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A Comprehensive Guide to MTN Share and Sell

MTN Share and Sell is a convenient service offered by MTN that allows you to easily share airtime with other MTN subscribers. With just a few simple steps, you can activate the service, set your PIN, and start transferring airtime to friends and family.

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Overview of MTN Share and Sell

MTN Share and Sell is a mobile money transfer service exclusive to MTN subscribers in Nigeria. It was launched by MTN in 2012 as an innovative way for customers to share airtime with each other in real-time.

With Share and Sell, you can securely transfer airtime from your MTN line to any other MTN number across Nigeria. The service utilizes USSD codes and text messages, making it fast and straightforward to use.

Some key things to note about Share and Sell:

  • It is available to prepaid and postpaid MTN customers. However, recipients must be on the MTN network to receive transfers.
  • Transfers are instantaneous – the airtime reflects immediately in the recipient’s account.
  • You can transfer airtime in denominations from N100 up to N20,000 per day.
  • Transaction fees apply, deducted from your airtime balance. MTN reviews rates periodically.
  • A secure PIN is required to authenticate transfers. You set this PIN when activating the service.
  • Share and Sell provides an activity statement showing your last 5 transactions. You can request statements by dialing *556# and entering your PIN.

Overall, Share and Sell offers a handy way to share airtime with loved ones remotely. The service leverages MTN’s extensive subscriber base and coverage across Nigeria.

Benefits of Using MTN Share and Sell

MTN Share and Sell comes with several useful benefits:

Convenience – With Share and Sell, you can instantly send airtime to any MTN number in Nigeria directly from your phone. It’s more convenient than physically purchasing and delivering top up cards.

Security – The service is PIN protected, so only you can authorize transfers from your line. This prevents unauthorized or fraudulent airtime deductions.

Flexibility – You can transfer any airtime amount from N100 up to N20,000 daily. This caters to both small and large sharing needs.

Immediacy – Airtime transfers via Share and Sell are instant. Recipients don’t have to wait for top up notifications.

Affordability – Transaction fees are quite reasonable. Transfer charges start from just N30.

Accessibility – Share and Sell is accessible across Nigeria due to MTN’s extensive network coverage. Friends and family can receive airtime instantly, even in remote areas.

Support – MTN has helpful customer support channels like a call center, web chat, email, and social media to address any service issues.

Overall, the convenience, security, flexibility, immediacy, affordability, accessibility, and support make Share and Sell a useful everyday service for MTN subscribers.

How to Activate MTN Share and Sell

To start using Share and Sell, you first need to activate the service on your MTN line. Here are the simple steps to activate Share and Sell:


  1. Dial *556# on your MTN phone. This will bring up the MTN mobile money menu.
  2. Select Option 3 – Share and Sell by entering 3.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your default PIN. The default PIN is 0000.
  4. Next, enter a new 4-digit PIN of your choice to replace the default PIN.
  5. Re-enter the same new PIN.
  6. You will get a confirmation SMS that Share and Sell has been activated successfully.


  1. Send an SMS to 7777 with this message:0000 NEWPIN NEWPINHere, replace 0000 with the default PIN and NEWPIN with your new preferred 4-digit PIN.
  2. You will receive a confirmation SMS once activation is complete.

That’s it! MTN Share and Sell is now activated on your line. The new PIN you set will be used for all subsequent airtime transfers.


  • Ensure you choose a secure PIN that is not easy to guess. This protects your airtime balance from unauthorized transfers.
  • Do not share your Share and Sell PIN with anyone.
  • You can change your PIN anytime by dialing *556# and selecting Option 5.

How to Transfer Airtime on MTN Share and Sell

Once MTN Share and Sell is activated, you can start transferring airtime using either USSD or SMS.


