Code For Glo Data Balance: Easy Methods


As of February 14th, 2024, there are several easy ways for Glo mobile customers to check their remaining data balance. With data being such an essential part of our daily mobile usage, it’s important to be able to monitor your usage and avoid surprise data overages. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk through the main methods to check your Glo data balance, additional options, tips for staying on top of your data, and frequently asked questions.

Code For Glo Data Balance


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The Two Primary Ways to Check Your Glo Data Balance

The two main options Glo customers have for checking data balances are USSD codes and the USSD menu.

1. USSD Codes

USSD codes are short number combinations you enter directly on your phone’s dial pad to pull up account information. They work on both smart and feature phones.

Here are the main USSD codes for checking your Glo data:

  • 323# – This is the current and most reliable USSD code for checking your Glo data balance. When you dial 323# on your phone’s keypad, you will receive a text message with your remaining data stated in MBs or GBs depending on your plan. This code provides the fastest and most accurate way to check data.
  • 127# – This older USSD code also can be used to check your Glo data balance. However, Glo recommends switching to using the 323# code for the latest updates. The 127# code may not always show your most recent data usage.

To use a USSD code on your phone:

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad
  2. Enter the USSD code – either 323# or 127#
  3. Hit the call button
  4. You will receive a text message with your remaining data balance
  5. End or cancel the call

The process is quick, usually taking less than 10 seconds total. USSD codes work on all mobile networks in Nigeria so you can check your data even without an internet connection.

2. USSD Menu

The second way to check your Glo data is through the USSD menu. To use the menu:

  1. Dial *777# on your phone
  2. Select “Data Services” by entering the number next to it
  3. Choose “Manage Data”
  4. Select “Data Balance”
  5. Your current data balance will be displayed on screen
  6. End or cancel the call

The USSD menu provides a few more options for managing your data but takes slightly longer than simply entering a USSD code.

No matter which USSD method you choose, be aware that there may be a slight delay between using your data and having the balance update. Always consider your data balance to be a close estimate, not the exact amount.

Additional Ways to Check Your Glo Data Balance

Beyond USSD codes and the menu, a couple other options exist for checking data:

  • SMS: You can check your data by SMS using the “INFO” service. Simply send the word INFO as text to 127. You will receive an SMS back with details on your data usage.
  • Glo HSI Portal: If you have access to the Glo Home Service Internet (HSI) portal online, you can log in and view your data balance on your account dashboard. The portal allows you to monitor data as well as pay bills and manage your plan.
  • Glo Cafe app: The Glo Cafe mobile app has an option to check your data balance and other account details. Download the app from your device’s app store.

While SMS and the online options work, the two USSD methods tend to be the fastest and most convenient way for most Glo customers to stay updated on their data usage.

Tips for Monitoring Your Data Balance

Here are some tips to help you keep an eye on your remaining data and avoid going over your plan limits:

  • Check your data balance regularly – make it part of your weekly or monthly routine.
  • Be aware of data-intensive apps and limit their background usage. Streaming video, gaming, and large file downloads can quickly eat up data.
  • Consider using data compression/saving browsers and apps like Opera Mini to reduce usage.
  • Set data limit alerts through your Glo account or third-party apps to be notified when you reach a certain threshold.
  • Switch on WiFi when available to use WiFi data instead of your mobile plan data.
  • Monitor your usage closely towards the end of your billing cycle when your data is low.
  • Purchase a supplemental or one-time data bundle if needed to avoid overages.

Following these tips will ensure you have up-to-date knowledge of your data balance and can avoid unintended overage charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about checking Glo data balances:

What happens if I enter the USSD code incorrectly?

Don’t worry if you enter a USSD code slightly wrong. You will just receive an error message. Double check the code and try again.

Why is my data balance different than what the USSD code shows?

There can be a lag between using data and having the balance update. Or third party apps may show different amounts than the direct USSD code balance. Always trust the USSD code as the most accurate amount.

Do USSD codes work when roaming internationally?

Unfortunately USSD codes do not work when roaming outside of Nigeria on other networks. You will need to check with the local carrier for data balance options.

How frequently can I check my data without being charged?

You can use the USSD codes and menu as frequently as needed with no extra charges. Feel free to check your Glo data balance multiple times a day if needed.

What happens if my data balance reaches zero?

Once your data is fully depleted, you will no longer be able to browse the internet or use data. You will need to purchase an additional bundle to continue using data for that billing cycle.

Can I check the data balance for other numbers on my account?

The USSD balance check only shows the data info for the specific SIM card you are dialing from. To check other numbers, you would need to use their SIM card in your phone.


Monitoring your data balance is easy with the USSD codes from your Glo mobile phone. Be sure to use the method that works best for your needs and follow the tips above to maximize your data usage every month. Contact Glo customer support if you have any other questions on checking your data.


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