Keystone Bank Code: Get Easy Access to Banking Services

Understanding Keystone Bank Codes: A Detailed Guide

Keystone Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria with over 150 branches across the country. As a customer of Keystone Bank, being aware of the various codes and numbers relevant to your account can help ensure smooth banking operations. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of Keystone Bank codes, their functions, and how to use them effectively.

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USSD Codes for Keystone Bank Mobile Banking

USSD, which stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a protocol used by GSM phones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers. Banks leverage USSD codes to offer mobile banking services to customers.

Keystone Bank has enabled several mobile banking services through the USSD channel. The general USSD code to access Keystone Bank mobile banking is *7111#. By dialing this code on your registered mobile number, you can access the bank’s mobile banking menu.

Here are some of the key options available on the Keystone Bank USSD menu:

  • Check Account Balance – To check the available balance on your Keystone Bank accounts, dial *7111# > 1. You will be able to view balances for your savings, current, and loan accounts.
  • Airtime Purchase – To buy airtime for your phone, dial *7111# > 2. You can select your network provider and amount to instantly recharge your mobile.
  • Data Purchase – To purchase mobile data bundles, dial *7111# > 3. You can browse available data plans and pricing to purchase the one you need.
  • Funds Transfer – To transfer money to a registered beneficiary, dial *7111# > 4. You can send money to other Keystone or interbank accounts 24/7 using this service.
  • Bill Payments – To pay your utility bills, dial *7111# > 5. Electricity, cable TV, internet, and other bills can be paid via the quick bill pay menu.
  • Account Services – For mini statement, cheque status, loan repayment and other services, dial *7111# > 6.
  • Channel Services – Check your internet banking or mobile banking profile details by selecting option 7.

The Keystone Bank USSD service eliminates the need to visit branches for routine transactions. Customers can conveniently access banking on the go from their mobile devices. However, it is advisable to take precautions like avoiding conducting financial transactions in public spaces or over unsecured networks.

SWIFT Code for Keystone Bank Branches

SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. It is a network that enables secure messaging between financial institutions during international payments and transactions.

Each SWIFT-connected bank branch is assigned an 8 or 11 digit unique SWIFT code. This code identifies the bank and branch on the SWIFT network globally.

For Keystone Bank, the SWIFT code differs based on the specific branch. Here are the SWIFT codes for some major Keystone Bank branches in Nigeria:

  • Keystone Bank Lagos: KSTBNGLA
  • Keystone Bank Abuja: KSTBNGAN
  • Keystone Bank Port Harcourt: KSTBNGPH
  • Keystone Bank Kano: KSTBNGKN
  • Keystone Bank Ibadan: KSTBNGIB
  • Keystone Bank Abeokuta: KSTBNGAB

When receiving inward international transfers, customers should provide the appropriate SWIFT code of their Keystone Bank branch to the sender. This will ensure the funds are routed precisely to the intended account.

The complete list of Keystone Bank branch SWIFT codes can be found on the bank’s website. Customers can also get the SWIFT code for their respective branches by calling the Keystone Bank customer service or visiting their home branch. Clearly communicating the correct SWIFT code is vital for smooth cross-border banking.

Function of Keystone Bank Branch Codes

In addition to SWIFT codes, Keystone Bank assigns a unique branch code to each of its branches across Nigeria. This numeric branch code is essential for interbank transfers and other branch-specific transactions.

Here are some scenarios where Keystone Bank’s branch codes come into play:

  • Interbank transfers – When transferring funds to a Keystone Bank account online via NEFT or RTGS, you will need to input the destination branch code along with the account number. This ensures your funds reach the exact branch.
  • Cheque deposits – For cashing cheques drawn on Keystone Bank at any other bank branch, you need to provide the Keystone Bank branch code printed on the cheque. This helps route the cheque to the correct branch for clearance.
  • Cash deposits – Some banks allow you to deposit cash at their branches to credit into your Keystone Bank account. Here too the branch code needs to be specified for proper routing.
  • Account portability – If you want to shift your account from one Keystone branch to another while retaining the account number, you need to formally communicate the new branch code.
  • Loan application – When applying for a loan with Keystone Bank, the branch code determines where your application will be processed and account opened.

Keystone Bank branch codes typically comprise 3 digits like 018, 026, or 064. Customers can find the branch code for their account in bank statements, cheque books, or by contacting the home branch directly. Including the branch code ensures smooth processing for inter and intra bank transactions.