To transfer airtime via USSD:

  1. Dial 600Recipient’s numberAmountPIN#For example: 600080345678905001234#
  2. Enter your Share and Sell PIN when prompted
  3. Confirm the details of the transfer
  4. The airtime will be deducted from your balance and sent to the recipient instantly


To transfer airtime via SMS:

  1. Send an SMS to 321 in this format:Transfer Recipient’s number Amount PINFor example: Transfer 08034567890 500 1234
  2. The airtime amount will be deducted from your balance and sent to the recipient immediately.


  • Recipient’s number – Enter the phone number you want to send airtime to
  • Amount – Enter the airtime amount (N100 to N20,000) to transfer
  • PIN – Enter your 4-digit Share and Sell PIN


  • You can transfer airtime in denominations from N100 up to N20,000 daily.
  • Transaction fees apply based on the transfer amount. Check MTN’s website for the latest fees.
  • Only send airtime to people you know and trust.

Transaction Tips and Limits

To get the best experience using Share and Sell, note the following tips and limits:

  • You can transfer airtime worth N100 to N20,000 per day. Transfers above N10,000 will require secondary PIN confirmation for extra security.
  • Maximum transfer amount per transaction is N20,000. You’ll need to split larger transfers into multiple transactions.
  • Your transfer PIN helps protect unauthorized transactions. Do not share your PIN with others.
  • Change your PIN periodically for better security. You can do this by dialing *556# and selecting Option 5.
  • MTN deducts transfer fees from your airtime balance. Check regularly for updated fees.
  • Always confirm transfer details before authorizing deductions from your balance.
  • You can transfer airtime to any MTN number in Nigeria, as long as the recipient is also on the MTN network.
  • Transfers are instant, so the recipient gets the airtime immediately in their account.
  • Monitor your activity statements for records of recent transfers. Statements can be requested by dialing *556# and entering your PIN.

Sticking to these tips and limits will help you avoid errors and get the most out of Share and Sell.

Checking Your MTN Share and Sell Balance

It’s advisable to check your Share and Sell balance from time to time. This helps you monitor transfers and ensure sufficient airtime is available for sharing.

To check your Share and Sell balance:


  1. Dial *556#
  2. Select Option 6
  3. Enter your Share and Sell PIN
  4. Your airtime balance will be displayed


  1. Send SMS BAL to 321
  2. Enter your Share and Sell PIN when prompted
  3. You will receive an SMS with your current airtime balance

Monitoring your balance enables you to efficiently budget and manage your airtime transfers.

You can also request an activity statement to view your last 5 Share and Sell transactions. To get a statement, dial *556# and select option 7. This helps you keep track of recent airtime deductions.

Troubleshooting Tips

When using MTN Share and Sell, you may occasionally encounter issues like transfer delays, unknown deductions or wrong beneficiary errors. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Issue: Transfer delays

Solution: Confirm recipient’s number is correct and active on MTN. Also check your network signal strength. Transfers depend on a stable connection.

Issue: Unknown airtime deductions

Solution: Do not share your PIN with others and change it periodically. Review your activity statements for clues on unauthorized transfers.

Issue: Transfer delivered to wrong beneficiary

Solution: Always double check the recipient’s number before entering their details and authorizing transfers.

Issue: Insufficient airtime balance

Solution: Load sufficient airtime and try transferring again. Transfer amount should not exceed your current airtime balance.

Issue: SMS issues or activation failures

Solution: Confirm your SMS service is active and you have sufficient SMS credit. Retry sending the activation SMS.

Issue: Forgotten PIN

Solution: Dial *556# and select Option 4 to reset your PIN. You will need to provide personal details for verification.

Issue: Share and Sell not activated

Solution: Try activating again by dialing *556# and selecting Option 3. Follow the prompts to set a new PIN.

Issue: Recipient claims airtime not received

Solution: Confirm transaction was successful via your statement. Advise recipient to dial *556# and check their Share and Sell balance.

Issue: Cannot access activity statements

Solution: Reset your PIN first before requesting statements. Also check your SMS notification settings.

For any persisting problems, contact MTN customer care for further assistance. Providing transaction details speeds up resolution.

