Nigeria Air Force College of Nursing Admission Requirements 2024/25


Nigerian Air Force College of Nursing Admission Requirements

Gaining admission into the prestigious Nigerian Air Force College of Nursing (NAFCONS) is highly competitive.

As an elite military training institution, NAFCONS maintains strict admission standards to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are selected for the intensive nursing program.

Nigeria Air Force College of Nursing Admission Requirements

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about meeting the admission requirements for NAFCONS, including:

  • O-Level Requirements
  • UTME Requirements
  • Additional Requirements
  • Application Process
  • Important Notes
  • Helpful Resources

O-Level Requirements

The first step to qualifying for admission to NAFCONS is meeting the baseline O-level requirements:

  • You must possess a minimum of 5 credit passes in relevant science subjects at not more than two sittings. The mandatory subjects are:
    • English Language
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
  • Acceptable exams include the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) exam, National Examinations Council (NECO) exam, and the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) exam. If you have attempted these exams more than once, your passes must add up to 5 credits over a maximum of 2 total sittings.

For example:

  • In your first sitting, you passed English and Math.
  • In your second sitting, you passed Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.
  • Together that meets the 5 credit passes requirement.

These subject requirements help ensure all incoming NAFCONS candidates have a strong base of scientific knowledge to build upon in the intensive nursing program.

UTME Requirements

In addition to the O-level requirements, all applicants must meet the minimum cut-off score on the University Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME):

  • You must have participated in the 2023 UTME for the year you are applying.
  • You must obtain a minimum score of 180 out of 400.

The UTME tests your aptitude across a variety of subjects, assessing your readiness for university-level academics. By setting a minimum score requirement, NAFCONS maintains exceptionally high standards for its incoming class.

Additional Requirements

NAFCONS sets additional baseline standards all applicants must comply with:

  • Physically and mentally fit – As an elite military nursing college, applicants must be in sound physical and mental condition to undergo the program’s demanding training.
  • Good character – Applicants should display integrity, discipline, leadership qualities, and other officer attributes. Character screening occurs during the admission process.
  • Age limit – Applicants must be between the ages of 17 to 22 years as of December 31st of the admission year. This age range allows enough time for cadets to undergo training and subsequently serve with the Nigerian Air Force for a reasonable duration after graduation.
  • Nigerian citizenship – Applicants must be Nigerian citizens by birth or naturalization. Dual citizens may apply if they relinquish additional nationalities.
  • Unmarried – Applicants must be unmarried as well as have no legal dependents or obligations. This allows cadets to fully focus on training.
  • Willingness to serve – As NAFCONS is fully funded by the Nigerian Air Force, admitted applicants must be willing to work and serve in the Force for a minimum of 5 years after graduation. This is specified in a binding service agreement.

Meeting these additional standards demonstrates an applicant’s commitment to serving in the Nigerian Air Force and their suitability for NAFCONS’ intense training regimen.

Application Process

If you meet all the above requirements, you are eligible for consideration for admission to NAFCONS. Here are the key steps in the application process:

  • Online application – Applications are completed on the official NAFCONS website: The application portal typically opens in April annually and closes in June.
  • Application fee – Payment of a non-refundable ₦2,000 application fee is required to submit the form. This can be paid directly on the portal via cards or bank transfer.
  • Aptitude test – Successfully submitted applications are reviewed and shortlisted candidates are invited for an aptitude test. This assesses areas like mental ability, literacy skills, and science knowledge.
  • Interview – Finally, applicants will attend an interview session with senior NAFCONS and Nigerian Air Force officers. The interview assesses the applicant’s character, leadership potential, and drive to join the Force.
  • Merit-based admission – Admission is extremely competitive. Offers are made based strictly on academic scores, overall merit, and performance in the aptitude test plus interview.

At each stage of screening, only the top candidates will move forward in the admissions process.

With thousands of applicants annually vying for just a few hundred seats, the selection process is exceptionally rigorous.

Important Notes

As you prepare your application to NAFCONS, keep the following important notes in mind:

  • Requirements are subject to change – While this guide covers the core requirements as of 2023, applicants should always cross-check the latest criteria which may be updated annually on the official NAFCONS portal.
  • Avoid fraudulent sites – With intense competition, dubious websites unfortunately prey on applicants with false information on admissions. Always verify you only use the official NAFCONS website/channels.
  • Application deadline – Though April-June is the typical window, always confirm each year’s exact application open and close dates on the official portal well in advance.

By keeping these notes in mind, you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure your application accurately meets the latest official requirements for NAFCONS admission.

Helpful Resources

To supplement the guidance in this article, here are some additional helpful resources:

  • NAFCONS website – The NAFCONS portal ( provides the most up-to-date and authoritative information directly from the institution.
  • NAFCONS Facebook page – Follow the official Facebook page ( for announcements on admission cycles, deadline reminders, and more useful updates.
  • Allschool article on NAFCONS – This informative external article ( aggregates helpful guidance on the college.
  • Nigerian Air Force website – The official Nigerian Air Force website ( provides background on the force which may help inform your training and career decisions.

With the comprehensive guidance provided in this article and these additional resources, you should now be fully equipped to meet and exceed the admission requirements for the prestigious Nigerian Air Force College of Nursing. Best of luck!


Gaining admission to NAFCONS requires meeting stringent requirements across both academic and personal attributes.

By mastering the key O-level subjects, achieving 180+ on the UTME, demonstrating outstanding character and leadership qualities, and excelling during the NAFCONS admission process, passionate and dedicated candidates can earn selection into this elite military nursing institution.

The admissions journey requires extensive preparation, persistence, and focus. But graduates who ultimately pass the rigorous selection process are rewarded with world-class nursing training fully sponsored by the Nigerian Air Force, the opportunity to serve the nation at elite medical facilities, and a bright future impacting healthcare delivery across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How competitive is NAFCONS admission?

A: Admission to NAFCONS is extremely competitive, with thousands of applicants every year vying for just a few hundred seats in the entering class. Meeting the minimum requirements outlined in this article is no guarantee of admission. Applicants aiming to secure a coveted spot must truly stand out across both academic and personal metrics.

Q: Can I edit my application after submission?

A: No, after an application has been submitted on the portal, it can no longer be edited by the applicant. Ensure all details, including documentation, are carefully cross-checked before final submission.

Q: What is the age limit to apply to NAFCONS?

A: Applicants must meet the age limit of being between 17 to 22 years by December 31st of the admission year. This allows enough time after graduating for a reasonable duration of service with the Nigerian Air Force.

Q: How can I best prepare for the NAFCONS aptitude test?

A: Some of the best ways to prepare include reviewing subjects like Math, English, Biology and Chemistry from reputable JAMB prep materials. Also research the mental ability components assessed to acquaint yourself and practice those skill areas.

Q: What military ranks are given to NAFCONS graduates?

A: Graduates are granted commissioned officer status and assume the initial rank of Flying Officer. Ranks may be elevated based on additional qualifications acquired during a graduate’s career.


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