How to Find Your Keystone Bank Branch Code

As a Keystone Bank customer, here are some ways to find out your account-linked branch code:

  • Check bank statements – Your account branch code is printed on all Keystone Bank statements next to the account number on top. Retrieve a recent bank statement to identify the code.
  • Refer cheque book – The branch code is printed on all cheque leaves alongside the cheque number. Check any unused cheque from your cheque book for the code.
  • Call the branch – Contact your home Keystone Bank branch directly and speak to a customer service officer to get the branch code for your account.
  • Visit the branch – You can visit your account-holding branch and request the staff to provide your account’s branch code. Carry an ID card for verification.
  • Keystone Bank website – Search for “branch codes” on the Keystone Bank website. They provide a complete list of branch names and corresponding codes.
  • Mobile/Internet banking – Log into your Keystone Bank internet or mobile banking profile and navigate to account details or profile to find your branch code.
  • ATM display – Some Keystone Bank ATMs also display the branch code when you insert your card and view account details on the screen.

Knowing your precise Keystone Bank branch code is vital when transacting through alternate channels like mobile banking, ATMs, or other bank branches. With the above options, you can easily find and confirm the code.

Key Precautions When Using Keystone Bank Codes

While Keystone Bank codes offer convenience and enable smooth transactions, customers need to take certain precautions to stay safe:

Avoid sharing codes publicly – Your account-related codes like USSD, branch code, OTPs etc. are confidential. Never share them openly on public forums or social media where fraudsters can access them.

Beware of phishing – Refrain from clicking suspicious links or SMS messages asking you to input your banking codes. These could be phishing scams attempting to steal your information.

Use secure networks – When conducting mobile banking using USSD codes, only use trusted WI-FI networks to avoid interception of banking details. Avoid public networks.

Set transaction limits – Configure caps on the maximum transaction amounts permitted via mobile banking or internet banking to limit risks.

Monitor account activity – Frequently check your account statement and report unrecognized transactions immediately to your bank. This could indicate misuse of codes.

Change passwords/PINs – Periodically update your banking passwords, PINs, and transaction passwords as a security best practice. Avoid recycling old credentials.

By taking precautions, customers can harness the benefits of Keystone Bank codes while minimizing risks of misuse. Your vigilance is key to safe mobile and digital banking.


In summary, Keystone Bank leverages various codes to facilitate mobile and branch banking for its customers. The USSD code *7111# powers mobile banking for services like transfers, bill payments, recharges and more. Each branch has a distinct SWIFT code for international remittances and a branch code for interbank transactions. Customers should exercise caution when using these codes by avoiding public sharing and regularly monitoring account activity. As Keystone Bank expands its digital footprint, being well-versed with the relevant codes can empower you to bank seamlessly and securely.

FAQs on Keystone Bank Codes

What is the default transaction limit on Keystone Bank mobile banking?

The default daily transaction limit for Keystone Bank mobile banking is set at N25,000. Customers can request for this limit to be increased by submitting application at their home branch along with KYC documents.

How can I find the SWIFT code for a foreign Keystone Bank branch?

For Keystone Bank branches outside Nigeria, you can find their SWIFT codes on the bank’s international website or by contacting the specific branch directly. As an example, the SWIFT code for Keystone Bank Ghana is KSTBGHAC. Reach out to the overseas branch to get accurate SWIFT code details.

How do I change my registered mobile number for mobile banking?

To change your registered mobile number for accessing Keystone Bank mobile banking, you need to visit your home branch in person. Request the customer service officer to update your account profile with the new mobile number. Proper KYC documentation like ID card will need to be presented.

Can I use the Keystone Bank mobile app instead of USSD?

Yes, Keystone Bank offers a full-fledged mobile banking app for smartphones as an alternative to USSD-based mobile banking. You can download the Keystone Mobile App on Android and iOS devices and enjoy similar services in a user-friendly way with added features.

How do I find the branch code on a Keystone Bank cheque?

The Keystone Bank branch code is printed on the bottom left corner of the cheque, right next to the cheque number. It typically starts with a ‘0’ followed by a 3-digit code like 018, 045, 067, etc. Match this code printed under your name to identify your branch.

What should I do if I forget my account branch code?

If you forget or are unsure of your Keystone Bank account’s branch code, get in touch with the branch directly or customer service through phone or email. You can also log into internet banking and navigate to account details to view the branch code. Avoid guessing branch codes during transactions.


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