How to Withdraw Money from an MTN MoMo Agent in Nigeria: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Withdraw Money from an MTN MoMo Agent in Nigeria: A Step-by-Step Guide

Withdrawing cash securely and conveniently without your ATM card is now possible using MTN’s Mobile Money (MoMo) agent network.

This comprehensive guide covers the end-to-end process for withdrawing funds from your bank account via an authorized MTN MoMo agent.

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Overview of MTN MoMo Services in Nigeria

Launched in 2019, MTN MoMo enables Nigerians to complete financial transactions, store funds, borrow, and more directly through their mobile device without requiring a traditional bank account.

Key features include:

  • Mobile wallet – Customers can store funds in a digital wallet linked to their phone number.
  • Payments – Send/receive domestic transfers, pay bills, top up airtime.
  • Loans – Access quick loans and microloans through MoMo.
  • Savings – Earn interest by saving in a MoMo Savings wallet.
  • International transfers – Receive remittances from overseas.

The extensive agent network facilitates essential cash-in and cash-out services nationwide. Agents earn commissions on transactions performed using their registered Till numbers.

With over 9 million active users in 2021, MoMo adoption continues rising rapidly.

Benefits of Withdrawing from a MoMo Agent

The key benefits of using an MTN MoMo agent to withdraw funds include:

  • Convenience – Wide agent coverage across neighborhoods makes accessing cash easy.
  • Speed – Withdrawals take just minutes once you reach the agent.
  • Security – Avoid risks and costs of transporting cash.
  • No card required – Withdraw cash securely without your debit card.
  • Documentation – Get receipts detailing your withdrawals.
  • Consumer support – Agents provide face-to-face assistance with transactions.
  • Low charges – Attractive fees compared to traditional banks.

Step 1 – Locate a Nearby MTN MoMo Agent

To initiate cash withdrawals, first locate your nearest registered MoMo agent outlet using:

  • MoMo App – Use the “Find an Agent” map in the app to pinpoint nearby agents.
  • USSD – Dial *223# and follow prompts to find MoMo agents closest to you.
  • SMS – Text “Agent” to 200 and receive agent locations via SMS.
  • Online directories – Search listings on Yellow Pages, Findegy, Enuguexpress etc.

I recommend finding agents with high ratings and reviews for reliable service. Top agents have MTN signage and materials displayed prominently.

Step 2 – Have Your Account Details Ready

Before visiting the MoMo agent, ensure you have the following information handy:

  • Your bank name
  • Valid account number
  • Registered phone number linked to the account
  • Exact cash withdrawal amount required

Having these details ready speeds up the withdrawal process.

Step 3 – Visit the MTN MoMo Agent

Present to the MoMo agent:

  • Your bank details (name and account number)
  • Phone number associated with your bank account
  • The exact amount you wish to withdraw in Naira

Agents may request to see your ID card to verify your name and details.

Step 4 – Agent Initiates Withdrawal

The agent will input your information into their MoMo till application. You will then:

  1. Receive an OTP prompt on your phone.
  2. Input your BVN PIN to authenticate the transaction.
  3. Provide the OTP to the agent.
  4. Agent completes the withdrawal from your bank account.

This instant authorisation system prevents unauthorized withdrawals.

Step 5 – Collect the Cash

Once approved, the agent will count out the withdrawal amount and hand over the cash. Count the money carefully before leaving.

Be sure to collect your receipt detailing the transaction for records. You will also receive an SMS notification from your bank confirming withdrawal amount, fees charged etc.

Step-by-Step Withdrawal Example

Let’s look at a complete example:

  1. Using the MTN MoMo app, you locate an approved agent – ShopKwik Mall at 33 Ikorodu Road. Their rating is 4.5 stars.
  2. You visit ShopKwik around 2pm and proceed to the MoMo counter.
  3. You provide the agent with your Access Bank account number, registered mobile number, and state you want to withdraw 20,000 Naira.
  4. The agent inputs your details into the MoMo till.
  5. You receive an OTP prompt, provide your BVN PIN, and relay the OTP to the agent.
  6. Within minutes, the agent counts out 20,000 Naira cash and provides your electronic receipt.
  7. You receive an SMS notification from Access Bank confirming the amount debited from your account.

The entire process takes just 10-15 minutes if the agent is not busy.

Transaction Tips and Precautions

To ensure smooth withdrawals, keep these tips in mind:

  • Target agents with high ratings and visibility. Avoid poorly rated or obscure locations.
  • Start with smaller withdrawal amounts to confirm you have the right agent before maximum amounts.
  • Keep your phone with you throughout for the OTP authorization. Do not share OTP or PIN.
  • Count the cash carefully before leaving the counter.
  • Check SMS notification from your bank and reconcile with receipt.
  • Escalate immediately if you suspect any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.

Exercising caution helps avoid potential issues with agents or the withdrawal process.

Limitations and Restrictions

Be aware of the following limits and restrictions:

  • Daily ATM cash withdrawal limits apply, usually around 150,000 per day.
  • Banks may levy charges for withdrawals outside of ATMs. Fees range from 100 to 200 Naira.
  • Maximum single transaction limits prevent very large withdrawals without prior arrangement.
  • Technical issues may interrupt service temporarily. Have backup options.

Always clarify any limits and charges beforehand to avoid surprises.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter any issues withdrawing via an MTN MoMo agent, here is how to troubleshoot:

  • Confirm you provided the correct registered mobile number associated with your bank account.
  • Retry the OTP/PIN process carefully avoiding any typos.
  • Check your phone has cellular connectivity and data access.
  • Ask the agent to confirm their system is fully operational without technical faults.
  • Contact your bank to report unauthorized or incomplete withdrawals for investigation.
  • Submit official complaints to MTN through their customer service channels regarding any agent misconduct.


In summary, withdrawing cash securely from your bank account without an ATM card is now possible at authorized MTN MoMo agent outlets across Nigeria.

By locating an agent using the app or USSD, having your account details ready, and following the withdrawal process, you can obtain fast cash conveniently and avoid card-related risks.

Exercising caution around agents, reconciling receipts with bank notifications, and reporting issues promptly also helps ensure smooth transactions.

As mobile money adoption continues rising rapidly, tapping into the expansive MTN MoMo agent network makes accessing your funds easier than ever.


What is the maximum I can withdraw at once?

Maximums depend on your bank’s limits, often around 150,000 Naira per day. Discuss large withdrawals with agent beforehand.

Do all MTN MoMo agents offer cash-out services?

No, some registered agents are merchant-only. Check for cash-out stickers and visibility of a MoMo till before proceeding.

How much does the agent charge for withdrawals?

Fees vary by agent but are typically 100 – 200 Naira per transaction, which is lower than regular ATM charges.

Can I withdraw from the agent if my phone is switched off?

Unfortunately your registered mobile number is needed to receive the OTP to authorize the withdrawal, so your phone must be active.

What if I enter the wrong account number?

If the account details do not match, the transaction will fail. Re-initiate with the correct registered phone number and account number.

How can I provide feedback about an agent?

You can contact MTN through their customer service channels via phone, email, chat or social media to provide feedback about any agent.


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