – contacting FairMoney’s customer support.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Reach out to FairMoney’s customer support through the contact information provided on their platform. This is typically found on their website or within the FairMoney app.
  2. Explain the issue you are facing regarding your account number and request assistance.
  3. The customer support team will guide you through the necessary steps and help you retrieve your FairMoney account number promptly.

Customer support is there to assist you with any challenges you may encounter, ensuring you have the information you need for seamless transactions and account management.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them when necessary.


In conclusion, your FairMoney account number is a fundamental component of your financial interaction with the platform.

Whether you use the FairMoney app, the website, or the SMS service, retrieving your account number is a simple process that grants you access to a world of financial services.

By having your account number at your fingertips, you can conduct transactions seamlessly, manage your loans effectively, and access customer support whenever you need assistance.

It’s a valuable piece of information that ensures your financial activities run smoothly.

Remember to keep your account number secure, double-check it when making transactions, and don’t hesitate to share it with trusted parties for payments.

If you ever encounter any difficulties or have questions, FairMoney’s customer support is just a message or a call away to provide the guidance and support you need.

So, go ahead and retrieve your FairMoney account number to enjoy a hassle-free and efficient financial experience on the platform.


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