NIBSS Merchant Login: Simplifying Access for Users

NIBSS Merchant Portals: A Comprehensive Guide to the QR and BVN Validation Portals

For businesses in Nigeria, accepting digital payments is no longer just a nice addition – it’s a necessity to stay competitive. That’s why so many merchants, from large retailers to small shops, are turning to NIBSS (Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System) for secure and convenient payment processing.

A key part of using NIBSS services is accessing their online merchant portals. NIBSS operates two main portals for merchants: the QR Portal and the BVN Validation Portal. Understanding the difference between these platforms and how to use them ensures you get the most out of your relationship with NIBSS.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the NIBSS QR and BVN Validation merchant portals, including registration, features, and usage tips.

NIBSS Merchant Login


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Overview of NIBSS

First, let’s quickly recap what NIBSS is and why Nigerian businesses rely on them.

NIBSS is owned by all licensed banks in Nigeria and powered by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). It operates as a clearing and settlement processor for inter-bank transactions.

Key services provided by NIBSS include:

  • NIP Instant Payments – Real-time account to account transfers between Nigerian banks.
  • NIBSS Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) – Bulk and batch payments like salary disbursements.
  • NIBSS Automated Payment Services (NAPS) – Tools for automated, recurring payments.
  • BVN Services – Validation and verification of Bank Verification Numbers.
  • NIBSS QR – QR code standard for retail payments by consumers.

By facilitating payments between businesses, banks, and consumers, NIBSS enables efficient digital transactions across Nigeria.

NIBSS QR Merchant Portal

The NIBSS QR Payment Portal is the gateway for merchants to harness the power of QR code payments. Here’s an overview of this platform:

What is NIBSS QR?

NIBSS QR provides a common QR code standard that works seamlessly across all banks in Nigeria. By scanning a seller’s unique QR code using their mobile banking app, customers can instantly pay for goods and services.

It eliminates the need for POS terminals and other hardware. As a merchant, all you need to start accepting payments is your mobile phone and a NIBSS QR sticker/display.

Key Benefits of NIBSS QR for Merchants:

  • Low cost – No expensive POS machines required.
  • Wide acceptance – QR codes work with all Nigerian banks.
  • Continuous availability – Software-based solution has minimal downtime.
  • Data analytics – Gain customer insights from detailed transaction records.
  • Branding – Custom QR codes reinforce branding and security.

Registering for the NIBSS QR Merchant Portal

To gain access to the NIBSS QR Merchant Portal, merchants must first register for a NIBSS merchant account.

The requirements are:

  • Active corporate bank account with a Nigerian bank
  • CAC incorporation documents
  • Valid company tax ID
  • Contact details of business owners/directors

Documentation is submitted online or through your bank branch. Upon approval, you’ll receive credentials to log into your merchant portal account.

Key Features of the QR Merchant Portal

When logged into the NIBSS QR Merchant Portal, you can:

  • View transaction history – See details of all QR payments received, including dates, customer info, and amount. Download reports for record keeping and accounting.
  • Manage QR codes – Generate new unique QR codes for different locations/payments. Edit design elements like logo and colors. Disable codes when required.
  • Update business profile – Change company details, point of contact, bank account info etc. Keep account current.
  • Contact support – Get assistance from NIBSS team via the portal’s support channels.

Using Your NIBSS QR Codes

Once your QR codes are generated through the portal, you are ready to start accepting contactless payments!

  • Display codes prominently – Print on posters, stickers, receipts, etc. Ensure customers can easily scan them.
  • Provide code at checkout – Show QR codes for customers to authorize payments from their bank’s mobile app.
  • Confirm payment – Check that funds are received and payment is verified before completing transactions.

With a few simple steps, your business can offer quick and convenient digital payments powered by NIBSS.

NIBSS BVN Validation Merchant Portal

In addition to payments, verifying your customers’ identities is also crucial. This is enabled by the NIBSS BVN Validation Portal.

What is the NIBSS BVN Service?

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a centralized biometric ID system for Nigerian financial services, also operated by NIBSS.

Each BVN is tied to an individual’s fingerprint, facial recognition data, and personal information. It provides a standardized way to verify identities across banks and other institutions.

As a merchant, you can use NIBSS BVN validation to confirm customers are who they claim to be. This mitigates fraud such as use of stolen cards/accounts.

Key Benefits of BVN Validation:

  • Risk reduction – Identify potentially fraudulent transactions early.
  • Data accuracy – Avoid errors from false personal information.
  • Compliance – Meet know-your-customer (KYC) regulatory requirements.
  • Customer trust – Reassure customers with identity protection measures.

Registering for the BVN Validation Merchant Portal

Like the QR portal, accessing the BVN Validation Portal first requires an approved NIBSS merchant account.

Additional requirements include:

  • Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Completed merchant establishment forms

NIBSS reviews applications to ensure proper compliance protocols are in place before granting portal access.

Key Features of the BVN Validation Portal

When registered, merchants can:

  • Enter customer BVN – Input the BVN of shoppers to validate.
  • View match results – See confirmation if BVN matches the name, date of birth, and other identifiers provided.
  • Check multiple BVNs – Run validation checks in batches for efficiency.
  • Download reports – Keep records of all verifications performed for auditing.
  • Get support – Contact NIBSS help desk via phone or online channels.

Using BVN Validation in Your Business

To leverage BVN verification day-to-day:

  • Ask customers for BVN – Politely request BVN at checkout/account opening to cross-check identity.
  • Validate discreetly – Perform checks in the background for minimal disruption.
  • Review results – If mismatch, ask customer to rectify info or provide additional ID.
  • Flag high-risk transactions – If BVN validation keeps failing, heightened scrutiny may be required.

Proper use of BVN validation lets you harness NIBSS protection while maintaining customer satisfaction.


As a merchant in Nigeria, partnering with NIBSS equips your business with robust tools for processing payments and preventing fraud. By understanding the key features and uses of the NIBSS QR Merchant Portal and BVN Validation Portal, you can fully capitalize on these capabilities.

Some final recommendations include:

  • Register for your NIBSS merchant account early and ensure full approval.
  • Take time to learn both portals’ dashboards and settings.
  • Train staff on proper use of QR payments and BVN verification protocols.
  • Monitor transactions and issues in real-time through the portals.
  • Leverage NIBSS portals as your complete command center.

With the right adoption approach, NIBSS can help your company offer world-class customer experiences powered by Nigeria’s most trusted payment infrastructure.


What is the main difference between the NIBSS QR and BVN portals?

The QR Merchant Portal focuses on managing QR codes and viewing associated payments. The BVN Validation Portal is used specifically to check and confirm customers’ Bank Verification Numbers.

Do I need an account on both portals?

Most merchants only need access to the QR Portal to accept payments. The BVN Portal is only required if you want to perform additional identity verification on customers.

How do I reset my login for the NIBSS portals?

Go to the portal login page and use the “Forgot Password” link. Input your registered email or merchant ID to receive a password reset link.

Can I access the portals through mobile apps?

Currently, the NIBSS merchant portals are only available via web browsers. Mobile-responsive sites allow portal access from smartphones and tablets. Native mobile apps have not been launched.

What is the typical approval time to get portal access?

Merchant account approval takes 5-10 business days. Once approved, portal access credentials are provided instantly.


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