Jamb Slip Reprinting 2023

Reprinting JAMB Exam Slips and Managing Other JAMB Inquiries After the 2023 UTME

The 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has concluded. If you were one of the over 1.7 million candidates who sat for the exam this year, you likely needed to print and present your exam slip to gain entry into your exam center.

Now that the main 2023 UTME is over, many candidates wonder if they can still reprint their exam slip or if that option has expired. Others may have additional questions or inquiries regarding JAMB services post-exam. This article will provide comprehensive information to assist you.

Jamb Slip Reprinting 2023


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Can I Still Reprint My 2023 JAMB Exam Slip?

The short answer is no, you can no longer reprint your 2023 JAMB exam slip as the examination has finished. The reprinting service was only active during the designated UTME registration and examination period which has ended.

JAMB made the exam slip reprinting service available to accommodate situations where candidates lost their slip or needed to reprint it. It allowed printing your slip online through the JAMB website or via approved computer-based test (CBT) centers.

However, this service was temporary and has now closed along with the conclusion of the exam itself. Any attempts to reprint the 2023 slip at this point will be unsuccessful. You cannot retrieve or reprint the slip after your exam date has passed.

When Will Exam Slip Reprinting Reopen for Future JAMB Exams?

While reprinting old exam slips is unavailable, you will have the option to reprint your slip for upcoming JAMB exams in the future. Here is an overview:

Reprinting for the 2024 UTME

Registration for the 2024 UTME is yet to open. Once it does, details on obtaining and reprinting the exam slip will be provided on the JAMB website and examination guidelines.

The ability to reprint 2024 UTME slips will likely become available sometime in early 2024, closer to the exam period. JAMB typically offers this service towards the end of registration to let candidates reprint their slip as needed before their exam date.

To qualify for an exam slip and the reprinting service, you must first register for the 2024 UTME when registration commences. JAMB will announce details on the registration timeline on their website and through the media.

Reprinting for Any Mop-Up UTME

In some years, JAMB also conducts a supplementary ‘Mop-Up’ UTME for certain candidates. This serves as a second chance for those who missed the main UTME due to illness, testing center issues, or want to rewrite to improve their score.

If a 2024 Mop-Up UTME takes place, JAMB will communicate this via their website. Eligible candidates who register for the Mop-Up exam will also have access to a slip reprinting service closer to the Mop-Up exam date.

Just remember that reprinting for any future exam is only possible if you first register for that specific exam session when registration opens.

What Other JAMB Inquiries Can I Make Post-Exam?

While exam slip reprinting for 2023 is closed, you may have other JAMB-related questions or services you need post-exam. Here are some common options:

Printing Your Original 2023 Result Slip

While you cannot reprint the exam slip, you can still print your original 2023 JAMB result slip multiple times, even after the exam. This allows you to have copies of your results on hand.

To print your result slip:

  • Go to the JAMB website and log in with your profile credentials used during registration.
  • On your Dashboard, click on ‘Print Original Result Slip’.
  • Enter your Registration Number and click ‘Print’.
  • Your 2023 result slip will download as a PDF on your device which you can print.

Saving soft and hard copies of your result slip is advised for future reference when applying to institutions.

Contacting JAMB for General Inquiries

If you have any other question or inquiry about JAMB services, you can directly contact the examination board through:

  • JAMB Website: Visit https://www.jamb.gov.ng, navigate to the Contacts section and submit an inquiry through the appropriate channel – email, telephone, live chat etc.
  • JAMB Head Office: Visit or mail written inquiries to the JAMB Headquarters in Bwari, Abuja using the address and contact information provided on their website.
  • JAMB State Offices: Visit or contact the JAMB office within your state, the addresses for which are on the JAMB website.
  • Social Media: Follow JAMB’s official social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, to receive latest updates or post queries.

Some common post-exam inquiries include application for remarking, change of institution/course, or guidance on admissions and matriculation. Feel free to contact JAMB through any of the above channels if you have any such questions.


In summary:

  • The opportunity to reprint the 2023 UTME exam slip has closed along with conclusion of the exam itself.
  • Slip reprinting for the next 2024 UTME will reopen once registration commences, usually closer to the exam date.
  • You can still print your original 2023 result slip through the JAMB candidate login dashboard.
  • For any other JAMB-related inquiries, you can directly contact the board through their website, head/state offices, social media or other provided channels.

JAMB aims to provide comprehensive guidance and services to all candidates during and after its examination process. Hopefully this provides clarity on exam slip reprinting and how to manage other important post-exam needs. All the best!


Here are some frequently asked questions related to reprinting JAMB slips and other post-exam inquiries:

Q: Can I reprint my 2023 JAMB slip now that the exam is over?

A: No, the option to reprint the 2023 UTME exam slip is closed now that the examination period has ended. It was only available during the registration timeline earlier this year.

Q: When will I be able to reprint my slip for the 2024 UTME?

A: Details on obtaining and reprinting the 2024 exam slip will be provided on the JAMB website once UTME registration commences, likely in early 2024 as the exam nears.

Q: What if I need to take the Mop-Up exam? Can I reprint its slip?

A: If JAMB conducts a 2024 Mop-Up UTME, eligible registered candidates will also be able to reprint those exam slips closer to the Mop-Up exam date.

Q: How do I get a copy of my original 2023 result slip?

A: You can print your original 2023 result slip anytime directly from your JAMB candidate login dashboard on the JAMB website.

Q: Who can I contact for other JAMB-related questions after the exam?

A: You can contact JAMB directly via their website, head/state offices, social media, or other provided channels on the website for any post-exam inquiries.

I have issues with my 2023 JAMB result. How can I have my score reviewed?

A: If you feel there are errors with your result, you can apply for a result remarking within a stipulated period after the result is released. This allows JAMB to review your exam script and remark it. Check the JAMB website for details on applying for remarking.

Q: How can I change the institution I originally chose during JAMB registration?

A: JAMB allows candidates to change their chosen institution after the UTME under certain conditions. This can be done within a stipulated timeline after the exam. Contact JAMB directly for guidance on the institution change process and requirements.

Q: When and how can I know the admission status from my chosen institutions?

A: Admission decisions are made directly by institutions after reviewing candidates’ JAMB results and other applications. Check your chosen institutions’ websites regularly for admission updates, lists, and communication via the contact information you provided.

Q: What should I do if I have issues obtaining my JAMB admission letter?

A: If your admission letter is missing or unavailable through your institution, contact JAMB for guidance on retrieving it. Provide your Reg No. and institution details. JAMB will assist in tracking your admission status and letter issuance.

Q: When will matriculation into universities begin after JAMB exams end?

A: Matriculation typically occurs within the first academic year after your exam. Exact matriculation dates vary by institution. Follow your admission institute’s schedule, communicate with your department, and prepare all required documents to complete the matriculation process.

Q: How can I retrieve documentation like past exam slips from JAMB?

A: Contact JAMB directly providing identifying details like your name, Reg No., past exam years etc. JAMB maintains records and can assist with documentation you wrote the exams under their purview. Specify exactly what documentation you need.


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