A Comprehensive Guide to the NIBSS BVN Validation Portal


The Bank Verification Number (BVN) has become a key form of identity verification for financial services in Nigeria. The Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) provides an online BVN validation portal for authorized users to check the validity of BVNs and retrieve associated personal details.

In this guide, I’ll provide a thorough overview of the NIBSS BVN validation portal including its purpose, access, features, and alternative validation methods. I’ll also share important notes on using the portal responsibly to prevent fraud and protect personal data.

nibss bvn validation portal

What is the NIBSS BVN Validation Portal?

The NIBSS BVN validation portal is an online platform that allows authorized individuals and organizations to verify the validity of Bank Verification Numbers (BVNs) and retrieve associated customer information. It serves an important purpose in the financial sector:

Key Purpose

  • To confirm the identity of individuals and validate they are who they claim to be. This helps prevent identity fraud and theft.
  • To reduce risks in financial transactions and account openings by matching customers to valid BVNs.
  • To keep records of all BVN validation checks conducted through the portal for auditing and tracing purposes.

By providing a centralized platform to validate the 11-digit BVNs issued by banks, the portal makes identity verification seamless across Nigeria’s financial system.

Who Can Access and Use the BVN Validation Portal?

The NIBSS BVN portal is not open to the general public. Access must be authorized on a case-by-case basis for legitimate purposes. The main users include:

  • Banks and financial institutions – To validate new customers and account holders.
  • Anti-fraud agencies – To aid financial crime investigations and identity tracing.
  • Credit bureaus – To associate credit records and histories with validated identities.
  • Government institutions – For national identification database efforts and social intervention programs.
  • Large corporations – To verify identities of employees, vendors, and partners.

To gain access, authorized users must contact NIBSS to be provisioned with login credentials (username and password). The portal requires secure 2-factor authentication for each login. Credentials should be carefully protected once assigned.

Key Features and Capabilities of the BVN Portal

The NIBSS BVN validation portal provides the following key capabilities:

BVN Validation Check

Users can perform a real-time validation check on any BVN by entering it on the portal interface. It will confirm if the 11-digit number is a valid and active BVN associated with a real bank account holder. Invalid or inactive BVNs will be rejected.

Customer Information Retrieval

For valid BVNs, the portal returns key personal details associated with the individual, including:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Residential address
  • Bank name
  • Branch name

This provides authoritative customer identity data to prevent impersonation fraud.

Complete Audit Trails

The portal maintains detailed records of all BVN checks conducted, including who performed them and when. This provides full audit trails to trace any potential suspicious misuse.

Alternative Ways to Validate BVNs

Beyond the NIBSS portal, there are also a few other methods to check and validate BVNs:

USSD Codes

  • 565*0# – Enter this USSD code on your mobile phone to retrieve your own BVN.
  • 565*1# – Enter this USSD and another person’s BVN to validate it. Network charges apply.

Bank Branches and ATMs

Many bank branches and ATMs provide the option to enter a BVN and validate that it’s associated with a genuine account. This checks directly against the bank’s core banking system rather than the NIBSS portal.

NIBSS Mobile App

The NIBSS Mobile App offers both self BVN retrieval and third-party BVN validation similar to the USSD method.

Responsible Use of the BVN Validation Portal

While the NIBSS portal provides a valuable identity verification capability, it must be used properly by authorized institutions to prevent misuse:

Not for General Public

It is important to note the portal is intended for approved organizations, not individual consumers. Do not share login credentials or provide portal access to unauthorized parties.

Validation Has Limits

BVN verification confirms an identity but does not validate creditworthiness or transaction appropriateness. Always follow proper due diligence.

Protect Personal Data

Only share the minimum personal data needed for identity confirmation. Do not use details retrieved for any other purpose.

Follow Audit Trails

Properly investigate any suspicious verification activity identified in portal audit reports.

By using proper access controls and responsible practices, the BVN validation portal can significantly strengthen Nigeria’s financial identity infrastructure.

nibss bvn validation portal

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use the BVN portal?

NIBSS does not currently charge any fees for regulated entities to use the BVN validation portal. However, organizations must first be approved and setup with access credentials by NIBSS.

Can I validate my own BVN on the portal?

No, regular individuals cannot access the NIBSS portal directly. You can validate your own BVN via your bank, mobile USSD, or NIBSS app instead.

Is it mandatory to validate BVN before opening bank accounts?

The CBN has mandated BVN validation before opening new accounts. Banks must use the NIBSS portal or their own internal methods to confirm BVNs.

What happens if a BVN is invalid?

If a BVN entered on the portal is invalid, no customer details will be returned. This indicates the number is either fabricated or inactive for that financial identity.

Can I change or correct information on my BVN?

No, the NIBSS portal is read-only. To update any information linked to your BVN like phone, address, or name, you must approach your bank branch directly.


The NIBSS BVN validation portal serves an important function in Nigeria’s financial ecosystem by enabling reliable identity verification. To maintain security and privacy standards, access must be properly controlled and audited. With responsible use, the portal should significantly reduce the risk of identity-related fraud across banking and financial services.


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