MTN Share and Sell Fees

MTN deducts a transaction fee for each airtime transfer done through Share and Sell. This fee depends on the transfer amount:

  • N100 to N500: N30
  • N501 to N1,000: N50
  • N1,001 to N2,000: N75
  • N2,001 to N5,000: N100
  • N5,001 to N10,000: N200
  • Above N10,000: N300

In addition, transfers above N10,000 require a secondary PIN for extra security. This secondary PIN activation costs N20.

MTN reviews Share and Sell fees periodically, so check their website for updated rates. The fee gets deducted from your airtime balance directly during transactions.

Factors that determine MTN’s pricing include:

  • Maintaining the technical infrastructure for Share and Sell
  • Network resources utilized per transaction
  • Commission paid to distribution partners
  • Customer support costs
  • Fraud prevention mechanisms
  • Profit margin

While the fees may seem high, Share and Sell offers a convenient way to share airtime remotely. The ability to instantly send airtime across Nigeria is valuable.

Users can minimize costs by transferring airtime in bulk once in a while, rather than several small transfers that each incur a fee.

Share and Sell Alternatives

Besides MTN Share and Sell, there are some alternative ways to share airtime with others:

Physical Top Up Cards – Purchase airtime vouchers at authorized dealers and physically give them to recipients. However, this can be inconvenient compared to instant virtual top ups via Share and Sell.

ACV Transfers – Transfer credit directly from your airtime credit voucher (ACV) balance. This avoids deducting from your main airtime, but requires meeting to exchange ACVs.

ATM Transfers – Visit an ATM to initiate airtime transfers via services like Quickteller. However, transfers may not be instantaneous.

OTC with Agents – Share airtime through over-the-counter transfers at authorized mobile money agents. But this involves significant legwork.

Airtime Auto-gift – Set up auto-gifting to send airtime to recipients on special occasions automatically. However, transfers are not in real-time.

While these options exist, they often require more effort compared to the convenience of MTN Share and Sell. The service provide fast, remote airtime sharing.


MTN Share and Sell is a straightforward service that enables MTN subscribers to instantly send airtime to recipients on the MTN Nigeria network.

With easy SMS and USSD access, users can activate the service, set a secure PIN, and start transferring airtime seamlessly. Share and Sell facilitates remote airtime support that saves time and effort.

To get the best experience, follow the tips covered in this guide – set a strong PIN, monitor your balance, stick to transfer limits, and leverage troubleshooting suggestions.

While fees apply, Share and Sell provides immense convenience through real-time airtime sharing anywhere across Nigeria. The service harnesses MTN’s extensive coverage and large subscriber base.


Here are some frequently asked questions about MTN Share and Sell:

Q: Is Share and Sell free to activate?

A: Yes, activating Share and Sell is free. You are only charged when performing airtime transfers.

Q: Can I send airtime to other networks?

A: No, Share and Sell only supports sending airtime to MTN numbers. Recipients must be MTN subscribers.

Q: How much can I transfer daily?

A: You can transfer up to N20,000 worth of airtime per day. The minimum amount is N100.

Q: Is there a way to reverse a transfer?

A: No, all Share and Sell transfers are final. However, you can contact MTN customer care for assistance if you encounter errors.

Q: Can I change my PIN?

A: Yes, you can change your Share and Sell PIN anytime by dialing *556# and selecting option 5. Just provide your old and new PIN.

Q: What happens if I forget my PIN?

A: You can reset your forgotten PIN by dialing *556# and selecting option 4. Your identity will be verified before resetting the PIN.

Q: How do I check my Share and Sell balance?

A: To check your balance, dial *556# and select option 6. Alternatively, send SMS BAL to 321. In both cases, enter your PIN to view your balance.

Q: Is my airtime secure when using Share and Sell?

A: Yes, your airtime is secure. Share and Sell leverages a PIN system to prevent unauthorized access and deductions from your balance.


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